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Edition: Contrail Reports Increasing Across the US</A>
Subject: The Millennium Report - Special Edition: Contrail Reports Increasing
Across the US
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Paul Anderson - TMP / CPR-Canada)
Date: Thu, Feb 18, 1999 10:43 PM
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The Millennium Report - Special Edition:
Contrail Reports Increasing Across the US


In This Report:

Special Edition:
Contrail Reports Increasing Across the US

The contrail controversy continues to grow; according to
William Thomas, the independent journalist who has brought
this issue to national attention (yet still not being reported in the
mainstream media it seems) the "contrails" have been reported now in
at least 40 US states. Many reports and photographs are now available,
many on various web sites (see contrail page in Special Research
Projects on the TMP web site for links). Please note that what is
being repeatedly reported, by many people now, are "contrails" left
in the sky by military aircraft, ranging from a couple at a time to
sometimes a dozen or more crossing the sky in bizarre cross-hatch
or "x" type patterns. These "contrails" do not dissipate like normal
contrails, they remain for hours at a time, very slowly spreading out
into a "haze". In the same areas, and (as can so far be determined) in
the same time frame, residents are increasingly reporting cases of
sudden, sometimes severe illnesses, ie. upper respiratory problems.
While this may sound sound like a B-movie scenario, the number of
reports now warrant investigation. Theories range from weather
modification to biological warfare testing. Not in America?
If the government can conduct (and eventually admitted to) secret
nuclear weapons related testing on unknowing groups of its own citizens
in previous decades, then perhaps we shoudn't be too surprised at what
they may be up to now...

* *William Thomas: Next Interview on Art Bell - February 18, 1999* *

William Thomas: (Previous Interview) on Art Bell - January 25, 1999
(This audio file link requires RealAudio or RealPlayer)

William Thomas: Mystery Contrails: Poison from the Sky? - Update

More Contrail Reports and Feedback
(Special Research Projects)

LA Mystery Contrails: Report and Photos

Ground Zero: Are These in Your Skies?


The Harbinger

Contrail Photo Taken by Art Bell


Research Assistance:

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investigation. If you have any further information or other
evidence regarding this (photographic documentation
especially needed), please contact TMP:
Tel / Fax: 604.731.8522


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