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An Official Statement Regarding Operation Hermes By Graham Hancock,
Robert Bauval, Colin Wilson, Andrew Collins, Christopher Knight, Robert
Lomas, Simon Cox And Alan Alford.
Updated : 4th August 1998

Dear readers, friends and colleagues around the world,

As many of you may be aware, there has been a great deal of controversy
and confusion surrounding the publication of the book 'Hall Of The Gods'
(the "Book") by William Heinemann of Random House, UK (the

The Book, written by Mr. Nigel Appleby, was published on the 2nd June
1998 and withdrawn for sales as from the 5th June 1998 by the
Publishers. This was on account of complaints from several published
authors (12 to this date). See articles in The Observer of 14 June 1998,
the Daily Mail 15 June 1998 and the Daily Telegraph 20 June 1998.

Nigel Appleby is also the Chairman of the newly created HERMES
"Company"), the latter a company registered in November 1997 at Company
House in the UK.

The principal activities of Hermes Operation Ltd. was declared on the
Hermes Operation Website The first announced activity was to be an
expedition in Egypt to survey a region next to the city of Cairo in
Egypt in where Mr. Appleby believed the legendary 'Hall Of Records' of a
lost civilisation was located (see also the Daily Telegraph of 30 May
1998 and the Daily Mirror of 15 June 1998). To this effect, Hermes
Foundation International (HFI) solicited funds, donations and
sponsorships from private individuals and companies around the world.
HFI also recruited fee-paying members from the general public.

According to Mr. Appleby the 18-strong team of Hermes Operation Ltd. was
scheduled to fly to Cairo on the 27 June 1998 (see H.O. Website, and
also the Sunday Mirror of 14 June 1998).

Due to lack of official permits from the Supreme Council Of Antiquities
in Egypt (see Documents 4 & 5 here attached. Also see Egypt's newspapers
Al Ahram 15 June 1998; Al Goumhoria 15 June1998 and Akhbar Al Yom 15
June 1998), the Hermes Operation Ltd.'s 'expedition' to Cairo was
aborted in late June 1998.

In respect of the above, the authors and researchers (the "Authors")
following official statement and declaration to their readers, friends
and colleagues around the world regarding HERMES FOUNDATION
INTERNATIONAL and its affiliated company OPERATION HERMES LTD., its
directors, partners, associates and sponsors.

1) Attention was first brought to the Authors re: Mr. Appleby and Hermes
Foundation International & Hermes Operation Ltd. through an article in
the Sunday Times of 12 August 1997 written by reporter Cherry Norton and
entitled "Raiders Of The Lost Archives 'Find Pharaohs' Records' ( for a
full text of the ST article see Document 1 here attached).

2) In view of the very controversial nature of this Sunday Times
artcles, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval asked Simon Cox, a researcher
and author of Egyptological subjects, to make contact with Mr. Appleby
to ask him more about his forthcoming expedition to Egypt to find the
'Hall Of Records', as advertised in the Sunday Times article by Cherry
Norton (see Document 1 here attached).

3) We, the Authors, namely Graham Hancock, Robert G. Bauval, Colin
wilson, Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas, Andrew Collins, Simon Cox and
alan alford hereby confirm that we have absolutely no affiliation
orbusiness involvement --nor intend to have in the future-- with the
Hermes Foundation International, Hermes Operation Ltd. and/or its
associates, partners, directors or sponsors.

4) In view of the mounting controversy of this matter in the Internet
rumour mill and in the media, we feel that it is important to keep the
general public fully informed on this matter, and be fully aware of the

5) In this respect, we have here below attached the following unedited
documents in chronological order and in their entirety:




HERMES FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL Publishing Volume 1 Issue No.6 Dec 1997


STATEMENT BY CHRIS OGILVIE-HERALD, ex-editor of Quest Magazine Dated
July 1998


Letter-E Mail To Dr. Jaromir Malek (from Robert G. Bauval) dated 27 July


'TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN' Statement by Dr. Zahi Hawass Ph.D
under-secretary Of State For The Giza Monuments, and director-General
For The Giza Pyramids & Saqarra dated 7 June 1998.


a) All Authors have only recently examined the above listed documents in
their entirety.

b) The above listed documents are reproduced in their entirety for the
sake of clarity and to avoid any misrepresentation. We ask the readers
to bear with this, but it is important that these documents 'speak' for
themselves without commentaries or interpretation by the Authors, or
anyone else.

Thank You.

Signed: Graham Hancock, Robert G. Bauval, Colin Wilson, Andrew Collins,
Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas, Simon Cox and Alan Alford.

Document 1:

Report of the Hermes foundation for Robert Bauval & Graham Hancock
Copyright owned by the above named authors

By Simon Cox
September 1997

The Hermes foundation

Please also refer to web pages (hard copy provided)

Raiders of the lost archives', screamed the headline from The Sunday

What followed on the page was a story so fantastical it must have been
pure fantasy, wasn't it?

Sunday 10th August 1997. The Sunday Times. Section 8 news.

