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The Illuminati Conspiracy
Jerry Newport 2865600 - Fri Mar 12 13:24:12 1999 New Carlisle OH USA,
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Jerry Newport 2865600 - Thu Dec 17 9:54:31 1998
Nazi Human Guinea Pig Research at Area 51 (#1 of 10)
Jerry Newport 2865600 - Mon Dec 14 9:49:34 1998
Jerry Newport is a handle. The story behind it is long and I am working
on it. The following is an E-mail that I sent by way of William Cooper.
William Cooper needs to know that there are NO REAL ALIENS. I figured it
out. The so called aliens are a product of government research on human
beings. When I posted my reposted a three part article on
Electromagnetic Warfare written by a Japanese man to the internet
military planes from Write Patterson Airforce base began circling New
Carlisle where I live. The planes would fly right up to where I was as
if to tell me that they could track me from the air. Three or Four days
later after this started I posted what you see below and I was visited
by a "UFO" from Wright Patterson Airforce Base. It had standard red and
white lights on it like any other aircraft but it could hover right over
me. I could not make out the outline of the aircraft because it was
night and I think it was painted with the same flat black paint that the
Stealth Fighter is painted with. They tried to institutionalize me for
what I posted to the internet. I had lost two days sleep after I posted
this post so if I sound a little disoriented then please understand.
Attached is the three part article I cross posted to the heavily
trafficked political news groups including the ones that the White House
post to. Attached also is the report that I wrote on Psychiatric Drugs
that was posted in the same thread as the articles on Electromagnetic
Warfare. They knew exactly who I was and where I lived because my name
and mailing address was listed right in my report on psychiatric drugs.
Also is attached is a series of three related articles called “Bright
 Skies” that someone E-mailed me that I have not had the time to read
Pleomorphism and Gold
I was swimming and my father found a lady bug that had Pleomorphisized
into a new color. It had gold on it's back. The government has a
geosincrenis (sic) satellite above me at all times and I am exposed to
radiation at all times. They are torturing me but I don't feel much of
anything. Right now I am getting pink eye in front of my monitor. They
send out planes Write Patterson Airforce Base and shine gas lights on
me. The Nazis can make any gas from any substance. People are being
exposed to these gas lights on airplanes. They have went on an all out
war on me shining these gas lights on me. These lights produce more then
just visible light. Anyway the insects around here have been changing
with each generation. Mutation is harmful but Jehovah was given his cr
eation intelligent DNA that can modify itself to adapt. The Right Wing
Nazis are allied with New Age Socialism and plan to rule the world. The
Freemasons have always been on the side of the Nazi's and they brought
many war criminals into the USA after world war II. They are trying to
start a New Age religion by combining all religions together under the
UN with a figure head called Maitreya. www.maitreya.org . See the
document called "Master Plan For Planet Earth". The Jews learned from
the Nazis and are doing the same. Jews used to worship Baal a Satan god.
They used to sacrifice their little children to this God in fire.
www.maitreya.org used to have animated flame graphics of the flames that
used to leap from Molech's (a Baal idol) belly. They would burn their
little children alive to this god which was Satan. All the big
selectively breed Aryans are called the "Masters". Dr. Nash a female
doctor of Upper Valley Family Care in New Carlisle is one of the so
called "Masters". You can easily recognize the "Masters as very healthy
very big Aryans". These people do not realize they face destruction at
the hand of Jehovah if they do not repent. Jehovah is willing to forgive
them for the things they have done. All they have to do is pray to
Jehovah and Jehovah will help them. Jehovah is a good God and is willing
to forgive no matter what. No sin is too great that they can not be
forgiven. Getting back to Gold. The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was
plated with Gold. This was to protect the priest from the radiation from
the sun. This is why the Federal Government is hoarding Gold at Fort
Naux (sic). The government has sent people from area 51 to Write
Patterson Airforce base. Remember that Jehovah has given his creation
the ability to adapt and DNA is intelligent and able to self modify.
This is similar to how the body creates new antibodies or
immunoglobulins. You can make antibodies against drugs and other things.
Anyway the government has been forcing humans to pleomorhisize. These
Nazi's have been stealing children for years for scientific "research".
They have been exposing them to radiation and breeding them with each
new generation. These people are the polydactyl big black eyed people
that are confused with Aliens. The government has been forcing these
abducted children to have sex at a young age to reproduce after many
generations of being exposed to this stuff. And are now cloning them.
