My brother Dana Hearon personally knows Joe Firmage,  He has got an
interesting angle on this UFO/alien stuff,  while I disagree with most of
it; with repsect to the hypothesis of aliens=teachers, I do believe in the
MJ-12 coverup operation and use of MIB agents to spread, provoke, mislead
many alternate realities of this phenomena for their control.

I said it before and I'll say it again: "Flying saucers and or UFO's are
nothing but inverse gravity control aircraft
by means of electromagnetic control based on Nikola Tesla's work"   See

Jeff Hearon

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Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 11:16 AM
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>I seriously question your main hypothesis that aliens=teachers are among
>While I do believe and have ample evidence that the govenrment has fostered
>a near 60 hoax on the American people under the guise of national security
>in order that Tesla and Reichian technology could be exploited solely by
>them.     While diluting true science and in some places of vital
>substituting psuedo-science.      Should you doubt this consider for a
>moment the trade marks of a negative regressive control system:
>Influence toward differentiation, multiplication of detail, overwhelming
>splitting and fragmentation. Note: This is precisely the datum of the
>Prussian educational system imported into the U.S. from Germany.
> Subversion of noble goals, ideals and institutions.
> Stress on goods and services as all-sufficient for humanity.
> Perversion of cultural life so that nothing is deemed worthwhile unless it
>provides sustenance.
> Stresses nationalism as the great divider of humanity.
> Denial of anything beyond mechanistic thought.
> Dead scientific concepts and dead education, characterized by rote
>and rigidification of natural biological processes.
> Tedium in life, as exemplified by the endless stream of "toys for adults"
>modes of living.
> Obsession with mechanistic reductionism and measurement.
> Promotion of ceaseless strife by creating opposing sides who do not
>they have been set up by others. Note: Example- 1990 Delta Force creation
>Bosnia conflict
> Obsession with identification of population and absolute control.
> It is possible, through tracing of the above intentions, to locate and
>identify the organizations and individuals who are perpetrators of
>Flying saucers and or UFO's are nothing but inverse gravity control
>by means of electromagnetic control based on Nikola Tesla's work.    This
>man was way ahead of everyone else.
>Flying Saucers Are Man-Made Electrical Machines!!!
>Read "Space Aliens from the Pentagon" by William P. Lyne A BOOK REVIEW by
>VALERIAN "Space Aliens from the Pentagon: Flying Saucers Are Man-Made
>Electrical Machines", by William P. Lyne, was first released in 1993 and
>revised and expanded in 1995. It is perhaps one of the best books on the
>subject we have so far, within the context of the paradigm it covers.
>The whole issue relative to the presence or activities of alien beings on
>the planet, as well as the existance of things flying around in the sky,
>issue of abductions, alien-human interaction and other types of unusual
>activities seems to be divided into several groups of people:
>  a.. 1. Those who believe there are no aliens at all, which the author of
>Space Aliens from the Pentagon subscribes to, and that the controlling
>factions on the planet are totally responsible for everything we are
>  b.. 2. Those who believe that aliens are doing it all and the government
>knows this and is hiding the fact while trying to develop weapons against
>them and buy time.
>  c.. 3. Those who believe that the controlling factions on the planet AND
>non-terrestrial/inner-terrestrial humanoids have gravity technology and are
>jointly participating in overlapping aims to de-populate and control the
>planet, while at the same time trying to give the public the impression
>aliens are doing it all in order to hide the fact that they have the
>technology and is using it to impact the population covertly. In addition,
>that the controlling factions on the planet are a type of
>technocracy born out of post-WWII and that the technocracy is under the
>ultimate control of extremely negative Reptilian humanoids. Additionally,
>that there are forces and scenarios of alien origin that even the
>fascist/Nazi controllers have to contend with, vying for parcels of control
>over the population. And, further, that there are benevolent species that
>exist separately from the controlling scenario. I tend to view this third
>option as being closer to the truth. It has been my experience that
>everything we see is composed of more than one option operating
>simultaneously. This does NOT mean that everything that pops out of the
>woodwork is necessarily plausible or fits in.
>  However, having said the above, let's review a bit of the book. The
>author, William Lyne, has done a really interesting piece of work which
>serves to support the knowledge we do have about the interaction between
>US, Germany, Canada and England during the last several generations.
>According to the author, the main source of the technology was Tesla, as
>early as 1917, and that world controlling factions stole the technology and
>developed it. Secondly, that the Nazi's played an important part in this,
>and that they still do. It's not that the Nazi's invented the technology,
>says Lyne, but that they acquired it from other controlling factions who
>the Tesla-based technology.
>  Lyne makes what we view as a correct observation, that all the media hype
>is trying to convince the public that "aliens are behind it all", when in
>fact fascist globalist power factions are behind it all and are trying to
>keep this information from the public. Note that this is not inconsistent
>with "choice 3" above. The government hype, says Lyne, is to convince us
>that "flying saucers do not exist" or, if they did, "they would be
>extraterrestrial". No problem there.