'Raiders of the lost archives find pharaohs records' two British
Egyptologists believe they have found the site of an ancient underground
chamber containing evidence of a lost civilisation.

Nigel Appleby and Adam Child, already dubbed the raiders of the lost
archives' are preparing an expedition to investigate a site near the
great pyramids which they say the hall of records lies buried in the
sand. They have been given permission by the Egyptian authorities to
survey an area north of the great pyramid of Cheops using sensitive
scanning equipment capable of detecting underground chambers.

The hall of records, according to legend, is made of granite and
sheathed in gold; it is said to contain artifacts and documents on the
history of mankind whose discovery will herald a new dawn for

It is alluded to in the bible and other ancient texts such as the book
of the dead, Appleby said last week.

He spent many years examining astronomical and astrological data and the
position of the stars in relation to the pyramids before arriving at a
location for the hall. He claims to have discovered and deciphered codes
in ancient writings that describe the importance of star positions in
pinpointing the site. According to Appleby, when the three stars of
Orion's belt are lined up directly over the three great pyramids, the
star Sirius is directly over the hall. By projecting this position on
the earth, the approximate site of the hall can be found. "A Japanese
team has spent the last 20 years on the Giza plateau trying to find it
and an American team is them now looking under the paw of the sphinx.
But they are looking in the wrong place. I know I am right. It is very
exciting," he said.

Academic experts acknowledge there are passageways under the sphinx that
have never been fully excavated, however, Appleby said the hall of
records was further away, probably inside a small pyramid buried by
shifting sands, he has calculated that the secret chamber is about eight
miles north of the sphinx and at least thirty foot underground.

He and Child plan to spend about a month with a group he geophysical
specialists on the site. A team of is people including paramedics,
scientists and archaeologists will submit a scientific report of its
findings to the Egyptian authorities, if the search proves promising,
the team members hope the authorities will then allow them to be
involved in any excavation that follows,

The two men are unlikely adventurers: Appleby, 33, is an engineering
designer who runs his own publishing company and Child, 28, is a
development manager for British telecom.

Despite earlier discoveries of fabulous wealth such as in 'the tomb of
Tutankhamun, Child does not believe the hall contains treasure, "it was
built as a centre of learning, its value 'will be in terms of knowledge,
not money," he said, academic experts remain skeptical. Dr Richard
Parkinson, an assistant keeper in the department of Egyptian antiquities
at the British museum, said: "we have had some inquiries about the hall
of records, it is something people are looking for but there is no firm
evidence that it exists. There are certainly tunnels under the sphinx
that people have tried to excavate in the past but there is not, as far
as anyone knows, any secret chambers." However, other ancient sites
thought by many to be mythical have eventually turned out to be real.
For years scholars dismissed the city of troy as the fiction of homer:
but in the 1870's Helnrich Schielmann,'the German archaeologist, found
the city's remains in Northwest turkey.

Reported by Cherry Norton.

A quite remarkable piece to appear in a quality Sunday paper.

After a few days 'digging' I managed to obtain a phone number for the
two people listed above. It transpired that Appleby and Child (along
with one other partner) headed an organisation called 'the Hermes
foundation'. This foundation had a web page and this is where I began my

If first impressions were anything to go by then to say I was a little
surprised is an understatement. The website displays all the hallmarks
of so many other nutty pages on the net, indeed at first glance it
appeared almost religious in its zeal. The tone of the site was
certainly one of commerciality and business-like endeavour. They were
after money and were not afraid to ask for it.

Armed with all this information I proceeded to leave a message on their
answering machine, sat back and waited for the reply. I didn't have to
wait long. Nigel Appleby called a day later and proceed to explain the
details of his organisation to me over the next hour or so. The call
seemed to come from a confidant and positive man. All the way through
our first conversation, Appleby stated again and again his total belief
in their theory and his utmost commitment to the expeditions they were
planning over the coming years.

I proceeded after this call to inform a friend of mine, Simon Trewin, a
literary agent at the Sheil land agency, who promptly also made contact
with the group and arranged a meeting the next week.

As it turned out, Trewin did in fact sign the trio up as clients and is
presently negotiating on their behalf with a number of publishers.

I have since spoken to Nigel Appleby many times on the phone and will be
meeting up with him in the coming week. The main details as relayed to
me are as follows:

I. The team claim Hermes foundation consists of a core group of three
people, two of whom were mentioned, in the newspaper article cited. '

2. They have been working on this project for many years', and it is
Appleby who has carried out the major research. The precise length of
time taken to come up with these theories was not stated, but as Appleby
is aged 33, we can assume that a maximum of 15 years is possible, but a
time of 8 - 1o years probable.

3. The main players are based in the Essex area, Appleby and Child in
the Colchester environs and the third partner in Leigh.

4. They claim to have a team of 18 people assembled for the expedition
to Egypt, 5 of whom are serving in the armed forces.

5. Amongst their team are a number of specialist geophysicists, with
access to modern and sophisticated apparatus, amongst which is ministry
of defence equipment.

