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Brzezinski Seizing Control Over US 
Policy In Slow-Motion Coup 

Good background info on Gropebama here.

Webster G. Tarpley

WASHINGTON DC — Events of the past few days indicate 
that the Zbigniew Brzezinski faction of lunatic Russia haters have now won the 
upper hand inside the secret councils of the Anglo-American finance oligarchy, 
displacing the hitherto dominant George Shultz-neocon faction.

George Bush and his cronies still occupy the White House, the policies that are 
being carried out are coming from the Brzezinski left CIA machine. Brzezinski 
has returned to public prominence in recent months due to his role as top 
establishment controller for the Obama campaign. But Brzezinski is not waiting 
for the outcome of the November elections to take over key parts of the US 
government. Brzezinski and his left CIA allies are already moving to assert 
their strategy, even as the neocons and their characteristic obsessions are 
moved to the back burner. The probability of an attack on Iran or Syria is 
declining, even as the danger of confrontation with Russia, China, and Pakistan 
* all much more dangerous targets to trifle with * increases 

1. KOSOVO - The independence of Kosovo has opened a new 
crisis front in Eastern Europe, with the potential for very nasty complications 
in regard to Russia. This is the essence of the Brzezinski anti-Russian policy. 
Kosovo independence is of course a flagrant violation of all existing norms of 
international law, most notably the Helsinki CSCE treaty of 1975 which finally 
put an end to World War II by declaring that all borders in Europe were to be 
considered final unless and until any changes had been agreed through mutual 
consultation of the interested parties. Since the Serbian government in 
is vehemently opposed to Kosovo independence, the unilateral actions of the US, 
British, and NATO are the very essence of international anarchy. The new regime 
in Kosovo goes far beyond the usual kleptocracy of NATO puppets favored by 
Brzezinski and his circles. The new regime in Kosovo is essentially the 
terrorist KLA, an organization devoted to gun-running, drug-running, and 
trafficking in human slaves. The KLA is a Balkan version of Al Qaeda, and both 
are wholly owned creations of the CIA and British intelligence. With Kosovo 
independence, the US, British, and NATO stand ready to use armed force to 
the right of a terrorist gang to assert sovereignty over a segment of modern 
Europe. The criminal obscenity of this policy could hardly be greater, but for 
Brzezinski all methods are legitimate provided that they increase tension with 
Moscow, and in that respect Kosovo independence is already a glowing 

2. US EMBASSY, BELGRADE - The attack on the US embassy in 
Belgrade, Serbia by gangs of drunken students is a classic Brzezinski 
The tactic of having an incensed rent-a-mob of swarming adolescent patsies 
attack the US Embassy in order to gin up a crisis is one of Zbigniew's 
specialties. During the time that Brzezinski was running the foreign policy of 
Trilateral puppet Jimmy Carter, there were bloody attacks on the US embassies 
Pakistan and in Afghanistan, both countries that featured prominently in 
Brzezinski's arc of crisis theory. Most famous of all was of course the attack 
on the US embassy in Teheran, Iran, which led to the taking of hostages and the 
huge international crisis which helped to doom the Carter administration to 
extinction at the polls. If US diplomats or State Department personnel are 
hostage anywhere in the world in the weeks and months to come, this must be 
attributed to Brzezinski.

3. SPACE WARFARE - The shooting down by the 
Pentagon of a US satellite over the Pacific is a very provocative military 
designed to intimidate both Moscow and Beijing, who happened to be Brzezinski's 
immediate targets. This reckless and irresponsible action has raised the 
of an uncontrolled arms race reaching into outer space.

