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Lustful Utterances by Domina Leola McConnell

LU -- Chapter one; "Go East young woman."

Roy Cohn and [then] Governor George W. Bush of Texas, giving America the finger on national TV. Both are described by Leola McConnell as two of the most morally bankrupt people she ever met in her life as a Domina.

Domina Leola McConnell on Roy Cohn, whom she first met in 1981:
"[T]he term that best describes Roy [Cohn] would be to say he was blood drunk. The BDSM community on the Eastern seaboard, that I was a part of in the 80's had many players, some were political power players, others were captains of industry and the like, that I would describe as being blood drunk as well. Roy told me once, Muscles, I was born to end lives - and that he did, along with the lives he simply ruined out of pure meanness delaying their trips to the actual graveyard. All the while wallowing in a massive contempt for the human race, a pedophile-like contempt for innocence, well hidden from the lay eye but not to the trained eye of a competent Domina, poised to be suspicious of an inferiority complex masquerading as a superior one. Roy's need for revenge (for being born) was insatiable. He [Roy] was one of a kind as far as self loathing, closeted gay men (of the day) went. Roy introduced me to Alfred Bloomingdale, in late 1981. Bloomingdale liked to play in Domination/submission (D/s) scenarios, what is referred to in the BDSM community as a switch. Asphyxiation, rope play, bondage and verbal humiliation were the primary D/s flavors he savored, both giving and receiving, but mostly giving. Coupled with [Bloomingdale] not being interested in a 24/7 Domina or dominatrix type in general, I was too muscular to be of any real interest for him. A woman that could quite literally strangle him to death, and he'd be utterly powerless to stop her, didn't gel with his brand of misogynistic [faux] megalomania, something both Bloomingdale and Roy had in common. The D/s interactions between Bloomingdale and I were to be short lived based on the simple fact my Irish temperament was then, and is now, ill suited to misogynistic males who try and flip the script or switch -- wrong woman, wrong century."
  U -- Chapter three; "This is Bob, calling for Bulldog, Ma'am."

American Ambassador to Poland, Victor Ashe and [then] Governor George W. Bush of Texas, giving America the finger on national TV.

From 1981 to 1984, I had Roy Cohn in with the worst of the worst in the BDSM community -- that was until I had the misfortune to meet [then] Vice President of the United States, George H.W. Bush's eldest son, George W. Bush, in 1984. He and Roy were two of a kind, cut from identical cloth. As it would turn out a decade later, as governor of Texas, he [George] too was also born to end lives, and talented indeed -- then and now. There were worse and more troubled people, both male and female, in the BDSM community, but very few (at that time I was aware of) were people who came from silver spoon origins as they both had. The BDSM community was large but some things were like living in a goldfish bowl, they just couldn't stay contained -- people like Roy and Bush stood out when they behaved badly. The mainstream media has known of George Bush's actions since forever, but as a favor to his father, and others, they set about systematically pressing the erase button to cover his tracks. I was first approached and asked if I knew him [Bush] while he was still governor of Texas by a guy who claimed to be a former staffer for the Al Gore camp during his senatorial run in 1984 who had media connections, who later offered to sell me photos of myself and Victor Ashe walking together with George Bush in the background. Why would I want to buy a photo of some dark, morose asshole that got on my nerves the first time I met him? Just because that same dark, morose asshole became governor of Texas? He didn't need me to use them, they never would have saw the light of day in the Texas MSM anyway.

Lustful Utterances: Cohn to Bush 1981-1986, is the autobiography of Domina Leola McConnell, a muscle dominatrice whose lifestyle choice to become a dominatrice beginning in 1981 on the Northeastern seaboard of the US. Through Lustful Utterances, the reader can take a safe journey into the world of BDSM and into the very disturbed psyche of Alfred Bloomingdale, Roy Cohn and George Bush. Through Leola's keen observations regarding BDSM, readers will look into the twisted psyche of these three men from a vantage point never before revealed by a dominatrice. Her lean muscular, but feminine physique established her in the 1980's as the go-to dominatrice for those in need of the real thing when severe punishment of the flesh was required. While their professions differed, all three men were (and one still is) men of power that liked taking and/or giving pain in sexual scenarios involving domination and submission.

Both Bloomingdale and Cohn were very influential players in the New York/Washington D.C political scenes throughout their lives, while in 1984, George Bush was [then] the simple minded bisexual son of the seated Vice President of the United States, George H W. Bush. Leola exposes them to the light of day, while explaining scientifically their psychological need for punishment, what it is rooted in and how the end result of those needs did and would result in a pathological predisposition for poor political polices, both in the US and abroad. Lustful Utterances will leave many readers with knots in their stomachs but will provide clarity as to why the homoerotic-sado- masochism of Abu Ghraib prison could only have manifested itself on George Bush's tenure as leader of the free world. Political movers and shakers of the far right have been seventy percent of Leola's interactions as a dominatrice since 1981. Assessing the homoerotic and sado-masochistic tendencies of people in positions of power she has known and the negative affects on society, their disturbingly closeted homosexual desires were some of the reasons Leola decided to run for governor of Nevada in 2006. No doubt she will be portrayed by those who have actively worked to discredit her over the last four years as having betrayed a confidence for coming forward with the truth about what took place between them -- particularly for exposing their Decider in Chief President George Bush. While many of the homoerotic-sado-masochistic encounters she speaks of in Lustful Utterances involving Roy Cohn and George Bush, when he was a private citizen, are unappetizing topics, it is the reality of the sexual hypocrisy of other former Reagan White House alumni she would come to know throughout her later years as a dominatrice.

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