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Conspiracy theory special: The dead Kennedys
Independent on Sunday, Nov 16, 2003  by David Randall


President Kennedy collected enemies like some people
postage stamps. It is on this, plus the odd
antecedents of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the
imperfect official investigation, that the green-ink
brigade have built ever-more elaborate theories to
explain his death. Here are highlights from 40 years
of paranoid thinking on who really killed JFK:

Fidel Castro The target of numerous US-funded attempts
on his life, Castro finally ordered a murder bid of
his own, and got lucky. Alternatively, Cuban exiles
felt let down over the Bay of Pigs fiasco and wanted
revenge. Oswald's rococo background conveniently
provides links with both pro- and anti-Castro

Russians Known as the "Reader's Digest" theory, this
all-purpose right- wingers' explanation says that
Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev ordered the killing in
revenge for the humiliation he suffered over the Cuban
missile crisis. After all, hadn't Oswald defected to
the Soviets once, and wasn't his wife the niece of a
KGB colonel?

Vietnamese On 2 November 1963, Saigon president Ngo
Dinh Diem was shot in a US-funded coup. So his widow,
the dreaded Madam Nhu, extracted her fiendish

LBJ The wily old Texan fixer got fed up with waiting
for the top job to fall vacant. So, using his
connections in his home state, he had the younger man
bumped off. And notice how LBJ stayed in Washington
that day...

J Edgar Hoover Disgusted that such a relentless
womaniser could hold his country's highest office, and
aware that JFK was going to insist Hoover retired in
1965, the FBI-director told his boys to do the deed.
Or, they knew Oswald, an old FBI informant, was
planning to kill the President and turned a blind eye.

CIA Well if the FBI didn't get him, then some other
outfit with three initials must have done it. And the
CIA, fearing that Kennedy was hell- bent on killing
off the agency in the wake of the Bay of Pigs fiasco,
got their retaliation in first.

Mafia It funded Kennedy and rigged the vote in
Illinois, but was "their man" grateful? No, instead,
he and his brother Bobby were planning a crackdown on
organised crime. And Kennedy was fooling around with
Mafia women.

Federal Reserve Bank In June 1963, President John F
Kennedy signed Executive Order 11,110 which, on the
surface, gave power to the Treasury at the expense of
the Federal Reserve. Deeply offended, the number
crunchers sent for a hit-man.

Aliens The secret forces that control the US couldn't
tame Kennedy. He was on the verge of revealing the
existence of aliens, so he had to die didn't he?
Otherwise, they couldn't carry out their plan, could

Some other bloke It was all down to a "Manchurian
Candidate" who was brainwashed into becoming a deadly
automaton by "powerful forces inside the US
government" who resented their liberal and glamorous
leader. Self- confessed zombies include one James
Files, and a T Casey Brennan.

Richard Nixon You can laugh, you can scoff, but why
was Tricky Dicky in Dallas that November day?

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Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company.
All rights Reserved.

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