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Australia grappling with child abuse 'epidemic' 2/12/08  A child  protection 
organisation says the rate of child abuse in Australia has reached  epidemic 
levels. Child Wise has collated research showing one in four girls and  one in 
seven boys experience some form of sexual abuse. It is launching a  national 
campaign to raise awareness about the problem and help parents and  others who 
work with children recognise the signs. The group's chief executive  
Bernadette McMenamin says the silence about abuse has to be broken. 
Only  3% of children will ever tell of their abuse (Savi Report 2004) The 
overall cost  of 30,009 cases of child sexual abuse to the Australian tax 
could be  estimated at $2.58 billion increasing every year. The cost of 30,009 
cases of  child sexual abuse is: Medical costs at $1 billion, Foster care and 
out of home  care at $613 million, Social and psychological costs at $1.46 
billion, Justice  system costs at $611 million. (The Abused Children’s Trust 
2006) Only 5% of  child sex offenders will have been caught and convicted for 
their crimes. (Dr K  Gelb, Victoria Sentencing Commission) 

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