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describes abuse  - 'Abuse was anything from rape to torture. It  happened 
every night' Victims call for house to be demolished as they reveal  full scale 
of horror at Haut de la Garenne - By Jonathan Brown and Jerome Taylor  in 
Jersey 2/27/2008 Former residents at a Jersey care home where police are  
for the remains of up to six children described yesterday how they  were 
repeatedly drugged, raped and abused while supposedly under the protection  of 
institution's staff. Testimonies, including one from a leading local  trade 
unionist, painted a horrifying picture of life inside Haut de la Garenne,  
where more than 1,000 children were housed in the decades before it was closed  
down....Some 150 people have contacted police since the discovery of human 
 at the care home on Saturday. It also emerged that the notorious paedophile  
Edward Paisnell, known as the Beast of Jersey, visited Haut de la Garenne 
during  the 1960s. The political fallout on the island from the affair 
yesterday. The Chief Minister, Frank Walker, issued a statement conceding 
that  "a cloud hangs over Jersey". However, he sought to calm fears of an 
island-wide  cover up by insisting there was "no hiding place in Jersey for 
who abused  children or, who in any way may have colluded with that abuse and 
stone will  be left unturned to bring them to justice". But the former health 
minister who  was sacked after blowing the whistle on the children's care 
home scandal claimed  senior figures on the island had concealed evidence of an 
earlier sex abuse  scandal at a school. Senator Stuart Syvret handed out copies 
of a confidential  report from 2000 on the activities of Jervis Dykes, a 
teacher at the local  Victoria College, who was jailed for abusing six pupils 
between 1979 and 1996.  Mr Syvret also accused the island's newspaper, the 
Evening Post, of  failing to publish the critical findings, which he had 
leaked to journalists.  The newspaper said the document contained no new 
information and it had decided  not to publish "in deference to the feelings of 
and their  families".  
Jersey 'cover-up faces exposure'  - An ex-minister on Jersey says he  will 
expose a "cover-up culture" as searches continue at a former children's  home 
the island where remains were found. Police investigators at the Haut de  la 
Garenne home in St Martin are focusing their attention on a bricked-up  
cellar.  Former health minister Stuart Syvret told BBC News he will publish  
evidence to show the authorities failed to act on child abuse claims at another 
site.  A statement from Jersey's chief minister is also expected.  The  BBC's 
Sanchia Berg said Mr Syvret's allegations will relate to a school and a  secure 
unit on the island.  It is understood the police inquiry into  allegations of 
historic abuse in Jersey pre-date these claims.  The  senator's allegations 
island authorities ignored evidence of abuse of  children in its care have 
been vehemently denied by Jersey's Chief Minister,  Senator Frank Walker, who 
due to address the island's Assembly later.   He has described Mr Syvet's 
allegations as "deplorable" and said the  ex-minister, who was dismissed from 
post last year over the way he is  alleged to have treated staff and 
colleagues in his ministry, was seeking to  "politicise" the situation.  
describes abuse 
Police excavate bricked-up 'Colditz' cellar at  ex-children's home in Jersey 
amid fears it hides a mass grave 2/27/08 The  bricked-up cellar of the Haut de 
la Garenne children's home was being excavated  last night amid fears it 
could be a mass grave. The basement where youngsters  were once held in 
confinement as punishment may hold the bodies of six  children, police believe. 
Specialist teams using sniffer dogs and ground radar  equipment have 
identified a number of suspicious sites around the cellar.

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