>  However, I personally lay both the ET scenario and the Government
>side-by-side in MATRIX II and demonstrate that there are so many
>similarities between what the government is doing and what ETs are
>apparently doing that it is hard to tell the difference. Of course, this
>supports Lyne's theory. But, I have run into a lot of other things in my
>life, and people, that indicate to me that there are other scenarios
>parallel to the first one. In other words, its a COMPOSITE scenario in
>fascist/Nazi/Iluminati/Reptilian factions are doing 85% of the action, and
>other species are doing the remaining 15% and getting blamed for 100% in
>order to hide the rest of it. I have friends that have been taken and
>for what they were trying to reveal. Beaten by who? They were taken aboard
>ship that had a crew of Germans, US military and Reptoids. And, they aren't
>the only ones, either. There is a lot of missing history relative to the
>acquisition of gravity technology by the controlling factions, and I view
>Lyne's book as a simply great contribution to filling in a lot of the
>missing gaps. His work supports other things we have been developing in our
>on-going chronological analysis, now over 280 pages long. Lyne's work is
>important, just as Dr. Richard Sauder's work on government underground
>and tunnels is important. Each fills in a piece of the puzzle.
>  Space Aliens From the Pentagon documents a lot of the work of Tesla. The
>author does a nice job with copious drawings of Tesla technology that he
>maintains is being used. Lyne discovered a piece of German technology in
>southwest a number of years ago from the "P2" project, back in 1938 when
>Braun and company were in the American Southwest. After the war and
>Operation Paperclip, over 400 scientists and 15,000 "helpers" came from
>Europe and setttled in the Four Corners area, especially New Mexico, to
>continue work. None of this is inconsistent with our own research. Our
>review of Treason's Peace: German Dyes and American Dupes, by Senator
>Ambruster in 1947, documenting the complete takeover of US industry by I.G.
>Farben, Secret Agenda, by Linda Hunt, documenting the almost 40-year extent
>of Operation Paperclip and Project 63, and several other keys pieces of
>evidence all support the conclusion that the United States created Nazi
>Germany, through the funding from Rockefeller and Bush interests and
>material support, via I.G. Farben agreements, through Standard Oil and
>American subsidiaries of I.G. Farben. None of this is inconsistent with
>Lyne's material, which simply supplements all the other data.
>  Lyne maintains that the Germans tested a neutron bomb in 1931 in the
>Libyan desert, and that during World War II turned on the factions which
>created Nazi Germany (the United States) and threatened the US with
>obliteration unless it provided the Nazi's with a safe haven. If Operation
>Paperclip is any indication, it worked. Furthermore, Lyne maintains that
>under all the U.S. Geological Survey markers scattered all around the
>planet, especially in the US, there are crystalline resonators which
>the fascist controllers with computerized reference points for rapid
>navigation in the gravity craft. Lyne relates many stories of people he's
>met and interacted with that give plausibility to everything he says. In
>short, I have found no critical error in the whole 250 page book. Many
>things he says are supported from other independent sources. It's a well
>done piece of work and a critical missing piece in a historical sense. Now,
>if you are technically inclined, there is enough data to get you working on
>a project to build your own Tesla devices, if you are so inclined.
>  The only area where Bill and I disagree is that he maintains that his
>approach is a singularity and completely defines what is going on. I say
>there's more to this picture than it appears. After all, isn't it always
>that way? There is just too much evidence to say otherwise. Yes, I think a
>lot of UFOlogy is a bunch of CIA-induced fanatical crap. That's for sure. A
>lot of books out there today are a bunch of misinformative crap. The
>is, for most people, is not only that they do not understand the element of
>simultaneous hierarchical scenarios. They know just enough about any of
>to appear simply stupid, and will buy into almost any New-Age or
>space-brother dogma. Not to say that there is not legitimate
>extraterrestrial activity going on, but I am convinced that most of it is
>not what it appears to be, but in fact is human activity using an alien
>guise as a cover. Lyne correctly asks, why would a government trying to
>the fact that UFO's exist and aliens exist be announcing it on TV? He
>concludes that it means that they do not exist at all, which we do not see
>as the case. There is no such thing as an "all or nothing" aspect to the
>activity of tyranny. The point is, that we live in a society dependent on
>DUALISM where if something is not ONE thing, it MUST be another ONE thing.
>One week they tell you something, and two weeks later they tell you the
>opposite, resulting in a complacent population steeped in indecision. Ya!
>So, people are conditioned that "it" has to be "either" this or that, each
>of which precludes the other. Well, folks, REAL reality is not that way at
>all. Nothing in scenario 3 precludes the singularity of the appearance of
>any of its components, does lt? However, if you are steeped in social
>consciousness, materialism and dualism, like they try to keep everyone in,
>it's pretty darn sure that the population will never figure it out, right?
>  In short, within the aspect of the issue that the book covers, we view
>Space Aliens From the Pentagon as a most valuable addition to anyone's
>library, and well worth the purchase price. It doesn't have an index, but
>we're doing one for Bill, and it will increase the ultimate value as a
>reseach tool.
>This is confirmed by Maj. Jack Downing in his up coming book on the
>MIB " Men in Black".    The account he gives is as fascinating, weird,
>absurd, as it is hilarious.