These extremely pleomorphisized humans are what is confused as aliens.
When you saw the "alien autopsy" did you see the extreme fear on the
face of this pleomorphisized person. This was only a child. Many people
on erinet.com are working with the "Masters". I forced them to remove
child pornography. Channel 7 and Channel 2 news belonged to erinet.com.
Dr. Nash if you are reading this then I offer you the chance to live in
paradise forever if you like. All you have to do is pray to Jehovah. I
will get you some literature if you like as to what our teachings are.
We want all the "Masters" to be with us in paradise. The fruit from
these trees will make you strong. Those trees in Florida from the seeds
I smuggled into the USA from the Philippines are not the trees of life.
Jehovah will plant these. Would all you "Masters" like to join us
witnesses in the paradise? We love you and you can repent. Please be
with us. Stop the eugenics practices and join us. You have the
opportunity to be there. Please join us. Please treat the pleomorhisized
children well. Please. I would like to see them so I can talk to them.
There is much I would like to say to them. I know there are no aliens.
Only pleomorphisized humans and perhaps genetic engineering as well.
Please let me see these people. Anyway Write Patterson Airforce base
kept sending out planes to shine gas lights on me but I am staying awake
because cancer grows in your sleep. That is when cell division takes
place. Dr. Nash I will forget about you trying to make me and a lot of
people have strokes. Remember the time I looked like a black "alien"
with white eyes because of my toboggans? You told me that I have a
hormone that controls the temperature of my brain. Well I did not have
the stroke. I am doing good and am still waiting for Jehovah's righteous
new world. I am not afraid to die but would like to avoid death. I
figure I may get to see Armageddon with Jehovah's help. Please get on
our side and join us forever. Can you imagine the trees of life and what
they will do for us? You will get a perfect body. Your body Dr. Nash is
not immortal. The Bible says that "the soul that is sinning, it itself
will die. Did Dr. Plumb cause his daughter's cancer because she was
weak? Are you going to quite sacrificing your children. This started out
as a report and ended up as a letter. The theory of evolution is a lie
and life can only adapt to changing environments which produces variety
but no new species.
A month later after being released from a State institution I posted
My phone is bugged. My psychiatrist and the Sheriff got calls from top
governmental officials concerning my activities of freedom of speech on
the internet. I am not afraid because Satan can only crush those who
cower. Write Patterson airforce base sent out a "UFO" to try and knock
out my computer by shining a light on it that produces more then just
visible light. They succeeded in causing a power serge that disabled my
modem. I was right under it when on my bicycle and just waved to it and
said to myself "cool beans". It made a second pass on Lake street at the
end of the street and I road my bicycle toward it as fast as I could and
when I got under it just stopped and hovered over me. It stopped for a
few seconds and did not stop at my apartment and headed toward Write
Patterson airforce base. I spoke to the command center at Write
Patterson Airforce base on the phone as they recorded me on the Phone. I
asked them if it was illegal for the military to try to knock out a
civilian’s computer. It really shuck them up. They later referred me to
the UFO reporting center where the man who answered tried to convince me
that I was visited by "aliens". When I asked him if it was illegal for
the government to try to knock out my computer and started telling him
that I knew what the so called "aliens" really are and how it is
research with toxins and radiation on human beings done by imported Nazi
scientist at area 51 he became extremely nervous and did not want to
talk to me. When I walk around town sometimes street lights will go out
under me and will come back on when I get far enough from them. The
satellite(s) is messing them up and making them go out. I really got
beamed when I posted that one post called Pleomorphism and Gold. It was
as if there was a data tap on my phone and when they read the data they
got angry. I started coughing and wheezing so I called the fire
department and the fire chief came in and his little electronic gas
detector started going haywire from the electromagnetism. Him and two
young men did not know what to do. They went outside with their little
device and it worked fine and then they came into the apartment and it
went haywire. My story is a long a complex one. I have much to say. I am
the one who forced the government to come forward about the Blackbird
being the aircraft that has been confused with many "UFO" sightings. I
now know what the "Aliens" TRUELY are. THEY and their descendents and
victims of Nazi scientific research at Area 51. Polydactalism is a
phenomena that occurs when people are abused. When David went up against
Goliath he had six fingers and six toes. He was the offspring of and
abused race of people who feared Satan. The Cananites practiced eugenics
on themselves by offering up their little children in fire as sacrifices
to the false Satan god Baal. The Cananites will be resurrected and given
the chance to repent. Hitler was trying to resurrect Baal worship along