4. SYRIA - 
Zbigniew Brzezinski himself, fresh from addressing a retreat of House Democrats 
in Williamsburg Virginia, is now in Syria at the head of a RAND Corporation 
delegation. The purpose of this mission should not be construed as peace in the 
Middle East, although some foolish observers may read it in that way. 
Brzezinski's goal is immediately to lessen Russian influence in Syria, 
the closing of certain naval facilities that the Russian navy has maintained in 
that country. In the longer run, Brzezinski would like to turn both Syria and 
Iran into components of the ring he means to forge around Russia for the 
of the strategic encirclement of that rival superpower. Zbigniew's argument 
against the neocons is, why attack Iran and Syria, when you can turn them into 
kamikaze stooges, play them against Russia, and get rid of all of them that 
Europe and China are destined to play similar anti-Russian roles in 

5. BUSH IN AFRICA - President Bush may not know what he is 
doing on his current visit to five African countries, but Zbigniew Brzezinski 
knows exactly what the mission is. The Brzezinski policy is to foment 
destabilization and chaos in Africa under the auspices of the new United States 
African command (US-AFRICOM), all for the purpose of driving the Chinese out of 
Africa. As Zbigniew announced on November 30, 2007 in the Washington Post, he 
intends to cut off Chinese access to oil, other energy sources, and strategic 
raw materials on the African continent. Since the Anglo-Americans control the 
Persian Gulf by direct military occupation, this is tantamount to a policy of 
driving the Chinese in on Eastern Siberia. Brzezinski believes that if the 
Chinese cannot get their oil from Africa, they will be forced to attempt the 
military seizure of Russia's oil wells in the Far East, where there is much oil 
and very few Russians. Both Moscow and Beijing know exactly what Brzezinski is 
doing in this regard. This is the kind of harebrained scheming by Lord Astor, 
Lady Astor and Sir Neville Chamberlain which helped to bring about World War 
The idea then was to play Hitler against Stalin and get rid of both of them 
way. When that blew up in the faces of the British, the result was World War 
This time, it may well be thermonuclear World War III.

KILLINGS IN PAKISTAN - Back in July 2007, Obama attracted much unfavorable 
attention when he announced his plan to bomb targets inside Pakistan without 
reference to the government of that country. He was vigorously criticized by 
Bush, McCain, and Mrs. Clinton. Obama turned out to be a bigger warmonger than 
Bush himself, since the tenant of the White House said that it was absolutely 
essential to work with the government of Pakistan against terrorism, and not 
humiliate them unnecessarily. Now it turns out that Obama's puppet master 
Zbigniew Brzezinski is more powerful than Bush on this issue. The Washington 
Post of Tuesday, February 19 revealed that a CIA Predator drone aircraft had 
attacked the Pakistani town of Mir Ali, killing a certain Abu Laith al-Libi, 
supposedly a leading figure of the al Qaeda patsy organization. The big news 
that this time around, the CIA had not sought approval from the government of 
Pakistan. President Musharraf, weakened by the CIA destabilization of his 
country that is now ongoing, was only notified of the operation once it was 
underway, meaning that he was not even consulted in advance. Thus, the 
aggressive policy put into Obama's mouth by Zbigniew Brzezinski has become 
operational US policy, regardless of what the lame-duck Bush had to say about 
this issue last summer. Pakistan is now being targeted because of President 
Musharraf's strategic understanding with China. Brzezinski intends to strip the 
Chinese of all their traditional allies as part of his campaign to smash the 
Shanghai Cooperation Organization and any other foci of resistance inside 
Eurasia against Anglo-American imperialism.

- The European government most friendly to Russia and most reluctant to follow 
Brzezinski's lead into confrontation was the Italian regime of Romano Prodi. 
Italy had launched a program of large-scale economic cooperation with Moscow, 
much of it mediated through the Italian oil company ENI, a perennial outsider 
and rival of the Anglo-American cartel. Underpinning the cooperation between 
Italy and Russia was a far-reaching rapprochement between the Vatican and the 
Russian Orthodox Church aiming at forms of ecumenical dialogue with obvious 
overtones of political and economic cooperation. This dialogue between the 
Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch is something Brzezinski abhors. A few 
weeks ago, Prodi was overthrown through the actions of a Quisling political 
faction centered on the Bank of Italy. The other European governments, most 
notably Mrs. Merkel in Germany, and Sarkozy in France, are currently in the 
pocket of the Anglo-Americans. The British regime of Gordon Brown has of course 
taken the lead in fomenting confrontation with Russia through such transparent 
provocations as the Litvinenko-Berezovsky affair and the recent flap about UK 
subversive activities in Russia conduited through the British Council, 
supposedly a cultural exchange organization, but in reality a very aggressive 
arm of MI-6, which is now being expelled from Russia. The policy being imposed 
by Brzezinski is by its origins a London policy.