>The following information is part 1 of a rough draft for a book that Major
>Jack Downing began writing this summer.
>Part 1
>Somehow it's being circulated that I was a MIB. Let me set the record
>straight on this. My father was an initiated member of the Black Ops
>Brethren, which people call the Men in Black, and my family has been in
>"black" intelligence for the United States for over two centuries. I myself
>served in the intelligence community all of my life, having been groomed
>it since childhood. There came a day when my shoulder was tapped, and I was
>informed that I had been selected to serve as a probationer with the Black
>Ops Brethren. This means that I was "in training", which includes a deep
>study of history and doctrine of the group, and supprtive participation in
>some of their operations, but unfortunately I was not given the privilege
>being a duly sworn member of this group. After two years as a probationer,
>circumstances in my life caused me to lose my security clearance with the
>NSA, and consequently was I stripped of my probationer status in the Black
>Ops Brethren. In the past I have stated that the cause of this is that I
>simply too much of a loudmouth. The dark and dirty truth behind that is
>I had an uncontrollable drinking habit, and came near to compromising
>national security too many times. Well, this is what happens when you give
>firewater to injuns, right? **********************************
>I'm not going to bother telling you what the Black Operations Bureau was
>called prior to 1947. That was the year the cold war really got rolling.
>Intelligence got a huge boost in funding, and the whole scene was
>re-organized. A very old intelligence fraternity got a fresh lease when the
>CIA bill was passed, and, what with the UFOs and other strange developments
>in America, a new purpose was forged for this team. The Black Operations
>Bureau became the Black Ops Brethren ( though they also bear a cryptic and
>esoteric name as well), and under new leadership, and better support from
>not-so-black intelligence agencies, became a bigger power in enforcing
>secrecy. Several projects were initiated at the same time. A first was to
>create strong ties to some foreign intelligence organizations, independent
>of any relationship the US had "on the record". Very quickly such nations
>Great Britain, Israel, Australia, Canada and France fell within our
>jurisdiction. That is to say, with the cooperation of local intelligence
>groups similar to ours, we could move freely in those nations without
>interference. Our second project was to get together a strong doctrine, a
>new way of going about our business. We honestly wanted to carve out a
>for ourselves, because there was no desire to step on the toes of other,
>more visible agencies. Though our ranks were made up of top people from
>CIA, ONI, CID, and numerous other covert action and intelligence
>organizations, our purpose differed in that we had to monitor leaks of
>ultrasecret information into the press and popular culture. Aware that
>nations relied on such media to see "which way the wind blows", our top man
>(yes, we had Lansdale) devised the "hall of mirrors" approach and other
>proto-PSYOPS methods to carry out our agenda. We could control pop culture
>by exploiting it. With our strong historical literacy, and a deep knowledge
>of movies, comic books and radio, we sought to make truth as strange as
>fiction. So we adopted this film noir g-man look, and added some science
>fiction twists to it. We had among us several scholars of the paranormal
>occult. Their contributions were significant as well. From them we learned
>to apply some nifty martial arts head game techniques, hypnosis, and the
>surrealist art of defamiliarization. A heady brew when all put together.
>History shows that you cannot really silence people 100 % unless you kill
>them. We really wanted to avoid this, prefering a non-lethal method. Our
>attitude was: if you can't make them shut up, at least warp their memories
>of what was seen, thus rendering their stories unbelievable. Flying saucers
>were all the rage back then, so it was very easy to turn a sighting of a US
>top-secret stealth, surveillance, or experimental aircraft into an H.G.
>Wells-type invasion. This kept the press busy chasing wild geese, so
>could go on with the cold war-era race for military supremacy. We even had
>the Air Force and CIA chasing flying saucers. Technology-wise, we had a
>small advantage over others. From the fey (or "elemental" MIBs) we
>appropriated a device which they had stolen from the British government's
>research into microwaves (which was stolen from the nazis). In the form we
>got it, it was way too big for our purposes, so we experimented with
>sizes and output. I recall it did not just emit microwaves, but also some
>other energies, such as strong telluric currents. I'll have more to say
>about this devise and about the fey MIBs later. A big player in the Black
>Ops Brethen was a fellow called Red. He was actually an important figure in
>steering the Black Operations Bureau into it's Cold War role. He had
>been at work on the model for what became the Men in Black modus operandi
>'47, when in the guise of an Army officer, he effectively silenced some of
>the witnesses of the Roswell incident. Red hit upon the Black suit/black
>scheme, and pioneered the idea of one visitor doing all of the talking
>one or two other companions stared menacingly. Red was at that time our
>expert on voodoo and black magic. He died in 1955 and since then the
>organization names a new "Red" every 15 years. Lately, some people in the
>BOpFFOr are calling Red "Morris", because the red-haired cat keeps being
>replaced by identical cats. ***********************************************
>In the early 50's as a result of some still-classified gov't experiments in
>clairvoyance, a certain gypsy secret society named the Kalo Lowve was put
>the Black Ops payroll. They seemed especially well suited for the Men in
>Black thing because they had so little respect for witnesses, and because
>they had so much fun pretending to be aliens and/or robots in black suits.