with the practice of eugenics. He was going to turn on even the Catholic
Church right there on the end. "Eugenics" is Baal worship. For those who
do not know what this discussion is about then read Pleomorphism and
Gold in a previous posting. What you saw in the "Alien autopsy" film was
the descendents of abused children who were forced to breath toxins, eat
toxins, bath in toxins and exposed to bright lights that produced more
then just visible light. The offspring had big black eyes so they could
see as a defensive measure against the blinding lights. Black eyes to
protect from the blinding visible light. That child's belly was bloated
because of all the toxins he or she was consuming. I think they chose to
do the autopsy because this one was sexless so useless for bearing
offspring. Red maples must be cloned because they bare no seed and their
leaves are almost black. That child was similar. These sexless children
if being procreated at all are being cloned. They have the descendents
of these children of research working for them now because abuse creates
intelligence do to adaptation through paranoia. The ability to have
tangential thoughts, see loose connections (lucid connections) and
racing thoughts always working on solving a problem. It is ironic that
what the government tries to suppress with the use of psychiatrist
(schizophrenia) is actually being used to the advantage of the
government. Any civilian who displays these abilities who is not a
conformist is pumped up with powerful neuroleptic drugs if unable to
defend themselves. Many people who have experienced so called “alien
abductions” reported bright lights. These people must have bright lights
in order to see. I have been beamed form everything form satellites to
HAARP. I have gotten sick confused etc. from the transmissions that keep
coming at me because I will not shut up on the internet. They tried to
get me institutionalized.
The Purpose of this Human Research (#6 of 11)
Jerry Newport 2865600 - Tue Dec 15 22:29:53 1998
The purpose of the human experimentaion and research.
They are trying to create a human being that can survive space travel
and also survive on Mars. In addition to the above they also force these
people to endure temperature extremes. The goal is to produce a human
that can survive being thawed an unthawed and go from subzero freezing
to boiling temperatures and also eat dirt and toxins as food. That is
why they brought that microorganism off the ocean floor that feeds off
the raw chemicals of the Earth and survive next to volcanic vents. And
this is also why they are hoping they find life on Mars because Mars
freezes at night and boils during the day any life that could endure
that would be perfect for genetic source for genetic engineering. . They
are also going to use these so called "Aliens" as a trick to establish
the New World Order.
This was a tangential thought and was part of another post.
George Bush was a thirty three degree Freemason and X director of the
CIA. The CIA was formed after World War two when top ranking Freemason
governmental officials illegally brought thousands of Nazi war criminals
into the USA. Many of the Nazi war criminals conducted highly illegal
and immoral research on human beings during the war and were able to
continue their research at Area 51. Area 51 was set up as an ultra
secret location where Nazi scientist could conduct their research free
from the prying eyes of almost everyone except the CIA and a select few
in the Airforce. Research on human beings as guinea pigs is done at Area
51 as well as a safe haven for the latest Top Secret CIA and future
Airforce aircraft. I was the one who forced the government into rev
ealing that the Blackbird was the source of many UFO sightings. At
Wright Patterson Airforce Base Museum is a big black super sonic plane
identical to the Blackbird but smaller that is displayed as an
“experimental” aircraft. As I looked at that big black plane I thought
of the famous UFO sighting over a USA Airforce base were many jet
fighters were scrambled to chase after it. What the pilots reported was
chasing three lights. The lights weaved back and forth as if toying with
the jets or trying to shake them off. Then it shot off at incredible
speeds and disappeared into the distance. This is what these pilots
reported when they got back to the base. This famous UFO sighting was
one of the major reasons Project Blue Book was formed. As I looked at
that plane in the museum at Wright Patterson Airforce base I realized
that what they were chasing was one of these planes and what they were
looking at was the landing lights that the pilot accidentally left on.
They could only see the lights because of the flat black radar absorbing
paint that the plane is painted with. I started telling everyone I came
in contact with about this. (Some things were going on at this time that
I can’t get into in this post but will include it in a report about my
collective experiences.) I called the UFO reporting line for the
military and told them this and other things. They later refused to talk
to me when I called. I was later placed in a psychiatric ward for
committing “thought crimes”. Several months later the Airforce released
a press release revealing the Blackbird for the first time and declaring
it as the source of many UFO sightings. I saw this on ABC World News
with Dan Rather. This report came right after the Bogus Crash Test dummy
report that the Airforce released.
