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Six more bodies feared buried in Jersey home 2/25/08 Six more bodies may be  
buried at a former children's home in Jersey where a youngster's remains were  
found by detectives investigating allegations of widespread child abuse on 
the  island, police said yesterday. The remains were found under a thick 
concrete  floor inside the Victorian mansion, beside scraps of fabric, a button 
what  appeared to be a hair clip. It is believed the child's skull was among 
the  remains found. Yesterday Lenny Harper, the senior investigating officer, 
said a  sniffer dog that found the first remains had identified six other 
potential  burial sites in and around the home. Radar equipment had confirmed 
of  interest and Harper said he could not rule out the possibility that "half 
a  dozen" bodies might be found....Since then the police have taken statements 
from  around 140 alleged victims who claim to have been abused while at Haut 
de la  Garenne, as well as 40 suspects. Most of these suspects were "respected 
figures  of the establishment" who worked at the home in "positions of 
responsibility",  Harper said.  When the NSPCC joined the investigation, the 
children's  charity received four times more calls in the first week than it 
had ever 
had  when working on other British operations of this type. Calls came from 
as far  away as Thailand, Germany and Australia, as well as the UK, Guernsey 
and Jersey  itself. Two Jersey police officers are currently in Australia 
interviewing  alleged victims.  The allegations date back to the 1940s and up 
1986,  when the home was closed, but the bulk of complainants claim they were 
abused in  the 1960s, said Harper. "Allegations range from physical assaults 
right through  to rape. It is difficult to envisage more horrific crimes than 
of those  that are alleged to have been carried out here," he said.  So far 
one man  has been charged with three indecent assaults on girls under the age 
of 16,  allegedly committed while he worked at Haut de la Garenne, which 
featured as a  police station in the television detective series Bergerac. 
the police  yesterday stressed that the man was not suspected of any other 
crimes, and was  not linked to the remains discovered at the weekend. Jersey 
senator Stuart  Syvret, 42, told the Guardian he had spoken to two men, now in 
their 50s and  60s, who claim to have been savagely physically abused at the 
"They said  it was standard practice for staff to punch children in their 
heads if they  walked with their shoulders slumped, and children were routinely 
beaten with  birch canes," he said. Syvret, a former health and social services 
minister on  Jersey, claims there was a "culture of cover-up and concealment" 
within the  island's government, the States of Jersey. He said: "There has 
been a  long-running systematic failure of child protection on the island." He 
said  since the police investigation began he had heard of abuse dating back to 
the  end of the second world war and right up to the 1990s at Haut de la 
Garenne and  other homes.   

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