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By infiltrating a secret annual power elite conclave, author predicted $100 oil 
and the housing mess 

International bestselling author, Daniel Estulin is coming to America
from his home on the sunny coast of Spain to tell what he has
discovered from his infiltrations and investigations of the annual
Bilderberg Conferences, a secret annual gathering of European royalty,
American and European politicians, the world's top bankers and the CEOs
of world's mega-corporations. Regularly, what is discussed there,
within a short period of time, "miraculously" becomes a reality. This
reality hugely effects the lives of Americans, yet these hidden
conclaves are held with no press reports, even though media owners and
high-level working press attend.
• Why does the Davos Worldwide Economic Forum attract worldwide attention
from the mainstream press, while a far more powerful organization that
includes the wealthiest people in the world among its members, the
Bilderberg Group has been able to operate in virtual secrecy for the
past 50+ years?
• What do Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, the Queen of the Netherlands, the King 
of Spain, Presidents of IMF,
the World Bank and the European Central Bank, Prime Ministers of Spain
and Canada, the leading CEOs of corporate media and Big Business talk
about when they are together? Why is none of it ever reported in the
news when a trip by any one of them attracts of throng of hundreds of
 • In the name of economic efficiency, plans for a “North American Union”
of the USA, Canada and Mexico have been discussed at these meetings by
elected leaders who have somehow felt no obligation to inform the
citizens of these democractic republics.
• The "go-ahead" to begin the Iraq War in March 2003
was given at May 2002 Bilderberg meeting held in Virginia, which was
attended by reporters Jim Hoagland and Charles Krauthammer … who never
mentioned it.

Daniel Estulin's book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, first published 
in Spain (La Verdaddera Historia del Club Bilderberg)
in 2005, has now sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and been
translated into 30 languages. Daniel is visiting the US on a
speaking/Interview tour during March 2008. He will be available nationwide by 
phone March10-19 (it's much easier than calling Spain) and available live in 
New York City, March 10-12, in Oregon March 13-15 and in Los Angeles March 

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