>have to say, though, they loved the cars, and lavished such adoring care to
>their upkeep, that they put our professional mechanics to shame. Some of
>those old cars are still on the road, which is a tribute to the quality of
>care they got. *************************************************
>Immediately in the wake of early MIB reports in the popular media, numerous
>other groups jumped the bandwagon, and took to imitating our style. While
>few of these were connected to "UFO" sightings, they still possesed a lot
>stylistic similarities to our approach. Among those who took on MIB
>techniques were Russians, ufologists, satanists, and scientologist (let's
>not forget that Hubbard was conected to the ONI before he became a SciFi
>writer). Of these groups I will say more later. (end of pt 1)
>Part 2
>Because of the experimental nature of our approach, and the absurdity of
>what we were doing, some early actions taken against witnesses were
>laughable failures. At least, by that I mean that, instead of silencing
>witnesses, we effectively drove them mad. This famous character Bender is a
>good example of a successful "failure". More often than not people were
>silenced by the absurdity of our approach. Nobody particularly cares to be
>called insane. Think about it: You see some unidentified thing, and then
>call the police or the airport to ask about it. Then a couple of really
>bizarre thugs visit your home and play head games with you. One of them has
>a black box which you think may be the reason why you feel dizzy and
>passive. Maybe these thugs distort, fade out a bit, or change shape right
>before your eyes. Now you are convinced that the flying/hovering/landing
>thing you saw was a FLYING SAUCER. So you shut up about it for about 10
>years, but eventually you decide you are out of danger, so you talk about
>it. The only people who listen to you or believe you are other witnesses.
>The mainstream of people think you are just a disenfranchised UFO kook
>only trying to get attention. That's what we sought to do. Warp the memory
>and perceptions of some hapless witness, and the potential compromise of
>national security is neutralized. Some people, who witnessed far too much
>merit just one visit, have to be monitored indefinitely. After initial
>contact, we keep that individual paranoid by calling them at home or work
>just to ask "are you being a good citizen?"
>During the period leading up to and following the Vietnam War, our methods
>became more focussed and refined. We now had a more mature PSYOPS doctrine.
>The fine art of brainwashing (psychic driving/indoctrination) was being
>perfected, and it became less important to menace "UFO" witnesses, because
>society had by then internalized the skeptical/gullible attitude toward
>sightings. That is to say, people were automatically either silencing
>themselves, or else racing forward to announce the alien presence. This is
>tribute to the feedback loop we had with Hollywood in those days. Much of
>our work through the 60s and 70s was in "System Maintenance". That is to
>say, we began to silence politicians and other people in power who, by
>actions, threatened certain systems or processes in place to ensure the
>warfighting supremacy of the US. For this reason there are some among us
>are fully aware of the mechanisms behind the termination of JFK's command.
>The 70's brought about significant changes in our function and structure.
>then we had pretty much shed the Men in Black look for a more mixed
>needs-based style, ranging from full paramilitary to plainclothes. At that
>time, some of our silencing function was being turned over to the Army
>Special Forces, who, it was felt, would be more capable of staying on top
>the technological and warfighting end of this practice. The new approach
>us then was to serve as propagandists. That is to say, monitor many of the
>more prominent ufological groups, encourage their most marginal, far-out
>beliefs, then make the necessary funding available (fronting as
>etc) to bring these groups into the mainstream. While it is and has always
>been our strongly held conviction that THERE IS NO EXTRATERRESTRIAL
>ON PLANET EARTH AT THIS TIME, it was our method to promote just the
>position, expending huge resources to actually create a pantheon of
>extraterrestrials to titillate the imaginations and needs of every segment
>of the population. As of the late 70's we would still occasionally take the
>old cars out for a visit to keep the MIB legend alive, we mostly utilized
>modern, functional vehicles such as sedans (any color) and military
>and vehicles. At all times the vehicles used by us were invariably the
>property of an extent, higher profile agency, such as the Secret Service or
>the Army. Another late 70's development is the privatization of
>intelligence. The balck Ops Brethen began to get funding from some big
>corporations which, in my opinion, was the beginning of the end of the
>"golden years" of the fraternity. During my brief tenure with the Black Ops
>Brethren, I was already witnesses a major influx of Scientologists,
>and Special Forces personnel. No more was it possible to actually just go
>out and have some fun silencing UFO witnesses. The mission of the
>organization dating back to 1947 was now coming to an end. Things were
>getting too serious and too dangerous. That is to say, the policy of
>non-lethal harrassment was dropped, and now the mission was to neutralize
>those who actively investigated the funding and/or covert activities of
>agencies known to be acting against the interests of the democratic
>In 1982 the Black Ops Brethren became the Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order.
