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* Portland PD thwarts Chertoff/SAIC bomb plot

Heroic local officers with the Portland Police department did an explosive
sweep on vehicles belonging to criminal elements connected to Mossad agent
Michael Chertoff. Cherotff was in town to participate in a SAIC-scripted
"terror drill." Counterterrorsim analysts in the blogosphere had voiced
concern that Chertoff would use the opportunity to take the drill "live,"
blaming a false-flag attack on Iran.

Portland activists should be commended for alerting local law enforcement as
to who the real terrorists are.
>From Portland's *The Oregonian* October 18, 2007

"Portland police cordoned off several blocks around the Lloyd Center,
marking off the area with thousands of feet of yellow tape blowing in the
afternoon wind. They also shut down MAX trains through the area, and alerted
people inside the hotel and surrounding buildings. Some in those buildings
chose to evacuate, while others remained in place.

By 3:45 p.m., Police spokesman Brian Schmautz said officials "were
comfortable" there was nothing sinister going on. Shortly after that, TriMet
spokeswoman Peggy LaPoint said the red and blue MAX lines were back open in
both directions through the area.

Nonetheless, Topoff activities at the hotel were quickly canceled earlier in
the afternoon. Schmautz said officers had been sweeping the area in advance
of visits by Chertoff and high-ranking military personnel using a pair of
"explosives sensitive" police dogs. "One dog got an alert at this car. The
second dog was called in and also gave an alert." A third dog later came to
the parking garage, and had the same reaction as the first two.

Authorities initially focused on one vehicle, which turned out to be owned
by a participant in the Topoff exercise.


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