Csync2 runs on every host. However, two key points:

1. csync2 itself does not "detect" changes automatically to trigger a
sync. It has to be triggered by an outside system like lsyncd or cron.

2. csync2 is push only, so if you run it from Machine A in your example,
it will only ever push files to the other machines; it won't pull them.

On 8/31/15, 6:33 PM, "Francisco Reyes" <li...@natserv.net> wrote:

>Trying to figure csync2 and keep reading the pdf manual.. yet some areas
>are not clear to me.
>Is csync2 like rsync where I have to run it from every single host?
>Or like unison where I run it from one host and it detects changes on
>the source and the target?
>Say I have machines A and B
>I make a change in a file in A and a change in a file in B
>When I run csync2 in machine A I see the changes pushed, but a change in
>B is not getting caught when I run csync2 from machine A.
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