>They are still to this day very much involved in Black Operations. Tech and
>personnel support for the new BOpFFOr comes from Army Spec Ops/Special
>Forces, CIA, FEMA, UN, BATF, Air Force, ONI, and FBI. In the early 80's
>these changes were taking place, a number of older Black Ops Brethren
>retired themselves, and sided with the Kalo Lowve and the fey (elemental)
>MIB to observe and/or protect the "black dogs". This schism took the last
>the occultists out of the fraternity. The new grouping, which could well be
>called just "MIB", is now completely severed from the US government, and
>consequently no longer has the privilege of black budget funding. These
>offshoot MIBs took with them the Black Box technology, and are privately
>active in studying better means of harnessing telluric energies to create
>their own stealth vehicles and weapons. This project would go far in
>realizing the goals of both Tesla and Reich, and confirm the hypotheses of
>those who study ley lines.
>This is part 3 of the rough draft of Major Downing's book
>Part 3
>It's a well-established fact that the Soviets have been spying on our
>military technologies since WWI. They even had some of their people
>our first atomic tests during WWII (when they were presumed to be our
>allies). Interestingly, they also had some of their spies in the US to
>suppress knowledge of soviet technologies which might leak into the
>press. In the wake of reprts of UFO witnesses being visited by strange men
>clad in black, the soviets quickly picked up this trick. There were soviet
>surveillance and stealth aircraft fling over US soil, and these Russian Men
>in Black sought to silence witnesses of these flyovers by the same means as
>us. Could it be that they had a spy infiltrate our ranks and share secrets
>about our technique? That I don't know. Believe it or not, we American MIB
>did not have any awareness of the activities of the Soviet MIB until the
>70's, when a retired KGB approached one of our people and told about it.
>The first head of the Black Ops Bureau (ca. 1947) envisioned a non-lethal
>approach to suppressing or cloaking reported sightings of ultra-secret
>stealth or experimental technologies. This was an innovative approach, and
>thus the Black Ops Bureau (later, Brethren) was to be a laboratory for
>developing what became PSYOPS. Psychoanalysis, surrealism, witchcraft, and
>Madison Avenue advertising savvy all came together in this team to create a
>formidable organization, a hybrid of propagandists and ninjas. The intent
>the mind-game techniques was to induce a hypnotic state by means of
>confusion and defamiliarization (shades of Erickson here). By making the
>witness doubt his or her recall (was it a dream? am I crazy?), and by
>actually warping the sequence or details of a witnessed event (it was a
>saucer, not an airplane0, the witness was a) less likey to report a
>sighting, and b) the witness would be dismissed as a delusional crackpot by
>others. ***************************************************
>In the 1950's, when the idea of Men in Black had entered the collective
>imagination of popular culture, some other groups came along wanting a
>of that action. This is where things get complicated, and explains why it
>difficult to easily answer the question Who are the Men in Black? Some
>religious and political groups started to use these tactics to silence
>dissenting views within their own organizations. Scientologists, satanists,
>some mob-controlled unions, and then , as I mentioned before, the Soviets.
>To ad to this bunch there were those various ufologists who would play this
>tactic on their competitors, and of course the pranksters who dress up in
>black suits to attend conventions for abductees of ufo fans. The CIA, the
>FBI, and the Mafia are also occasionally guilty of playing MIB, as are
>intelligence agents from foreign nations. And some masonic-type
>have been known to occasionally try their hands at this. There is one more
>group which I'm almost reluctant to speak about, only because I find it so
>hard to accept that nature has a place for such individuals. But history,
>and my senses, tells me otherwise. They are indeed of this earth, this
>plane, this time. They have always worked behind the scenes, and they do
>walk among us. Most active from the Near East, through central Europe, and
>up into the British isles, they are nevertheless found as far east as the
>Himalayas, and as far west as the Pacific coast of the Americas.
>(I'm pretty certain) they are Homo Sapiens, but they have an unusual
>alliance with the geomagnetic powers of this planet. In appearance they
>range from willowy fair folk to squat asiatic types. I don't know if they
>stand apart on the evolutionary scale, but it's evident they are different.
>The thing which most unsettles me about them is their relationship with
>are called the "Black Dogs". These enigmatic critters, variously seen
>about or loping along, are described as smoky whirlwinds, bales of dark
>wool, or giant shaggy dogs, always with glowing red lights, or eyes,
>from somewhere. They never cease to invoke in me a horror akin to that
>inspired by the tales of H.P. Lovecraft. But these things are real! They
>have been recorded, world-wide, since ancient times (think of dragons), and
>have even been caught on film. How could humans tame such a force? These
>other "Men in Black", whom I've encountered, and with whom the Black Ops
>Brethren (and predecessors) have a lon-standing truce, are like some kind
>classical demigods, or elves. I recently noticed that some ufologists have
>identified MIBs with "elementals". That about hits it on the head. That's
>the best way to think of them. High-tech fairies, perhaps. I'm embarrassed
>to say this, but their display of paranormal power leaves me with no other
>conclusion. These people are not "competition" with the Black Ops Brethren,
>as the other groups might be deemed. As stewards of the black dogs, they
>simply interfering with human efforts to capture and/or understand the
>phenomena they are commited to protecting. I was told once by one of the
>guys in the Black Ops Brethren that these black dogs were trained to make
>fabulous designs in wheatfields, just to keep them out of trouble. It is, I
>must confess, my visceral reaction to recoil from these fey MIBs, because
>the very presence of them gives me the disturbing feeling that I'm in the
>presence of something very, very, ancient that I'mnot supposed to know
>about. Most of these fey MIB that are seen around Europe and in the Us are
>of the tall and fair sort. I have heard them speak their own peculiar
>tongue, and they manage somehow to live apart from the general population,
>even while living in our midst. They are mortal. They do NOT live in caves,
>tunnels, or in some other remote place. They live in cities and in the
>country, and are skillful at passing as locals. It is from them that the
>Black Ops Brethren got their cloaking and mind-control technology back in
>the 50's. It was still such a primitive thing back then. When switched on
>would cause intense staticky and skin-crawling sensations in anyone
>within its field of influence. Aside from that it was very effective at
>cloaking very large things. They needed to wear these goofy silver
>to protect themselves from the radiation coming out of the things though.