Below is some more of my writings (some say I am crazy) that has made
the government angry as well as some links.
Freemasonry Corner
Weather Control
The New Age Movement - An Overview
For the article go to the link below.
One World Worship
For the article go to the link below.
Population Control, Naxi's and the New World Order
by Anton Chaitkin
Rockfeller and Mass Murder
For the article go to the link below.
Another Interesting
Shielding Your Home or Shelter Against EMP Attack (#12 of 13)
Jerry Newport 2865600 - Wed Dec 9 23:21:32 1998
Three intersecting beams of highly focused microwave energy will create
a plasma discharge that will incinerate anything on the ground. They are
putting transponders in people unknowingly while visiting the doctor or
hospital when receiving an injection. The goal is that everyone will be
tagged so they can be tracked from space. They intend to give all the
Christian fundamentalist their own personal rapture. Ever been to Disney
world and seen the lightning speed at which lasers paint the animated
light pictures on the spiracle structure at the entrance to the park at
night during their laser and firework show? Well imagine a spaced based
system that can target every dissident on the ground at lightning speed.
Right now they are targeting people's homes by simply painting their
dwelling almost continuously with nonlethal levels of ionizing
radiation. They target refrigerators heavily so your food becomes
irradiated and unfit to consume.
To protect your home or shelter you will need to line the ceiling with
sheet steal. But since the beams can be pulsed they can pass right
through. It will be necessary to ground this sheet steal with grounding
cables welded to it and run at least two feet into the ground. A friend
of mine who is now a civilian but still has Top Security clearance who
works on secure encrypted telephone systems instructed me on how to do
this. It took a long time to get him to acknowledge the existence of
EMP. I would have never thought of grounding it like that but it was so
obvious I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. He told me that
the presidents plane is shielded from EMP attack. If you do not want to
be targeted from ground based systems then it will be necessary to live
in a can so to speak by lining the walls and covering up the windows.
But of course when you leave you will be a "Ball Park Frank" (Ball Park
Franks, Plump when you cook them :-) The best thing the militia can do
is simply put their trust in God.
Here is the original post I left at Parascope in the Spring of 1997.
The biggest kept secret is the fact that the USA has both ground based
and satellite based microwave weapons. The UFO's (lights in the skies)
which could not possibly be aircraft were plasma emanations from these
microwave weapons. Many cases of " spontaneous human combustion : was
the result of such weapons. Even communication satellites are capable of
causing this if they accidentally miss their ground antenna. These
weapons are capable of disabling electrical components and preventing
such things as aircraft, automobiles and computers from operating. These
microwave weapons when targeted at people at lower intensities are used
for mind control by causing disorientation by disrupting the electrical
flow within the brain. Exposure to these weapons can cause muscular
spasms, twitches, tremors, and even full blown seizures. These
electromagnetic weapons are capable of manipulating the weather causing
thunderstorms by heating up the atmosphere and charging it with
artificial energy. Remember the UFO stories of how the car stalls and
the radio freaks out along with light above. Well the light was the
plasma being generated by the microwaves and it resulted in the car
stalling and the radio freaking out. Want to see plasma? Just put metal
into a microwave oven. Want to see how microwaves affect a radio? Try
this: First put a bowl of water in the microwave oven ( to absorb excess
microwaves ) then put a small hand held radio inside tuned into a
station and turn on microwave oven at the lowest power setting. Now
listen to the radio! Scientist discovered a long time ago that cars
would not stall and not start and the affect on radios after a nuclear
explosion because of the electromagnetic wave that was given off. One of
the symptoms of being exposed to these weapons not to mention the above
is a weird feeling inside your head along with disorientation. Also an
elevated body temperature. Sometimes nausea but not always. They can
even induce a heart attack remotely with these weapons. If you suspect
that you are being targeted with these weapons for what ever reason you
can protect yourself from the disorienting effects by wearing aluminum
foil under a hat. The real reason for the governments push for fiber
optics is because because the old copper cables were vulnerable to the
governments own microwave weapons. Federal agencies such as the post
offices are replacing all their old computer equipment with new shielded
equipment that is black. The crop circle formations that are appearing
throughout the world are created with these microwave weapons. When the
vegetation heats up it wilts and falls to the ground. Lights have
sometimes been reported in the sky at night as the formations appeared.
