On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 10:29:08AM -0700, David Winslow wrote:
> Is it possible to use variables in the csync2 configuration file.  
> I want to synchronize files in a user’s home directory.
> Example configuration below. I want to run this as root so as to not have a 
> configuration/db for every user.
> group home_dir_files {
>       host rnd11 (rnd10);
>       key /etc/csync-group.key
>       include /home/$USER/cluster_configuration_file.txt
> }
> So as user, myuser, I would run
> sudo /usr/sbin/csync2 -xvG home_dir_files
> This is not working for me. Should it work?

And I don't see any sane way to implement something like that for csync2.

But you can use wildcards. Something like that: /home/*/**

> For now, I’ve created a
> group for each user since I only have two users right now. Obviously,
> this alternative is not a scalable solution.

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