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Deployment raises abuse risk in military families 5/14/07  New York  (Reuters 
Health) "Children in military families are at greater risk of  maltreatment 
after a parent is deployed to conflict areas -- and after the  parent returns, 
a new study suggests. The rate of child maltreatment doubled  among Texas 
military families in the nine months after October 2002, when  Congress gave 
President George Bush the go-ahead to send troops to Iraq, the  researchers 
"Both departures to and returns from operational deployment  impose stresses 
on military families and likely increase the rate of child  maltreatment," Dr. 
E. Danielle Rentz of the University of North Carolina in  Chapel Hill and her 
colleagues write in the American Journal of Epidemiology.  "Such increases in 
child maltreatment may also extend to families at risk of  being deployed." 

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