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Idaho Releases Yearly Report on Sexual Abuse 1/24/2008 The Idaho  Attorney 
General's yearly report on sexual abuse cases is out. It shows one  disturbing 
fact that has not changed in all these years. It's that the abuser is  almost 
always a person known and trusted by the victim and the victim's family,  as 
with the Bonneville County case of Scott Wolfley, now admitting to molesting  a 
young relative.  Of all 430 criminal cases filed in Idaho between July  2006 
and June 2007 against adult and juvenile defendants, there were just three  
cases in which the defendant was a stranger to the victim. Seventy-two percent  
were acquaintances, 8% were natural parents, 6% were step-parents and 9% were  
other relatives. The full report : 
port.pdf)   _http://www.kpvi.com/Global/story.asp?S=7770431_ 

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