6. Appleby claims to have access to ministry of defence surveys and maps
of the Giza area, which he claims, have helped them come up with these

7. The MOD seem to play a pivotal role in the foundations work, not
direct, but certainly in the background.

8. Appleby claims to have served in the Territorial Army for a number of

9. Dr Gerald O'Farrell is the name cited most often in connection with
academic credibility, with the added point that he is an emeritus
professor (info yet to be corroborated) based at a British university.

10. It was stated that Dr O'Farrell was a close friend of Ali Hassan,
the Egyptian antiquities member (president of the Supreme Council of
Antiquities), and that as of this weekend (Sept 7/8) he was in Cairo)
meeting Mr Hassan.

11. Appleby claims to be working on a code system that he has deciphered
within certain texts, namely the pyramid texts and the book of the dead,
however, when pressed on this point Appleby was less than forthcoming
about these so called codes.

12. Within my latest conversation (Sept 9th), Appleby stated that he
would send me a floppy disk, containing his research.

13. The Giza/Orion theory was, according to Appleby, first researched by
himself before the publication of the Orion mystery by Bauval and

14. The site of Abu Rowash seems significant to Appleby. When asked if
this was the site of the 'entrance' to the hall of records, he paused,
then denied this, going on to talk about the site being on private land
some 8 miles north of Giza, close to the Nile and within the flood

15, Appleby claims that they have the promise of a license in writing
from Mr Ali Hassan. He stated that he was more than willing to show me
all evidence of such.

16. I was also told that all proof of correspondence would be available
to me.

1 7. To have a number of specially customised four-wheel Drive vehicles,
which are housed at Colchester military camp.

18. They claim that with the Alignment of star/pyramids at Giza, that
the star Sirius points to the earth bound entrance to the hall of
records. In order to achieve this however, the mirror image of the
celestial heavens needs to be inverted, as Sirius is placed at the south
west of Orion's belt and the hall of records site is to the north east
of Giza.

19. Appleby claims that there is a buried pyramid at this entrance site
(for exact dimensions -- see later) and that twelve smaller structures
lie buried in the sand around this central pyramid.

20. This pyramid, it is claimed, is completely covered in a sheath of

21. It was stated that the Japanese team working at Giza and its
environs (Waseda university team), have been thwarted in their efforts
to find the underground chambers, by this golden coating, with the gold
confusing the surveying equipment.

22. Appleby claims that they intend to survey the site for the first
time this coming October and that the full survey will take place in
July 1998. I have been asked if I wish to attend this coming October.

23, when pressed about the evangelical tone of the web pages, Appleby
apologised, stating that they were looking to the new age market,
especially in the states, in order to raise funds for the project.

24. Appleby plans to write a book on the subject, being represented by
literary agent Simon Trewin, of Sheil Land Ltd. He stated that it was
only him that would be doing this as it is all his own research.

25. Appleby expressed an interest in the Edfu building texts, going so
far as to ask myself to send him the research I have already undertaken
on these texts.

26. The claim was made that Joseph Schor of the Schor foundation had
been in touch with the team for the last two years, right up to the
announcement in the Sunday Times, from which point no contact has been

27. Appleby claims to have evidence that Schor and his team are
tunnelling in the great pyramid. Appleby stated that he believed Schor
had been digging across from Davidson's chamber in the direction of the
secret door that Rudolph Gantenbrink had discovered previously. Appleby
also claimed that this team were

Also digging down into the subterranean chamber beneath the great
pyramid in a search for the tomb of Imhotep, the great architect of the
fourth dynasty pharaohs.

28. The claim was made that the team had been giving information to the
Schor foundation freely, but that this had now stopped, Appleby also
alluded to the fact that Schor was not at all pleased with the
announcement in the Sunday Times.

29. Appleby stated that many publishers and also media companies had
been in touch, with a view to bringing out books and television
documentaries, indeed it was mentioned that channel 4 was very
interested in the project.

30, the name of Christine Howser has been mentioned many times in
relation to the project. Appleby stated that this woman was a local
Cairo correspondent for the news agency Reuters, this has since been,

31. Ms Howser, it is claimed, has been quizzing various members of the
E.A.O. (Egyptian Antiquities Organisation ---now renamed the Supreme
Council of antiquities – SCA) in an effort to get them to comment on the
press report; Appleby claims that whilst doing this she has been passed
from department to department, and in his words, "has opened a can of
worms with her digging".

32. Appleby also claims 'that he has had meeting with an Egyptian army
officer -- Colonel Farouk -- based at the consulate here in London. The
purpose of these meetings wasn1t altogether clear but seemed to have
something to do with clearance of the teams equipment and vehicles.

33. A certain Geoffrey Kayte has also been mentioned a couple of times.
It seems that this person has been claiming to be a member of the team,
even going so far as to send out book proposals to agents and
publishers. Appleby states that this is not the case and also states
that he has instructed his solicitor to begin legal action if necessary.
Kayte, it seems has a large presence in the inter net, having already
set up a hall of records e- mail discussion group (130 members,
including me), which Hermes have distanced themselves from. Kayte is
also involved with a discussion group on Atlantis.

