pasward writes:
> In other words, when the MB is fried because of some freak 
> electrical surge, I'm screwed, because I can't put the HD 
> into another machine and get the data off it?

You will probably need to re-install the OS from CDROM on the new
machine. Which shouldn't be a big problem, since chances are that you
didn't do a large amount of customization on the 3DES encrypted OS
binary, anyway.

As for your application data, you typically should be able to go back to
the application vendor, assuming your maintenance license is current, to
have the vendor re-bind your data file encryption keys to the new TPM. I
am not aware of any such plans for non-user generated data, such as
purchased entertainment content, but then requiring the user to
repurchase such data when changing motherboards is not incompatible with
the content providers' business models.

--Lucky Green

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