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*FEMA poisons thousands in Oklahoma with mercury*


Sheeple lined up for their mercury-laden flu shots in Oklahoma, many
guaranteeing themselves a future rife with dementia and Alzheimer's. From *The
McAlester News-Capital* October 19,

"Thousands of people got their flu shots Thursday while a mock disaster
drill went on quietly in the background.

"Yesterday we vaccinated 2,582 people," Pittsburg County Health Department
Administrator Mike Echelle said this morning. "At the same time we had our
drill and the people who watched it believe we have the capabilities to
serve the people in the event we did have a medical emergency."

The drill, which was called a Mass Immunization Prophylaxis Strategy, or
MIPS for short, was evaluated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency,
the Pittsburg County Office of Emergency Management and the state Department
of Health.

Taking part in the drill were uniformed law enforcement personnel,
ambulances and even the SWAT team. "We're doing this as real as possible,
just in case we ever have to really do it, in the event of a pandemic or an
emergency," Det. Capt. Shawn Smith said.


The feds have long been openly spraying chemtrails on the peopl of Oklahoma
as well. The population there is very trusting of the national security
state and thus ideal test subjects for bioweapns and the like. The
mass-injection coincided with FEMA drilling bioweapon attacks in other
locations in the US during TOPOFF4.


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