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Rob! of allinblackandwhitefor75cents.com, a blog that
spotlights 1970s black and white horror comics,
recently reviewed my work for Warren comics at the
following URL, including the splash page from my
award-winning "On the Wings of a Bird" from CREEPY


Rob! followed that review by conducting the following
interview by email...


allinblackandwhitefor75cents.com Interview With T.
Casey Brennan:

Q.:1)What kinds of stories did you read growing up?

A.:As far as comics, I've already noted, in earlier
interviews, the kind of influence Harvey's MAN IN
BLACK and BLACK CAT MYSTIC had on me.  I might have to
add JET POWERS and PHANTOM LADY to a list of my
all-time favorites. 

Q.:2)Did you intend to write comics or did you fall
into it?

A.:  I definitely intended it.  They'd played to great
a part in my adolescence and childhood for me to
ignore them in my writing career.

Q.:3)How did you end up doing work for Warren?

A.:  I sent him scripts, just as Archie Goodwin was
leaving his writing detail.

Q.:4)How was your relationship with Jim Warren? Some
people absolutely loved him, with others it was a lot
more combative.

A.:  All of that is just ancient history now.  Jim
Warren is remembered more now for his contributions to
the world of comic books, than for his personality
conflicts with his staff.

Q.:5)Did you only write stuff when asked or did you
write stories on your own and send them in to Warren?

A.:  I made them up on my own.  The only two
exceptions were "Carrier of the Serpent" from EERIE
#38, which I wrote to order from a Ken Kelly painting,
and my work in VAMPIRELLA #17-21, wherein I had to
work with Archie Goodwin's characters.

Q.:6)Did you have some particular favorite artists who
drew your stories?

A.:  In retrospect, Jerry Grandenetti, who drew some
of my stories for both Warren and DC's HOUSE OF

Q.:7)Did you follow comics at all outside of the work
you were doing?

A.: I read the silver-age comics quite avidly, during
my own boyhood...as well as reprints and collector's
copies of the golden age comics that predated my own

Q.:8)You wrote some stories for DC's House of Mystery,
as well. How(if at all) different were the experiences
for you writing for Warren and DC?

A.:  In HOUSE OF MYSTERY #274, my story, "The Soul of
Faustus", had to be rewritten because I crucified
Faustus at the end!

Q.:9)What Warren work of yours are you most proud of?

A.:  "Carrier of the Serpent" in EERIE #38 would be
right up there; so would "On the Wings of a Bird" from
CREEPY #36 -- both were drawn by Jerry Grandenetti.


Here are the sites posting "Conjurella Messiah:
Necronomicon Monks", the T. Casey Brennan JFK story
featuring Warren comics publisher Jim Warren as a


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