Again this light is plasma from these electromagnetic weapons not UFO's
or aliens. Black helicopters have been reported flying above these crop
circles the following day. These black helicopters are being operated by
the government and they are checking out their handiwork. These are
unmarked helicopters so they can not be identified. The United Nations
backed religious movement called Mission of Maitreya claims that these
crop circles are a "heavenly angelic form of communication". Don't
believe it! This is a New World Order trick! These crop circles are
being created with satellites based computer driven focused microwave
beams. A kind of microwave laser. The leaders of the Illuminati and
Freemasons are the ones who are ultimately behind these crop circles and
the United Nations backed religious unification movement Mission of
Maitreya. The Mission of Maitreya claims that soon Maitreya will appear
on television world wide (probably during the millennial celebrations)
and everyone will her his voice "telepathically". Don't believe it! The
government has top secret technology cable of transmitting radio f
requencies within a very barrow band of very low frequencies capable of
being picked up by the brain. This started a long time ago when radar
technicians swore they could hear the radar as hisses, clicks, and pops.
Well since then this technology has been refined and worked out and by
using computers to pulse and modulated the frequencies back and forth
very rapidly they can make you hear anything they want you to, including
voices inside your head! These are call audiograms. This is all to get
people to believe that this Maitreya is truly the Christ, Mohamed,
Krishna, Buddha combined in order to unite all the people of the world
under the United Nations flag! Some are already calling Maitreya the
antichrist. This religious unification movement is being backed not only
by the United Nations but many other organizations such as Share
International, Zero Population, etc... When these electromagnetic
weapons are used plasma is not always generated. Plasma only forms on
rare instances. The aurora borealis at the polar regions is a natural
display of plasma as well as lightning. These same weapons can be used
to cause earthquakes by disrupting the Earth's natural electromagnetic
field. Before the Kobe Japan earthquake, the China earthquake, and an
earthquake in the Australian outback, strange lights appeared in the sky
of mostly red, white and pink. This was plasma. In China it was reported
that the leaves of some trees were scorched. This aspect of these
weapons has some calling them " seismic weapons ". The military is
painting many of their planes and vehicles with radar absorbent paint,
radar absorbing paint, stealth paint or nonradar reflective paint. The
windows of military vehicles are so dark now that they look as if they
are meant to view something through a blast furnace. This is to protect
their vehicles from their own electromagnetic microwave weapons. The
militia groups have no chance of stopping the " New World Order " from
happening. They need to just put down their weapons and put their trust
in God Almighty. This United Nations backed New World Order religious
unification movement is going to give everyone a choice in the end of
either accepting it or dying. To accept it means to go through a "
Luciferic initiation ". If you want salvation you must accept death for
Jesus said if you try to save your soul you will loose it, but if you
loose your soul for his sake you will gain it. This United Nations
backed religious unification movement called Mission of Maitreya intends
to form a new Pagan satanic religion synthesized from all religions by
combining them. This is the same tactic that the Roman emperor
Constantine used. Constantine saw that his empire was divided by the
Christians and the Pagan Romans and he saw this division as a weakness
that could result in the downfall of Rome. So he decreed that all must
become Christian but to appease the Pagan Romans he allowed them to keep
many of their Pagan holidays giving them a "Christian" whitewash. For
instance the celebration Christmas was originally the Roman holiday
Saturnalia. Easter was originally a holiday for the sex goddess Ashtar.
That is were the symbols of fertility came from such as the rabbit and
the egg. Easter is a phonetic corruption of the name Ashtar. The New
World Order will come but it will not last long because the Bible
promises that "When they are saying peace and security then sudden
destruction is to come instantly upon them just as the birth pangs of a
pregnant woman and they will by no means escape." Already FEMA
concentration camps are being built for those you refuse to accept what
is being called the " Luciferic Initiation ".
Here is another post I left in the Summer of 1997.
Freemasons ultimate trade secret is the fact they are being handed bits
and bits of new technology from Satan and his hordes of demons.
