Am working on using csync2 to backup remote servers to a central server … am 
using csync2 mainly because of the efficient way that it uses a local database 
to minimize the network traffic, as well as load on the ‘backup file system’ 

now, I have a file that I’m trying to send across that is ~700M, and am gettign 
a ‘remote closed connection’ before it finishes … doing a bit of a search on 
the remote server, I’m finding tht /tmp is filling up fast, but there are no 
files in there that is growing, so figure its doing something that isn’t 
“visible” on that file system … and /var/log/messages verifies that:

kernel: pid 23073 (csync2), uid 0 inumber 33 on /tmp: filesystem full

Now, reading the docs, I see that there is a tempdir setting, but its 
recommended not to use it, and it states that it creates temp files in the 
order of ‘tempdir, same directory as currently processed file, directory given 
by TMPDIR variable, etc’ … 

so first question is, why is it creating it in /tmp (which, according to the 
docs, is pretty much the *last* think it will try) vs ‘same directory as 
currently processed file’ (that directory has 480G of disk space available) …

I can set tempdir to the same file system as the final file will be put, but 
from what I’m reading, I shouldn’t need to … 

please advise …


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