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Is Ritual Child Abuse Just a Hoax? By Victoria Hardy 2/15/08 In 1984, a  
woman accused employees of the McMartin Preschool of molesting her young son  
he came home bleeding from his rectum, a doctor verified that the child had  
been sodomized and thus became the longest criminal trial in American  
history....During the investigation, 460 children reported being sexually 
abused  and 
80% showed physical symptoms including vaginal and rectal scarring, anal  
bleeding and sexually transmitted chlamydia infections. The childreńs stories  
were remarkably similar concerning the nature, location and perpetrators of the 
 abuse. Although the media held our attention, the public was never informed 
that  teenagers and twenty-year-olds, former students of McMartińs Preschool, 
had  also come forward confirming the claims of the children, but were not 
allowed to  testify due to the statute of limitations...."Neither side is going 
to like what  I have to say," Bynum told a reporter before he died. Bynum 
wanted to know how  his citation books, the official police records kept from 
time as a  detective, had turned up in Ray Buckleýs desk when he was arrested 
for  molestation. And he could corroborate a key point in the childreńs 
testimonies.  The children had stated their attackers killed turtles and other 
small animals  to scare them into silence and Bynum, while retained by the 
defense, found  numerous turtle shells and other small animal bones buried in 
yard of the  preschool. According to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, Noel 
Greenwood, the  widespread media coverage was "a mean-spirited campaign" 
organized to discredit  the kids and their therapists. Besides the ridicule the 
media heaped on Judy  Johnson before her death, they also belittled the 
claims... _http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/52590_ 

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