Freemasons are into the occult and practice witchcraft. They are in
contact with these demonic forces "on the other side". These demons have
them however believing that they are from another world, in fact aliens
of superior intelligence. They have deceived them into believing
evolution and that man is part ape part alien. They say that they (being
aliens from another world) conducted genetic engineering on apes using
their own DNA long ago to improve them. This is the lie that demonic
forces have given them. Freemasons dominate the sciences and favor their
fellow Freemasons in passing out promotions thus hurting the true Chris
tians chances of advancing his career. Freemasons are the ones who
promoted the Nazi's during World War II and George Bush's father who is
the head of a large bank loaned huge amounts of money to the Nazi's
during World War II. After the war the Freemasons used their powerful
influence to get their Nazi friends into the USA and the CIA was formed
with many Nazi's employed. Nazi psychiatrist worked with their Freemason
brothers and their many covert programs on mind control. They worked on
advanced technology that was intended was intended to one day deceive
the masses. One of these covert programs was called "Project Rainbow".
This program was meant to create optical illusions using light and other
"thermal" effects. The lights people are seeing in the skys that appear
to be alien craft are in fact created by energy beams from Satellites in
orbit. The light is plasma. They also have saucer craft with technology
that uses electromagnetic antigravity propulsion and this is also what
some people have mistaken for alien craft. This is nothing more then
their Top Secret covert projects using the money that they suck from
Americans through heavy taxes and lotteries and covert drug trade. These
projects are intended to deceive the masses. All this technology is
being handed to mankind little by little by Satan and his hordes of
demons. And these same Freemasons believe that their "beloved" Lucifer
is in fact an alien. They worship Lucifer because of the wealth and
power he has given them through advanced technology that is being given
them little by little. But Satan is not satisfied with just these
worshipping him. Make no mistake. He wants everyone on this Earth
worshiping him and turning their backs on the Almighty Father Jehovah
and his son Jesus Christ. That is why they are behind the New Age
Mission of Maitreya United Nations religious unification conspiracy to
unite the world under a New World Order. They want to unite all mankind
under demonic devil worship turning their backs on God. Christians must
know thy enemy for who he is so they will not be deceived. This is the
ultimate conspiracy. Go to this web-site and look at what Freemasonry is
truly about. ( http://www.kessingerpub.com ) Also visit Freemasonry
corner at www.cuttingedge.org .
Something To Try
Try this to see if aluminum foil does indeed shield against microwaves.
Rap a hotdog up in aluminum foil and place it in the microwave. Now
place a hot dog in the microwave which isn’t wrapped tightly in aluminum
foil. Set the microwave for let’s say three minutes. Now take out both
hotdogs. The one that was wrapped tightly with aluminum foil will still
be as cool as it was when you took it out of the refrigerator. But the
other one will be… Well lets just say very hot and well done. Aluminum
is nonconductive and will block Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons. (EMP or
EMPW). EMP can pass right through other metals that are not heavily
grounded. Go to the link below for some very interesting information.
What Painting Your Home With Ionizing Radiation Will Do (#10 of 13)
Jerry Newport 2865600 - Wed Dec 9 12:26:16 1998
New Carlisle Ohio USA, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The ionizing electromagnetic bombardment will knock electrons out of the
orbits of the oxygen atoms in the air in your home creating positive
ions (positively charged atoms) called free radicals. When you breath
these oxygen atoms missing an electron in since they are unstable will
actually steal electrons from your body creating free radical damage
which is oxidation. When you cut an apple it will start to turn brown
because of exposure to the air which is natural levels of free radicals.
Free radicals are the major source of aging and degenerative disease.