>Without the suits, one would become very disoriented and unmotivated. When
>we got hold of this technology we promptly went to work on miniaturising
>device and correcting the direction of output. I personally do not know the
>physics of these things, so I cannot verify what energy they project, but
>understanding was that it was telluric and microwave. Depending on the
>setting, it could simply be used to pacify someone and make them
>suggestible, then at a higher setting it distorts one's perceptions,
>one to see people in a really distorted way (think "big heads, waxy grey
>skin") , and at a very high setting, it simply cloaks objects with its area
>of influence. Early on it was difficult to really tighten the direction of
>output, and so some MIBs fell under its influence and had to practically
>drag themselves away from the locale of their visit
>(""). The fey MIB were very active in the
>40s, because of the impact of human terchnologies on the geomagnetic grid.
>The constant launching of rockets and testing of atomic bombs had them
>worried about the black dogs. Curiously, the black dogs were not weakened
>after all, but rather became larger and more intelligent. Now the fey MIBs
>have a Dr. Frankenstein situation on their hands. A great deal of time and
>energy is being devoted to keeping the Black Dogs away from urban areas,
>where they could wreak havoc and cause alarm. Mind you, these Black Dogs
>not springing up all the time. But on those occasions when they do (most
>often in Europe and England), they have to be kept out of view.
>While there are sporadic reports of Men in Black dating through history
>prior to the 1940's, there is little consistency in them. The organization
>which bore the name Black Ops Brethren originated the classic MIB
>and modus operandi in '47 when the new mission was being laid out. No
>had we done that, then other groups (including the fey MIBs) mimicked our
>style. We however were the merry pranksters who were actively experimanting
>with new ways to disorient and defamiliarize witnesses by such comical
>as acting lke aliens or robots, talking backwards, speaking goofy secret
>agent jargon, etc...We were the first to take our black boxes into the
>field, where we sometimes failed due to technical ineptitude. Too often a
>session would have to be cut short because of an agent being overcome by
>box. We never wore those silver body suits like the fey had, and when we
>finally finetuned the boxes, they began operating just like us.
>The scientologists, who have come to dominate the BOpFFOr, began to imitate
>the Black Ops Brethren as far back as the 50's. Hubbard, who had ONI
>connections, was a popular science fiction writer. At some point he got it
>into his head to start a mind-control cult, and became kind of an American
>Kurtz figure. He attracted lots of people to himself, always had wise
>to say, and went so far as to play his followers off against each other.
>There is no doubt that he saw popular accounts of Men in Black, through
>books as "The Flying Saucers and the Three Men" or "They knew too much". He
>took to sending Men in Black-disguised thugs out to harrass his enemies. In
>time, quite a number of his followers were to be found in the ranks of the
>intelligence community. By gradual means, they seized virtual control of
>Black Ops Brethren, and thereupon remade it into the Black Ops Fed
>Order. ....And that's where I got off. It just ain't what it used to be.
>They'll kill you now, because harrassment takes too much time. Look at what
>happened to Danny Casolaro.
>Here is part 4 from the rough draft of Jack Downings unfinished book
>Men in Black--or Men in Very Dark Green....?
