I can't get Csync2 to work when configured through an xinetd script. I've added the file, /etc/xinetd.d/csync, with the following contents:

   # default: off
   # description: csync2
   service csync2
            disable = no
            flags           = REUSE
            socket_type     = stream
            wait            = no
            user            = root
            group           = root
            env             = CSYNC2_SYSTEM_DIR=/etc/csync2
            server          = /usr/sbin/csync2
            server_args     = -itv
            port            = 30865
            type            = UNLISTED
            log_type        = FILE /var/log/csync2.log
            log_on_success  = HOST PID
            log_on_failure  = HOST

In this configuration, running "csync2 -xv" shows that it cannot connect to any of the other nodes; running it manually (csync2 -iitv) works. I've added the appropriate entry into "/etc/services", along with values in "/etc/hosts.allow".

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


Dan Falconer
Affinity Global Solutions
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