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From: Don Schwarz 
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 07:29
Subject: [JBirch] KGB funded Clinton's trip to Russia.

In 1969, after after traveling to the USA from England,
the Army Reserves, poor redneck cracker Bill Clinton
travels back to England to protest the Democrat war
in Vietnam, travels to Norway to protest again, travels
back to England, travels to Finland then travels to
Moscow, stays at the most expensive Hotel in all of communism
as run by the KGB, travels to Czechoslovakia, then travels
back to England.

All on $275 he gets for attending Oxford.

I guess we can all agree that Clinton was a pawn of the KGB.

..................and still is.

If the KGB didn't give him this money, where did he get it from?


"While Bill Clinton has never explained who paid for his trip to Moscow, he was 
accompanied by a friend and fellow Oxford student, Czech Jan Kopold. They were 
to attend a meeting of the War Moratorium Committee to be held January 2, 1970. 
Upon arrival, Clinton did not check into a youth hostel, but rather stayed at 
the Hotel National, the most exclusive and expensive one in Moscow of that time 
-- a ritzy place usually reserved for foreign ambassadors and high-level 
Communist Party apparatchiks. 

In today's terms, that trip would probably cost several thousand dollars. 
Clinton only had his tiny $275 Rhodes stipend to live on and never held a job. 
Thus, it is easy to believe that this tab and the arrangements could only have 
handled by the KGB, which during that epoch limited no expenses in its attempts 
to recruit promising American students in Europe."

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