Hello Csync2 community!

First of all, thanks much for such an awesome tool... personally I have
been making my customers happy with this great tool!! Thank you again.

A little hiccup lately...

The error shows:

"SSL: handshake failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.

It's coming from a 2/3 nodes CentOS6.x based cluster. I installed csync2
from repo. I am not exactly sure why it's happening recently because I
configured and installed more than 100+ clusters with csync2 by following
exactly same doc.

Anything changed lately in csync2 repo ( rpm ) version? Or... do you think
it's my CentOS distro issue?  My csync2 version is csync2-1.34.

I can see one question like this but it hasn't answered yet:

Anything anyone can provide? Any hint? Suggestion?
It will be greatly help us to keep our customers happy again. :-)

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