34. It was stated that the second pyramid, that of Khafre was more
important than was previously thought, a conclusion that closely
resembled my own research, indeed we both agreed on many major in his
theory, although we had been researching independently of each other for
the past few years.

35. The Hermes foundation believe that the Egyptian hall of records is
just the first of four halls to be found, the other three being in
Tibet, the Yucatan and Antarctica.

36. It is the stated aim of the Hermes foundation to open these halls
consecutively over the next four years, with the Antarctic hall being
the last. (they may need a big spade for that one !!).

37. On Friday 29th August, Appleby was interviewed by South African
national radio in a live broadcast over the phone, he claims that
subsequent callers jammed the switchboard after the show.

38. Appleby remained adamant that Ali Hassan would indeed grant them a
license, with Dr O'Farrell playing a pivotal roll in this.

38. Appleby claimed that Dr O'Farrell has a tape recording of a lecture
Ali Hassan gave some seven years ago, here in the UK. And that the said
recording captures Hassan talking about mysterious glyph like marks
found within the second pyramid. Hassan, it is claimed, goes on to say
that these glyphs were not Egyptian in origin. I have been promised a
copy of this recording and wait eagerly for it.

40. Appleby stated that the Schor excavations in the great pyramid, have
uncovered more indecipherable glyphs, again he claimed that his source
for this information was in Egypt and pointed towards Ms Howser.

41. Appleby expressed an interest in meeting up and talking to either
Graham Hancock or Robert Bauval as he feels that "we are all on the same


This story has all the well-known hallmarks of a hoax. A clever one at
that, but still an effort to gain publicity and jump on the whole
Egypt/mysteries bandwagon.

And yet……..

Many of the facts actually stood up to scrutiny, a rare occurrence when
a hoax is being perpetrated, indeed hoaxsters generally don't thing as
far as this bunch.

So what do I think ?

Well I have been on the trail of the Hermes foundation since day one and
the situation just gets curiouser and curiouser, to borrow a phrase.

I myself have been in contact with Nigel Appleby on a twice weekly
basis, since the story first broke in The Sunday Times. The main theory
can best be summarised thus:

Using both astro-archaeology and a system of textual codes, Appleby has
been able to identify that the hall of records does indeed exist.
However, through star Alignment, namely that of Sirius, he has come to
the conclusion that the entrance to the hall of records lies some eight
miles north of Giza.

The site of this entrance, stated Appleby, would be marked by a central
pyramid only some four kilometres from a built up area.

The dimensions of this structural measures: 47 ft across the base, 35 ft
high, with the structure surrounded by a further twelve smaller pyramids
some 22 ft high, all of this is within a 72 ft circle.

These figures were given to me in a hurry our the phone and it is
entirely possible that an error has been conveyed.

Appleby claims that this central pyramid is covered in gold and that it
has an entrance that leads into an underground complex. The complex will
be water bound with a water table rising and falling with the seasons.

Appleby also states that he does not believe that any 'treasure' as such
will be found within this complex, only knowledge.

A dating for this site is approx 10,500 Bc, so fitting in with many
similar theories around today.

He also believes that the Giza plateau has an underground complex, with
a water filled element as well although it is not clear whether he
believes that the complex at Giza connects with the complex at his site.

In order to carry out this survey, he has enlisted the help of the army,
a branch of which he himself was once attached to. He specifically
mentions, 42 survey, royal engineers in connection with this, a
statement that has been verified. This arm of the royal engineers does
indeed exist at Colchester barracks.

It seems that Mr Appleby could well be using both equipment and
information, not normally available to the average archaeologist. On
many occasions he stated the need to carry the site surveys out with the
precision of a military operation and the help of this mod (Ministry of
Defence) seems the biggest single factor in this intriguing story.

Appleby also relayed to me some rather fantastical stories said to
emanate from 'special forces' soldiers within Colchester. These stories
concerned covert missions in various regions, but particularly
interesting was a story concerning Antarctica, a story that seemed to
echo one that I am following up at this very moment. Both stories
concern the finding of 'artifacts' on the continent, but then that is
all a different story.

Several names have been mentioned in connection with this story. We have
the enigmatic Dr. O'Farrell with his close relationship to Ali Hassan in
Cairo. O'Farrell it was stated, was looking after Hassan's son whilst he
studied at university here.

Could this man have any leverage with the very conservative Ali Hassan?

We also have the Reuters reporter, Christine Howser. It seems Howser is
fishing for information from the antiquities department about possibly
underground structures at Giza and beyond. She then seems to report back
to Hermes with her news. I have verified that ms Howser does in fact
exist and is a Cairo based reporter for Reuters (amongst others).

>From the transcripts of the phone conversations with Appleby (all
available), it is possible to put together a rough psychological
profile. Appleby seems to feel that he is totally right in his
convictions, that he has information and verifiable facts that no one
else possesses. Repeatedly he mentions his military connections and the
help he is receiving via the mod here in the UK.

