> The idea that race is correlated with crime may be un-PC, but it might
> also be correct.  Of course, an incorrect theory of race/crime
> correlation might be offensive to people who do not subscribe to PC if
> the theory were ill-informed, such as by being based on anecdotal
> evidence only.  But the main thing is that the use of derogatory
> racial or ethnic terms is neither PC nor polite.  I don't insist on PC
> and wouldn't think much of anyone who did, but I do insist on a basic
> degree of politeness (I've may have been annoyed to the point of
> rudeness once or twice on a public mailing list, but never would I
> utter an insult, much less a racial epithet).
Thank you for saying something.  In my opinion, the post you
were replying to is worse than impolite; it's racist crap that 
-- apart from being factually incorrect -- is utterly irrelevant
to anything even vaguely connected to this list.

The list is about cryptography.  It's also about the relationship
of cryptography to society.  It's not about harebrained theories
of how the ills of society are caused by untermenschen.  

                --Steve Bellovin, https://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb

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