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Subject: [JBirch] Fw: Judge: Gore Made 9 Errors in 'Inconvenient Truth'

Judge: Gore Made 9 Errors in 'Inconvenient Truth'



            A British judge this week slammed Al Gore's documentary "An
            Inconvenient Truth" and said it contains egregious errors and bias. 

            Judge Michael Burton of London's High Court said the film had
            no less than "nine scientific errors" and that the film should be
            accompanied by a disclosure that says the film makes "alarmist"
            and "exaggerated" claims. 

            The New York Post featured a diagram laying out Burton's
            explanation of Gore's nine errors. It follows below.. 

            Editor's Note: Get Newsmax's special report that first blew the
            lid off of Al Gore's 'Convenient Lie' — Go Here Now.

                    AL GORE
                        CLAIMED:    BRITISH
                        JUDGE RULED: 
                 1  Sea levels will rise by up to 20 feet "in the near future." 
 Only after a millennia. 
                 2  Pacific atolls have been evacuated.  No evidence. 
                 3  Gulf Stream will shut down.  Very unlikely. 
                 4  Graphs showing rise in temperature and carbon dioxide are 
"an exact fit."  Graphs "do not establish what Gore asserts." 
                 5  Global warming caused Hurricane Katrina.  Insufficient 
                 6  Global warning dried up Lake Chad.  Scientists say 'NO' 
                 7  Global warming is bleaching coral reefs.  Not clear what 
caused bleaching. 
                 8  Polar bears drowned when they couldn't find ice.  They died 
from a storm. 
                 9  Global warming melted snow on Mount Kilimanjaro.  Scientist 
say 'NO' 

            Editor's Note: Get Newsmax's special report that first blew the
            lid off of Al Gore's 'Convenient Lie' — Go Here Now.

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