The connections with the Schor foundation are yet to be substantiated.
However, he did seem familiar with the main players of this organisation
and claimed to have been in personal contact with Joseph Schor himself.

I requested conformation of these facts from Appleby and he stated his
intentions to deliver these to me.

As of this week (beginning Sept 8th), I am still in ongoing talks with
Appleby. I will be meeting up with him on Monday 15th September at a
lecture I am giving in Leigh-on-Sea. I hope at this point to have
further verification of most of the above outlined points, available to
you straight afterwards.

Simon Cox Sept 1997



HFI Publishing Volume No.1 Issue 6 Dec 97


Directors Corner

Welcome to our first full colour newsletter. It has been some time since
our last news letter release, due to far more important priorities. We
shall endeavour to get at least one issue out each month from now

We want your input on this, soget your pens out and send us your
comments and views or an article. This your newsletter. A lot has
happened since the last newsletter and training weekend back in August.
The past three months have been absolutely chaotic to put it mildly.
Many of youwere off on various exercises abroad whilst others of you
were off on holidays. In consequence it was deemed necessary to organise
the next training weekend once every thing had settled down and the
majority of you were back in the country.

 The next training weekend is from the 9th, 10th and 11th of January in
Colchester. (See training details later). We need everyone to attend
this important event as a full update and presentation briefing is being
given by the recce team who went to Egypt in October. The entire ball
game, so to speak, has now changed considerably in light of their
findings and the recent Luxor massacre. Attached you will find an excuse
form for opting out of the next training weekend. Only exceptional
excuses will be accepted. As stated on the warning order, we need you to
attend this weekend even if you should miss all of the others. We have a
lot to cover; this whole expedition is now being taken very seriously by
various organisations and authorities. We have also been invited to
attend the Gizagate conference in March. (See training details).

Expedition Update

The five strong recce team successfully completed their visit to Egypt
and the reputed site of the Hall/Pyramid of records. Initial results are
very promising. The entire game plan is being reevaluated due to the
actual site and the recent massacre at Luxor. A full briefing will be
given by the team during our next training weekend.

The team did an excellent job under difficult circumstances. They
managed to establish the site location and have taken many notes and
photographs. They received a lot of help from the British Embassy and a
lot of useful contacts were made. Anyone still with the view that we
will be going on some form of Lawrence of Arabia trip will be
sadlydisappointed. Make no mistake about it, the task in hand is a
monumental one.

Tom and Tony did the Europe Road route recce to both the ports of
Brendizi and Ancona in Italy. A lot of very useful information was
gained that would not otherwise been gathered. Tom and Tony to give
details at briefing session on training weekend.

Most of you by now are aware that an article appeared in the Sunday
Times regarding our proposed expedition. Any one who did not receive a
colour copy of the article and graphics, please let me know and I will
send one. The article has certainly served our cause well since its
publication. The day after its release, my phone did not stop ringing
for nearly three weeks constantly; and I mean constantly. As soon as I
hung up there would be a call minder message. For the first time in my
life, I was actually talked out! Yeah I know, impossible you mutter.

We have received a lot of support from Egyptologists and archaeologists
from across the world. This was quite the opposite to what we
anticipated going by the reactions that Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval
received. I even received a letter from Dr Jaromir Malekof the Griffith
lnstitute and Ashmolean Library at Oxford University, wishing us well
and good luck. Dr Malek is a leading specialist in his field of
Egyptology and a leading player in Egyptology circles.

I have been interviewed by many newspapers from across the world since
the Sunday Times article appeared. I have been on several radio
programmes including the South African national radio station. I was
interviewed live over the phone for an hour. Apparently the response was
phenomenal with their switchboard being jammed with callers after the
show. In consequence of the above a radio interview, Carte Blanche, a
major South African TV documentary maker, flew a camera crew over to
film Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Uri Geller and myself and our
searches for the Hall of Records. Their main aim was to make a one hour
special, the first twenty minutes being Robert Bauval1s and Graham
Hancock1s theories on the Hall, the middle twenty minutes to be on me
and my theories with the last minutes on Uri Geller's theories Uri
states that it is in the Sinai!

I spent the best part of the day in London with the crew. An
enlightening experience I can say. At the end of the filming, Diana
Lucas, rather tongue in cheek I thought suggested that she had enough
info on me alone to warrant a separate sixty minute programme without
the others that she thought I was most probably the one with the right
location and theory. To my surprise they did indeed make a I hour
special on our team and I that was screened on the 25th off October. We
should have a copy of the video soon. I was informed by the producer
that they received an overwhelming response, bigger than anything
previous, to the programme.

