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> On 2011-06-14 1:29 AM, Nico Williams wrote:
>> Second, we
>> don't need to use derogatory terms here.  There's a difference between
>> being polite and being PC,
> If someone mugged you, you were mugged by a non asian minority, probably
> black, and if someone failed to pay a toxic mortgage in the bay area, he is
> a non asian minority, probably hispanic.  The street crime problem is a race
> problem, and the financial crisis in America is a race problem.

The idea that race is correlated with crime may be un-PC, but it might
also be correct.  Of course, an incorrect theory of race/crime
correlation might be offensive to people who do not subscribe to PC if
the theory were ill-informed, such as by being based on anecdotal
evidence only.  But the main thing is that the use of derogatory
racial or ethnic terms is neither PC nor polite.  I don't insist on PC
and wouldn't think much of anyone who did, but I do insist on a basic
degree of politeness (I've may have been annoyed to the point of
rudeness once or twice on a public mailing list, but never would I
utter an insult, much less a racial epithet).

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