>An aspect of speculation surrounding the Men in Black, especially in
>conspiracy theory, centers on the possible role of the Men in Black in the
>New WorldOrder project. Connected to this question, naturally, is much
>conjecture about the MIB/Black Helicopter connection. I'll attack this
>Helicopter question first, as I think that more people invest a great deal
>of value in this matter, compared to the relatively little value placed in
>MIBs by conspiracy buffs. The simple and straightforward answer is, these
>helicopters belong to the US Army (160th SOAR, as some have astutely
>out). But with the consolidation of forces, and their increased cooperation
>in tech support, the actual utilization of these and any other vehicles
>makes more difficult the task of figuring out who is behind such-and-such a
>manouever. It's one thing to identify who owns a helicopter. It's another
>thing to identify who's flying it, and why. There are numerous agencies who
>have access privileges, and might have motives for using these black
>helicopters. While SOAR has rights to ownership of this species of black
>radar-foiling copter, such agencies as the CIA, FEMA, BATF, ONI, BOpFFOr,
>and even the Coast Guard have made use of their NWO-motivated borrowing
>privileges. Think of these black helicopters as the vanguard of a new way
>doing war. Stealth, E-WAR, PSYOPS, C4I, and improved logistics can assure
>swiftest victory with fewest casualties, especially when you have better
>capabilities in these categories than your opponent. It would behoove you
>not worry too much about these mysterious helicopters, because fretting
>not make them go away. If you are being hounded by black (or "very dark
>green") helicopters, in all likelihood it is "just a training exercise",
>you can take comfort in that thought. With regard to the "Men in Black" and
>their role in the "New World Order" project, I'll have to begin by
>establishing a clear distinction. The old Black Ops Brethren, from circa
>1947, into the mid-70s, was simply very focussed on intercepting and
>suppressing leaks of Top Secret information relevant to advanced aerial
>warfighting technologies. In this capacity, they had little interest in, or
>knowledge of Project Novus Ordo. If by chance they had any awareness of the
>project, they did not participate or serve as agents for any aspect of this
>scheme. With the changes that took place in the mid- to late-70s, and the
>final shedding of the classic "MIB" look for a more conventional Fed/Mil
>mode, there was also a change in focus for them. Resulting from some of the
>changes, there was a big changeover in personnel. Now it's a weird mix of
>Scientologists, Mormons, and SpecOps. Some CIA cowboys, and a few Secret
>Service.  They might better be called the "Men in Very Dark Green" now. For
>the most part the old-school intelligence gang has been cut out. Now the
>BOpFFOr is active in setting the stage for the grand coup set to happen
>around the end of this decade. I have heard it called "X-Day", because it
>will have the form of a staged (but illusory) D-Day type invasion of Earth
>from Outer Space (leave it to SciFientologists to come up with this
>one...sheesh!). We'll get a fabulous demonstration, though, of the new
>saucers, the water-breathing flight suits, the Mach 8 fighter jets (once
>they figure out how not to run into their own bombs), and soon an all
>black-clad army. Head for the hills, kids. This is gonna be the big one.
>When I got involved with the Black Ops Brethren, I was enchanted and
>by the prospect of being a classic MIB, like my father was. But those days
>had passed already, and the BOpFFOr was in the process of becoming a rigid
>and stressful team. Much less fun than it used to be because it has lost
>function as a social laboratory for PsyOps techniques, and was now simply
>protecting aspects of the new project. Some of the same kind of stuff as
>before, only much less loony. They were trying to force me out, prevent me
>from gaining full membership by raising my stress and encouraging my
>drinking habit. While I am still in touch with that group that spun off
>the BOpFFOr and is still working with the Kalo Lowve and the elemental
>I am out, retired, not working. Just keeping a very low profile, with
>relation to intelligence work, and pursuing my hobby as a paranormalist.
>Those old cars and the various other tools of the trade will be daerly
>missed, though. Many are still in good condition, like new, all these
>decades later
>Part 5 of the rough draft for Maj. Downing's unpublished book
>Hijinks at Point Pleasant
>I recently read a magazine article about a "moth man" sighting in Point
>Pleasant, WV which in 1967 escalated into some unpleasantness for all
>involved. I was not aware until then that this matter had made its way into
>UFO lore. I'll share a bit of what I know about that. I was not there at
>time, but my father and some of the other Black Ops Brethren were there,
>shared some of their experience and knowledge about that farce with me.
>incident was an unusual chapter in the history of the Brethren, because on
>this occasion they were not mobilized to handle a "UFO" or "ET" sighting.
>The government was fooling around with some experimental warfare
>technologies, testing the effects of various radiations and electromagnetic
>fields on a guinea pig population in this sleepy WV town. They'd emit large
>doses of whatever energy into the town, then sit back and observe pathology
>clusters, changes in crime rate, mortality, mental illness, and whatever
>other measurable changes might result from said exposure. What the
>investigators didn't count on was the attraction the EM activity might have
>for "black dogs". The so-called "moth man", when it appeared, attracted a
>lot of unwanted press attention to this little town, which was the last
>thing the gov't needed, having expended considerable sums in their secret
>research. So the Black Ops Brethren had to move in to size up the
>and assess the impact of this black dog presence. My father, who headed a
>team of Kalo Lowve MIBs, set up observation post all over this town, hoping
>to catch sight of one of these things, and to silence further witnesses
>they contact the press or police. The whole situation turned into a
>monkey-house, ultimately. The gov't carried on with the radiation project,
>the black dogs (moths) continued to pop up, AND the Fey (elemental) MIBs
>showed up to further complicate matters. They were trying to silence press,
>witnesses, and us, so we had to keep them at arm's length despite our truce
>with them. The Fey MIBs managed to round up their black dogs and get them
>out only by monkey wrenching the gov't project. The equipment used to
>the radiation and EM fields at the town mysteriously disappeared. A couple
>of gov't scientists were driven to suicide, my father was sighted too many
>times, and nearly had his cover blown, and the Kalo Lowve threatened to
>cease cooperating with us. Some wierdo who actually seemed to know too much
>(a traitor to one of the MIB orgs, possible a KL) started leaking stuff to
>one of the UFO investigators, but fortunately did not give the whole game
>away. It was about this time that some of the improved directed-energy and
>implant technologies come to fruition. The fey MIB had been the sole
>abductors up to this point, by whatever magical technologies they
>Now we had something similar, and put some of this stuff to good use.
