-Caveat Lector-

I have another question! Did you know that the
earth (otherwise known as GAIA to the Watermelon Environmental Groups or
WEGs) also pollutes! Yes! There are Volcanoes during which one major
eruption puts more toxic gases, ozone destroying gases (even though it is
impossible to destroy the ozone layer), greenhouse gases than us puny
humans can ever put in the atmosphere even if we tried! There are active
volcanoes which continuously puts these gases into the atmosphere. There
vents of toxic chemicals in the Pacific ocean which continuously pump
these toxic chemicals into the ocean and I'm sure there must be more than
set of these vents in any active volcanic area,this has been happening for
only god (the biblical one ) knows again much more than us puny
humans can pump into the ocean. There is old faithful geyser in
Yellowstone national park again toxic sulfuric compounds continuously
pumped out of the earth or GAIA  into the human biosphere.And there are
known areas of the world where crude oil seeps into the ocean. Is this
pollution? If not why is it pollution when a oil tanker crashes and lets
loose its cargo of a naturally occurring substance?
  Here is what you WEGs can do! Can you beseech GAIA ( I know you don't
pray because that would imply you believe in the real GOD) to STOP
POLLUTING the human biosphere? Or if you think that this will work, why
not expend your energies and figure out ways to stop volcanoes from
polluting? Maybe you figure out a way to pipe these toxic chemicals from
these hot vents, refine them and maybe make some money?? What did I say
make money??? Heaven forgive me! That goes against you WEGs basic
philosophy of Marxism/Leninism doesn't it? Well at any rate, wouldn't be
fair to leave the puny polluting effects of people until you get your GOD

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major and minor effects spread throughout the spectrum of time and thought.
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