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I don't believe in sovereignty. 




American System vs. Anglo-Dutch System 

Economist Magazine Russia Editor: "I Advocate the Lisbon Treaty 
100%...I hate the Westphalian System!" 

Edward Lucas, the current editor for Russian and Eastern European affairs 
for the Economist Magazine, the official publication of the British Empire, has 
written a new book, "The New Cold War: Putin's Russia and the Threat to the 
West". During a book signing, prior to a lecture he was to deliver at the 
Institute at Brown University in Providence, RI, two LaRouche PAC organizers, 
Alexandra Peribikovsky and Matthew Ogden, drew him into a pointed dialogue 
during which he exposed his lust for the Lisbon treaty process, in order to 
eliminate the sovereignty of nation-states and bring to an end of the era of 

Because the dialogue yielded some juicy quotes from this explicit British 
imperialist, a paraphrase follows, with some direct quotations included:

LPAC: What do you think of the Kennebunkport process, 
launched at the meeting of Putin with Bush?

LUCAS: (Thick British accent) Bush said he looked into 
Putin's eyes and saw his soul; I would have seen the letters KGB.

LPAC: Many people have compared the Kennebunkport proposal 
to Reagan's SDI.

LUCAS: I think the concept of strategic defense is highly 
over-rated. (He began to go into his spiel about so-called pipe-line politics, 
the title of one of the chapters in his new book).

LPAC: While Putin was involved in the meetings around 
Kennebunkport, many leading people in Moscow were repeatedly discussing the 
legacy of Franklin Roosevelt.

LUCAS: Well! I think Putin has his own reasons for bringing 
up FDR!

LPAC: Both the Kennebunkport proposal and the SDI are 
reminiscent of Roosevelt's post-war Russian-American alliance. In fact, the 
Russian-American partnership goes all the way back to the Civil War and even 
American Revolution. And, ironically, America was always allied with the 
Russians, against the British!

LUCAS: World politics were different back then.

LPAC: In the context of the crash of the entire world 
financial system, what do you think about the United States entering into an 
alliance with Russia and China, to stabilize the dollar, like Roosevelt did 
during the Bretton Woods?

LUCAS: Why should Russia be a party to that sort of 
conference? Economically, Russia is now a third-rate power. They have no 
economic power. They're at the level of a Holland, or a Belgium. Why should the 
Dutch, or the Belgians, have a seat at the table discussing a new world 

LPAC: Brussells wants to dictate the new world system, 
actually! The Lisbon treaty would give the president of a United Europe a seat 
in Belgium.

LUCAS: (direct quote) "I am a strong advocate of the Lisbon 
Treaty. I support it 100%! We should end all of this discussion and debate 
an EU Constitution, and just do it! Just make it happen!"

LPAC: So you advocate the elimination of sovereignty for the 
nations of Europe?

LUCAS: "The nations of Europe don't need sovereignty! They 
no longer need to be separate states; Europe needs to create its own internal 

LPAC: That reminds me of the idea of a Pan-Europe, a One 
Europe, of Edward Mosely, the British fascist from the 1940's...

LUCAS: Oh, you mean Oswald Mosely.

LPAC: What you're advocating would mean the end of the 
Westphalian System.

world needs to move beyond the age of Westphalia!"

LPAC: You don't believe that governments should exist to 
promote the general welfare of its people?

LUCAS: "I believe in international security organizations, 
like NATO...International governing institutions."

LPAC: You know, here in the United States of America, we 
Americans value highly the idea of national sovereignty.

LUCAS: I don't know much about the American system of 
politics, but I don't believe in sovereignty. By the way, are you two part of 
some specific political party or group? I am beginning to notice a certain 
consistency in your questions....


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