>Unfortunately, some other agency (was it COMM-12?) got their hands on the
>better equipment and began to abduct people wholesale. It is this other
>group that really got rolling with the "abduction by greys" scenario. They
>were not doing any kind of MIB stuff. They just wanted to examine the
>effects of their germ warfare work, and they were getting sick of
>cattle out by night. So they collect random specimens from the human
>population, do a biopsy, put in a simple tracking implant ("tagging them")
>and send them back home with visions of aliens dancing in their heads. They
>did a lot of this to Military dependents too. Anyway, we were not the ones
>who were killing witnesses back then. As I'd mentioned before, the old
>Ops Brethren had a no-kill policy. It was the Fey MIB who downed that
>after the Point Pleasant incident. That was one year to the day after the
>first black dog set down there. ******************************************
>On the matter of these fey MIBs, I've heard a few interesting tales. One of
>the old guys, who had been in the fraternity since before WWII, had
>collected some stories from the usually-evasive elementals. One tale, which
>they apparently enjoyed bragging about was the role they played in the
>evolution of American music. It seems this handsome young black fellow was
>doing a little voodoo ceremony at a rural crossroads. This attracted the
>interest of a couple of elementals, who find such things compelling. After
>doing his ritual, this young man sat down by the roadside and began picking
>at a guitar. It occured to one of these elementals that he could help the
>boy out, so he shape-shifted a bit (to look the part) and walked right up
>the musician. He took the guitar from the player's hand and re-tuned it.
>Played an unusual melody on it, then handed it back. The contact with his
>returned guitar had a "shaktipat" effect on him. Suddenly he was a
>and charismatic musician. But, when gifted by a muse, there is that
>unfortunate fact that you burn twice as bright but for half as long. These
>elementals claim that they've intervened in human history since time
>immemorial, because they need us for their own evolution. They allege to
>have introduced drums and double-reed flutes to our remotest stone age
>ancestors, gave us witchcraft, and even got us interested in psychoactive
>substances, which they claim were instrumental in the evolution of the
>This is Part 6 of the rough draft of Major Jack Downing's book.
>Why am I telling all this?
>My main concern early on was to test the waters, find out how much
>surveillance I am under. So I trickled out some vague and misleading clues
>about the Black Ops Brethren. I admit that I was even deceptive about the
>nature of my involvement and the extent of my knowledge. It is as a result
>of my increasing confidence that I've delved more deeply into my memory,
>admitted more. But this summer I've had a couple of scares. They have
>reminded me that I'm not being ignored. A member of my own family has even
>spoken to me, urging me to be cautious. I am angry, and have already
>a fatalistic view. How can I care anymore? If you have cancer, but cannot
>get into hospitals on account of no veterans benefits, no insurance, and no
>credit, there is little recourse except to rage at the circumstances that
>brought all of this on. It almost makes me inclined to believe in Karma.
>Ufologists have by now sifted through many government documents. The
>is getting closer to bringing the "officially nonexistent" Black Ops
>Brethren and BOpFFOr to light, but will it be too late wheh they do? There
>is a huge project underway which will truly lead to widespread acceptance
>the extraterrestrial hypothesis of aerial phenomena. I'm not likely to see
>this event take place, though it is much sooner than I am comfortable with.
>I really don't want to witness the X-day project in execution, frankly.
>our clever UFO investigators effectively expose our government's shame in
>time? Already one or two have discovered the Air Force agency which
>functioned as our eyes and ears, which collected analysed, and disseminated
>the data which we acted on. They are mistaken, however, to assume that the
>1127th/AFSAC was the be-all and end-all to the MIB question. How many
>amateur ufologists still maintain that the MIBs are all aliens! I've
>indicated that some MIBS are elementals, but these are almost never
>seen/reported/remembered, as they are quite effective at silencing
>witnesses. Some of the most unusual aerial phenomena are indeed connected
>these "people", but they are less interested in abducting or harrassing
>in keeping the "black dogs" out of public view. Of them I shall henceforth
>say little else. *********************************************
>I've said a lot about the Black Ops Brethren and the BOpFFOr, which are,
>were, and probably will always be profoundly black operations, despite my
>detailed recounts. What are the odds that these projects will be leaked or
>declassified? Well that really depends on all of you. In my lifetime, I
>expect not to see this stuff brought out, but I feel that if dedicated UFO
>and Black Ops investigators, in cooperation with the media (naturally) can
>pry open the history of the 1127th, a veritable Pandora's box of Black
>Operations will spring forth, literally exposing all of the lies of
>UFO/alien abductions, and dramatically alter trends in our culture which we
>take for granted. It will result in a whole new understanding of
>black operations, and the organization of clandestine operations in
>government intelligence. If this can be done soon enough, X-day might be
>averted, as well as the consequent police-state actions planned to coincide
>with it.
>Jeff Hearon
>Founder & CEO
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