I have signed a major book contract with a leading publishing house in
London to publish all of the research behind "Operation Henries". They
aim to do a follow up book after the expedition to include personnel
profiles of team members and your views and comments. Get your posing
shades and pens ready. All monies from and that book will go to
Operation Hermes. In consequence of signing the above contract, I have
now got to write, in twelve weeks, a fall manuscript in order to publish
before we leave for Egypt. will apologise now therefore during the next
twelve weeks. Out team has been mentioned many times over the past few
months in the Cairo press since the article in the Sunday Times.

Initially we were concerned that this might cause us some problems. It
does not at this stage appear have been the case. If anyone has any
severe reservations about continuing their involvement within the
expedition due to the Luxor Massacre, could you kindly inform us at your
earliest. We will of course treat your withdrawal with the utmost tacked
and diplomacy with regard to the other members. i.e, such and such has
today confirmed that they are henceforth wimping out, legging it scared
running a mile. Seriously though if my one does have any reservations,
please voice them. (As I arm sure must of you would as you already do!

An article is due to appear in the next edition of Quest for Knowledge
magazine, issue 7 is about us, our aims, our members and how we aim to
achieve our goal. The photograph of the team taken in Wales by the
Sunday Times will appear alongside the article. A more in depth article
will appear in the following edition. Quest are also the main event
organisers behind the Gizagate conference in March. This is being billed
as the biggest debate on research projects and expeditions in Egypt,
especially theGiza complex and the various searches for the Hall of

Graham Hancock, John Anthony-West, and Dr Zahi Hawass are among the
confirmed speakers who will be attending. I have also been invited to
speak. Our team has been asked to provide an exhibition stand in the
entrance hall with some of our kit, equipment and a vehicle. Several
members will be required to be present to man this. We are also putting
out a donations box and will be selling Operation Hermes items. As most
of you are aware, we havetwo WWW sites on the Internet, the Hermes
Foundation International and Operation Hermes. Both sites have been
greatly improved and updated now. If you haven't checked them out
lately, do so as you might see yourself on screen. We have loaded many
photographs from our training weekends on to the sites.

Quest magazine is also giving out both our web site addresses; they are
also going to recommend that their readers join our foundation to help
us with our aims and objectives. We in turn will be creating a site
within our Foundation site that lists all of their articles and
photographs from their monthly magazine. This will undoubtedly generate
a lot of interest. By the way, our first member signed up last week. He
is an airline pilot, and an American Police Sergeant is also joining the
foundation, expect a lot more now as the enquiry rate is going up and
up. The next training weekend is due to take place over the weekend of
the 9th, 10th and 11 th of January. It will be held in Colchester. Start
time is 10:00 ANT on Saturday at the Colchester TA Centre. Those
travelling from afar will be able to stop over at the TA Centre on the
Friday night if required. Full details will be sent out within a week or
so. The preliminary warning order has already gone out.

The weekend will not be that difficult but the obligatory assault,
course will be thrown in along with some other team bonding command
tasks. A full briefing by both the land route and Egypt recce teams will
be given at the lecture theatre at the MCTC. Iwill be giving a full in
depth lecture on where we are going and the research behind locating the
site. This is something that has not been done previously in any peat
depth. The info booklet did not contain any of the actual alignments and
projections. These will be shown during this lecture.

The evening will be a relaxed affair with a drink, or two, or more
afterwards. We aim to have some geophysical kit on display for the
Sunday so that we can start to familiarise ourselves with it. If any one
has any suggestions for the weekend or would like to present a lecture,
please let me know ASAP. Nial, still got your ropes?

Speaking of Nial, we all finally got to meet Nial on our last training
weekend in Wales where he put on a first class demonstration and
practical exercise in abseiling techniques. We hope to do much more of
this. I lost count of the amount of times I ran up and down that
mountain simply to get a photograph of each member as they descended.
Thanks also to Chris and Duncan for their canoeingexercises. I certainly
learned more about canoeing in one afternoon with them than I had
previously. At least the water was not like liquid Nitrogen as per our
previous visit and river crossing.

Bryan very nearly did a runner having been wound up all day that he was
going to suffer an initiation ceremony that was a fate worse than death.
By 10:30 in the evening he was on the verge of total panic waiting for
the said ceremony. We decided to put him out of his misery at 10:30 pm
instead of midnight as proposed when it was noted that his escape gear
was already packed and ready to go. Bryan was duly stood up in front of
all and presented with his certificate on membership to Operation Hermes
as a full member and no longer a reserve. I will not print what his
words were here suffice to say they were blue, having seriously wound
him up all day. Bryan has since certainly proved himself as an
invaluable member. The caving went very well even with the yellow river
incidents. It Was encouraging to be informed that the actual caves in
question have the highest death rate of any caving system in Europe; but
still you went in!!

Over the next few months most of the training weekends will be more of a
technical nature concentrating on equipment and vehicle use and
maintenance, advanced first aid and planning and preparation.

