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* Lobbying firm pulls McCain ladyfriend's bio*


But it's still on the web


Vicki Iseman, Partner, represents corporate and public clients on issues as
diverse as government contracting and regulatory reform. Her experience
includes representation of clients before Congress, Federal government
agencies and local opinion leaders.

She has extensive experience in telecommunications, representing
corporations before the House and Senate Commerce Committees. Her work on
the landmark 1992 and 1996 communications bills helped secure cable access
for broadcast television stations. Her experience in the communications
field includes digital television conversion, satellite regulations and
telecommunications ownership provisions.

She has been active in grassroots communications campaigns for clients,
building community based support for legislative initiatives. Among others,
she participated in the "Keep America Moving" campaign that educated
community leaders on the allocation of Federal highway trust funds.

In addition, she has consulted for clients who are interested in government
contracting opportunities. She has assisted corporations through the
authorization and appropriation process. An active fundraiser, she has
organized and participated in many political fundraising events.

A native of Pennsylvania, she holds a B.A. degree in Education from Indiana
University in Pennsylvania.

: Nice try, Acalde-Fay!



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