I'm glad I found csync2. It does what I need and the configuration is easy to setup.

I have two servers and will be running it via cronjob.
Does it give conflicts if both cronjobs run at the same time?

I did have some problems with connecting via ssl.
The solution was to use the make cert commands.
Could the problem be that I specified a FQDN during the certificate generation?

I have build a debian package:

Install openbsd-inetd and libsqlite3-dev before a dpkg -i.
It set the configuration dir to /etc/csync2/ and generates ssl certs during installation.

I would like to be able to specify the ssl certificate location in the csync2.cfg file. That way I can use the same certificate for the host as the postgres and nginx cert.

The documentation recommends having a ssl key size of 1024.
2048 is recommended nowadays.


Roland van Laar
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