We will need several members to attend the Gizagate conference over the
weekend of the 28th March. Please let us know if you are available as we
will need to book the relevant accommodation. The actual event is taking
place at the "Royal Horticultural Hall Westminster, London". They are
expecting many hundreds of delegates to attend over the weekend. This
will be a very high profile event for us. We are billed as one of the
most professional organisations presently looking for the Hall of
Records. Let1s not disappoint them. We have secured a deal with
Outdoorlite Ventures in Wales to organise several future training events
in Wales. Dave Nutt is an ex-Royal Marine instructor and runs the
company from his location situated just around the corner from our Welsh
site pub.

As most of you are by now aware, Operation Hermes is just the first of
four major expeditions being organised. Several of you have expressed an
interest and a commitment to being involved in these as well. In
consequence we will be undertaking training for these after our return
from Egypt. The second planned expedition is to Brazil. Full details are
on our Foundation Website. Dave Nutt will be directly involved in the
training aspects behind this venture.

Military Gear

For all future training events we would like to see as many of you as
possible wearing civvy gear instead of military.

Most of us by now have managed to acquire the relevant civvy kit. It is
nice to be at last getting away from an almost paramilitary style image.
Anyone with difficulties obtaining kit, please contact us immediately.
We will still use combats over the assault course for obvious reasons.



Posted by EGYPTNEWS on July 04, 1998 at 12:52:36:

I feel I must reply to the comment posted by Rolf Johnson on July 03,

"As to Ellis, it seems Roger is his real name, not Ralph, as well as the
'Thoth' book research was actually another person who got elbowed out by
Ellis. It was years of research by a Dr. Gerald O'Farrell."

Mr Johnson has no idea of what he is talking about. Mr Gerald O1Farrell
is his real title and not Dr. I have know O1Farrell since the 1980s,
during this time I have heard him make various claims to being a Dr, a
Bishop, and a one-time millionaire, all of which are illusory . For
example in a series of ill researched articles that were first published
in November 1996 (AA&ES magazine Vol.1 Issue 11), he makes claim to
being "Reverend Gerald O1Farrell".

I have also known Roger Ellis since mid-1996 and I would state that the
"years of research" belong to Mr Ellis and not Mr O1Farrell. In fact
shortly before O1Farrell pursued Roger Ellis in 1997, O1Farrell was
working on a joint project with myself which had nothing do to with the
Thoth material.

Prior to our joint project, to which I later withdrew, O1Farrell1s
interest centred on "Imhotep" and not "Thoth". In a summary (AA&ES Vol.2
Issue 3 March 1997) of his series of articles on "Imhotep" published in
AA&EES magazine, O1Farrell writes, in reference to his Imhotep book "For
those wishing to read the book in its entirety, it will be published
later this year by Chesterwell Management Ltd". The book was never
published and no publishing contract between Chesterwell Management and
Mr O1Farrell ever existed.

An article published in Quest for Knowledge magazine Vol.1 Issue.1 also
demonstrates Mr O1Farrell1s poor research skills;


" The ventilation shafts are only eight inches square but are over 200
feet long. What could their purpose have been? For my part, I believe
that the metal pieces on the door are electrical connections-connections
which allowed a cooper cable or copper rods to feed electricity from
outside the pyramid, through the Queens Chamber and down through the
Pyramid, passing through the subterranean chamber to the chamber below
it, one hundred and eighty five feet below the base of the Pyramid.
Using a large crystal, this energy, could be passed through the
crystalline structure and, with pressure alternating on the crystal, a
signal could have been effected once the crystal had begun to resonate.
This signal would follow the same route as the incoming electricity and,
with a Śmake and break Ś contact, messages could have been sent across
the stars and also across land much the same way that Morse Code signals
were originally sent. Whether static electricity was used or some
spin-off effects of lighting, I do not know."

There is much more to this rambling article, but I merely wished to
demonstrate O'Farrell's grip on reality, and ask the question; could a
person who writes such nonsense, really be the genius behind Mr Ellis1s



Subj: Re: Hermes Operation, Mr. G. O'Farrell and Mr. N. Appleby
Date: 27/07/98
To: Dr. Jaromir Malek
Griffith Institute
Ashmolean Museum

27 July 1998

Dear Dr. Malek,

Firstly, I hope you are keeping well. It has been a long time (1994 ?)
since I had the pleasure of last meeting you at the Griffith Institute.
Much water has gone under the bridge since then.

I presume that you are aware of the curious saga of a certain Mr. Nigel
Appleby and his "Hermes Operation Ltd.".

I apologise for bothering you during your busy schedule, but there is
something that you may help me with in a rather serious matter that is
presently ongoing regarding Mr. Appleby and his "Hermes Expedition".

On the 1 June 1998, Mr. Appleby published a book entitled HALL OF THE
GODS (William Heinemann/Random House 1998). Immediately after its
publication twelve published authors, including myself, lodged
complained to Mr. Appleby's publishers and his agent, Sheil Land
Associates, related to copyright infringements, plagiarism and
misrepresentation. In one case, the author Ralph Ellis complained of
'flagrant' plagiarism and has instructed his solicitors, Pye-Smith
Solicitors, to commence criminal procedures which will, as you may know,
involve the Crown Prosecution and the police. Also another seven
authors, including myself, are shortly instigating legal procedures
against Mr. Appleby.