Positively charged air will make you cough and wheeze and if it is
particularly bad the air will be heavy and stagnant like you are
breathing death itself. Negative ions on the other hand as created in a
thunderstorm are actually beneficial to health in that these oxygen
atoms are negatively charged in that they have an extra electron and
when breathed into the body will donate its extra electron to molecules
in your body which are damaged by free radicals. This is why the air
after a thunderstorm is so pleasant and fresh to breathe. It is
beneficial to do deep breathing exercises outside during a thunderstorm
and open all the windows in your home to air it out. On the other hand
when the sun beats down on smog it creates positively charged ions which
will damage your body. That is why it is best to stay indoors during an
ozone alert. Since the government is painting the homes of people who
are known to them as dissidents or are causing them to loose a lot of
face because of activist activities on and off the internet with
ionizing radiation it will be beneficial to have good air circulation
and consume a lot of antioxidants and other vitamins to quench these
free radicals. I have learned that the juice of the common silver maple
tree has very powerful antioxidants in them, which will arrest all the
free radicals in your body. To make this juice place the leaves in a
juicer and as you feed these leafs in run a little filtered water into
the juicer and the will mobilize the leaf cells as the leaf matrix gets
busted up and you will end up with a green drink no less pleasant to
drink them broccoli juice. You can run the pulp that collects through
second and third times in order to get as many of the leaf cells as
possible. You can freeze jugs of this green drink for use during the
winter months. When you unfreeze it however the leaf cells will be
congealed and you will have to shake it up and it will still be gritty
like that of tea leafs mixed with water but drink it all anyway. You can
also get one of those air purifiers that negatively charge the air. They
do it on the same principle that lightening in a thunderstorm creates
negative ions. Get a Spectrum Analyzer so you can prove what is
happening. This will help defend you from the evil powers that be.
For information on the effects of both positive and negative ions go to
the link below.
What Else Ionizing Radiation Seeding Will Do
It will also increase the amount of radon gas released into the area
that is being beamed. Such is the case above recent authentic (not
hoaxes) crop circle formations. Of course most people know the health
hazards of breathing radon gas. It is worse then smoking cigarettes. By
the way, your local fire department should be able to do this test for
You Need A Spectrum Analyzer
A spectrum analyzer is needed if you want to be able to prove if you or
your home is being beamed with microwaves or some other band of
radiation. My friend I spoke of in the post above told me this. I am not
sure who you could go to if you were able to prove what was happening.
This company has a low cost one called R3131 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer. I
am not sure how much it is but my friend did say they are expensive. But
with this you would be able to tell if HAARP was being beamed on your
neighborhood, if there is a hot spot in your house, or if your home is
being painted with transmissions, or if you have a tracking device in
you and are being beamed where ever you go.
We're Off To See The Freemason the Wonderful Freemason Of Oz(#9 of 11)
Jerry Newport 2865600 - Wed Dec 16 19:38:53 1998
Sub-footnote A: It is interesting to note that the wizard (In the movie
“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”) who claims to be a good man seems to be a
Freemason because he speaks of going back to the land of “E Pluribus
Unum” so he can be with his “brother wizards”, not fellow but “brother”
which is what freemasons call each other and freemasons practice the
occult what they call the “craft” (Witchcraft). “E Pluribus Unum” means
one out of many which is originally all the states of the USA but around
the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill are the words “Annuit
Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum” which means Announcing the Creation New
Secular (or World) Order. The Freemasons are the ones responsible for
everything on the back of the one dollar bill. It is interesting to note
that the pyramid has thirteen rows of bricks, the shield on the eagle
has thirteen stripes, and the eagle holds thirteen arrows and an olive
branch that has thirteen leaves and also thirteen olives. There are
thirteen stars above the eagle. There are thirteen letters in “Annuit
Coeptis” above the pyramid and thirteen letters in “E Pluribus Unum”
above the eagle. In Washington DC the thirty three degree Freemason
lodge is thirteen blocks North of the Whitehouse. On the back of the one
dollar bill the eagle has thirty two feathers on one side representing
the thirty two degrees of Freemasonry Scottish Rite and on the other
side thirty three feathers for the honorary degree for which one is
initiated into the Illuminati. The tail has nine feathers representing
the nine additional honorary degrees of the York Rite of Freemasonry. To
understand what the pyramid and the eye represents it will be necessary
to visit www.maitreya.org and see the document called “Master Plan for
Planet Earth” and also see the gratuitous use of the term “World Order”.
Freemasons are behind the “Mission of Maitreya” and also the United
Nations backed “Share International” run by the British theosophist
Benjamin Crème. The Mission of Maitreya is claiming no previous
affiliation with the UN back Share International and Benjamin Crème but
is inviting them to join them. Crème had always maintained that he was
in direct contact with Maitreya telepathically and that Maitreya would
make his presence known at anytime. This is a ruse to make it look like
things are happening as Benjamin Crème foretold. For more information
see the links below. http://www.cuttingedge.org/fmcorner.html
Aloha, He'Ping,
Om, Shalom, Salaam.
Em Hotep, Peace Be,
Omnia Bona Bonis,
All My Relations.
Adieu, Adios, Aloha.
Roads End

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