On 8/8/17 10:06AM, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> but in this case, until proven otherwise,
> I suspect you have some git command on the other node
> running as root, and updating the index file there.

Hi Lars

I know you really need some detailed logs to understand the problem, however I 
can confirm anecdotally that it has happened for me recently. That is, random 
files owned by root instead of the correct user.

For me, I have three nodes and syncing happening in all directions and use -B. 
I have probably 10,000 file operations per day and I've seen the problem happen 
maybe twice in four months. So logs are going to be very hard to get for you.

Sorry I can't be of more direct help, but if I find a way to make it happen 
more frequently then I'll post here.


Aristedes Maniatis
CEO, ish
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