Mr. Appleby, through his "Hermes Operation", had also been heavily
advertising an "expedition" to Egypt to search with radar equipment for
the so-called 'Hall Of Records' which he claims are located underground
in an area some 9 kilometres to the north of the Giza Plateau. This
expedition had first received much publicityfollowing an article by
Cherry Norton in the Sunday Times of 12 August 1997. Subsequently, Mr.
Appleby opened a Website called "Hermes Operation" to advertise his
alleged expedition to Egypt and to solicit sponsors, donors and members
through his "Hermes Foundation International" (see Http://
www.In-ter.com/Hermes). Mr. Appleby also went on a promotion/fund
raising campaign which apparently involved TV and radio interviews.

On the 30 May 1998 the Daily Telegraph of London ran a three-quarter
page articleon Mr. Appleby, his expedition and his book. In this article
it was stated that the Egyptian Antiquities Organisation (the SCA) had
granted permission to Mr. Appleby and/or his "Hermes Operation" to
conduct an archaeological survey north of Giza.

At this stage, my colleague, Graham Hancock, and myself were much
intrigued by such claims. We therefore inquired on this matter with Dr.
Zahi Hawass, who subsequently sent us a telefax. I quote the telex in
full for your records and information:


7 June 1998

We Would like to state that Hermes Operation Ltd. has not been granted
official permission by the Supreme Council Of Antiquities, to do any
kind of archaeological work or survey at or near the Giza Pyramids. Also
we reject the statement made by Mr. Appleby in the London Daily
Telegraph that "the ancient Egyptians were barbarians" who did not build
the Pyramids at Giza. We have to say that the ancient Egyptians were
intelligent and made contributions to the ancient world not only in
building the pyramids but also in science, art, astronomy and

Signed: Zahi Hawass Ph.D.

Director-General Of The Giza Pyramids and Saqqara

June 7, 1998

 It also transpires that both Dr. Ali Ghaballah and Dr. Zahi Hawass made
statements to that effect in the Egyptian press on the 15 June 1998 (see
Al Ahram, Al akhbar and Al Ghoumhouria of 15 June 1998). It also appears
that the British Embassy in Cairo intervened to stop Mr. Appleby and his
team from coming to Egypt on the planned date of 27June 1998 (see Hermes
Operation website).

In one of the 'Hermes Operation Newsletter (vol. 1, issue no.6, Dec.
1997) Mr. Appleby stated that:

"We have received a lot of support from Egyptologists and archaeologists
from across the world. This was quite the opposite to what we
anticipated going by the reactions that Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval
received. I even received a letter from Dr. Jaromir Malekof the Griffith
Institute and Ashmolean Library at Oxford University, wishing us good
luck. Dr. Malek is a leading specialist in his field of Egyptology and a
leading player (sic.) in Egyptology circles."

Apparently A certain Dr. Gerald O'Farrell linked or representing the
"Hermes Operation" made contact with you and possibly a meeting took
place between you.

In view of the extreme seriousness of the situation, I would be most
grateful if you could contact me to confirm and clarify this matter.

My contacts are:

Robert G. Bauval
E-mail: Address Removed by The Noise Room

Meanwhile please accept my warmest regards and wishes,

Yours Sincerely,
Robert G. Bauval

Note To The Readers: Dr. J. Malek replied to the above letter ( i.e.
Document 4) on the 27 July 1998 by e-mail to R. Bauval. Out of
professional courtesy to Dr. Malek, we have decided not include his
letter here. However, we can report that Dr. Malek confirmed that he has
neither supported or contacted in anyway the Hermes Operation Ltd.


Supreme Council Of Antiquities
Giza Pyramids
Office Of The General Director

Mr. Graham Hancock
Fax: Removed By The Noise Room

From: Zahi Hawass
Fax: Removed By The Noise Room


We would like to state that Hermes Operation Ltd. has not been granted
official permission by the Supreme Council Of Antiquities, to do any
kind of archaeological work or survey at or near the Giza Pyramids.

Also we reject the statement made by Mr. Appleby in the London Daily
Telegraph that "the ancient Egyptians were barbarians" who did not build
the Pyramids at Giza.

We have to say that the ancient Egyptians were intelligent and made
contributions to the ancient world not only in building the pyramids but
also in science, art, astronomy and technology.

Signed: Zahi Hawass Ph.D.
Director-General Of The Giza Pyramids and Saqqara
June 7, 1998.

The Noise Room would like to thank Robert Bauval and Chris
Ogalvie-Herald for the above information and for allowing us to post it
on the site.

The Noise Room presents this information 'as-is' and therfore please do
not email us with grammar or spelling corrections!
The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of The Noise Room.
Well what did you think ? More to come soon so keep your bookmark in

Aloha, He'Ping,
Om, Shalom, Salaam.
Em Hotep, Peace Be,
Omnia Bona Bonis,
All My Relations.
Adieu, Adios, Aloha.
Roads End

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