On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 1:34 PM, Lars Ellenberg <lars.ellenb...@linbit.com>

> > I like to monitor a folder for syncing, but to ignore a specific file,
> > but still sync all the folder if any other file will change.
> >
> > e.g
> >
> > monitor the folder /tftpboot
> > ignore the file /tftboot/.git/index
> >
> > the file index will change every time i run the command git status,
> > which will trigger a unrequited sync.
> You can either ignore that file (add an exclude pattern).
> Or not.

​I know, I added to the excluded list.​

> "Ignore most of the time unless something else has changed as well"
> is not a mode implemented in csync2.
> If you can suggest how such a "include-but-dont-trigger" mode
> would be implemented, go ahead.
> I don't see why you would sync git repos with csync2, though.
> Just git push instead...

​for now i used the `action` section to trigger a remote command
when a change is detected under `*/.git/*`​

​, and then rsync the file using `exec`.​


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