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Women who suffered child abuse spend more on health care - Middle-aged  women 
who suffered physical or sexual abuse as children spend up to one-third  more 
than average in health-care costs, according to a long-term study of more  
than 3,000 women. Even decades after the abuse ended, these women used health  
services at significantly higher rates than did non-abused women, the research  
found.  “What’s remarkable is that women with an average age in their late  
40s still suffer consequences from abuse that occurred decades ago,” said Amy  
Bonomi, associate professor of human development and family science at Ohio  
State University, who led the study at Group Health in Seattle.  “No other  
study has found that before.”  Women who had no history of abuse spent an  
average of $2,413 a year (in 2004 dollars) on health care costs. Women who were 
sexually abused only paid an average of $382 a year more, those who were  
physically abused spent $502 more, and women who suffered both types of abuse  
$790 a year in additional health care costs. The study appears online in  
advance of the March issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine....The  
study took into account factors such as age and education that also can affect  
health care use. “We are able to say pretty confidently that it was the abuse  
itself that is driving higher health care use and costs in these women,” she  
said. After accounting for women’s age and education, women who were sexually 
 abused as children faced health care costs 16 percent higher than non-abused 
 women, while physically abused women’s costs were 22 percent higher. For 
women  who suffered both types of abuse, costs rose 36 percent above average.  
The  research examined data from 3,333 women who belonged to Group Health, a 
health  care system in the Pacific Northwest. While other studies had linked 
childhood  abuse to higher adult health care costs, this research provides the 
most  comprehensive and accurate evidence to date, Bonomi said.   

'Atomic human guinea pigs' file suit - Gov't deserted soldiers after  their 
exposure to nuclear tests: lawyer Janet French, The StarPhoenix 2/20/08  Former 
soldiers the Canadian military once sent within a couple kilometres of  
nuclear explosions have launched a class action lawsuit against the Government  
Canada. Regina lawyer Tony Merchant filed the suit in federal court Tuesday  
on behalf of an estimated 1,000 "atomic human guinea pigs," who were sent to 
the  U.S., Australia and islands in the South Pacific between 1946 and 1963. 
There,  soldiers were exposed to huge doses of radiation that caused radiation 
sickness,  then later, cancers and untimely deaths, the suit claims. The 
statement of claim  also alleges the government knew the harmful effects of 
when the  military volunteered its soldiers to be the unwitting test subjects 
of nuclear  blasts....After an uproar by American soldiers also on site for 
the tests, the  U.S. government in 1990 awarded $75,000 to each exposed 

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