The campaign of scandal revelations against 
Senator John McCain in the New York Times suggest that the banking 
is determined to remove all obstacles that might impede the March of 
Brzezinski's puppet Obama to the White House. In addition, Arizona Republican 
Congressman Rick Renzi, a McCain ally, has just been indicted on charges of 
extortion, wire fraud and money laundering in an alleged scheme to profit from 
land deal. Renzi is an honorary co-chairman of McCain's presidential campaign. 
At the same time, the controled corporate media continue to cover up the 
explosive revelations of Larry Sinclair, which have now been covered on 
web sites and in the supermarket tabloid, The Globe. Since Karl Rove already 
knows all about these scandals, Democratic primary voters need to know about 
them too * otherwise they risk choosing a candidate so thoroughly compromised 
to be unelectable.

Obama is an intrinsically weak candidate, who might 
well be defeated even by McCain in a normal election, especially given the 
overwhelming suspicion about Obama among Latino, Asian, and Catholic voters. 
motivation of the New York Times smear campaign against McCain by his former 
admirers and backers is to eliminate any serious contenders who might hinder 
new Messiah between now and November.

This is not the first time that the 
intelligence community-police state apparatus has had to intervene decisively 
provide assistance to the faltering ambitions of their puppet, Obama. During 
quest for a seat in the United States Senate from Illinois in 2004, Obama 
received a scandal boost not once but twice. Obama's opponent in the Illinois 
Democratic senatorial primary of March 2004 was Marson Blair Hull, a wealthy 
securities broker who spent $28 million on television advertising and was 
heavily favored to defeat Obama in that primary. But Hull's campaign was 
torpedoed by a barrage of well timed media charges that he had abused his 
wife. Hull was therefore obliged to drop out of the race.

After Hull had 
been eliminated, Obama still had to face his Republican opponent in the 
general election. Here his adversary was Jack Ryan, an investment banker from 
Goldman Sachs. Ryan had divorced his wife Jeri in 1999, and the case was sealed 
at their mutual request. Suddenly the Chicago Tribune and WLS television began 
undertaking mighty exertions to get these divorce records made public, even 
though they involved a dispute about child custody. On June 22, 2004, Los 
Angeles Superior Court judge Robert Schneider released the court documents in 
question. They revealed an accusation by Jeri Ryan against her husband, now 
Obama's political competitor, to the effect that Jack Ryan had induced her to 
frequent sex clubs in a number of locations, and had attempted to coerce her 
into sexual intercourse in the presence of third parties. Judge Schnider's 
decision was all the more extraordinary because it was made in the face of the 
direct opposition by both parties to the divorce, and bore on a Family Court 
matter that is normally kept vigorously secret. It was as if some totalitarian 
invisible hand were intervening in favor of the beleaguered Obama candidacy. At 
this point Jack Ryan was compelled to abandon his candidacy at the urging of 
Dennis Hastert, then Speaker of the House. By now the Illinois Democratic Party 
appeared to have gotten the message that Obama enjoyed divine protection, since 
they did not nominate a serious candidate to oppose him in the November 
election. Instead, they brought in a carpetbagger and well known windbag in the 
person of Allan Keyes of Maryland, who predictably went on to lose to Obama by 
the most lopsided margin in Illinois political history.

This process also 
recalls the 1988 elimination of top Democratic contender Gary Hart through a 
scandal. Hart's prospective opponent was Bush the Elder, another intrinsically 
weak candidate favored by the CIA who needed police state assistance top make 
to the White House. Gary Hart was knocked out of contention by a scandal 
involving Donna Rice, with whom Hart had been embroiled with the help of 
underworld figure Don Aronow, an ally of the Bush family.

With US 
missiles about to be installed in Poland under the direct supervision of Ian 
Brzezinski, the Pentagon's top man for Eastern Europe, the world is 
moving towards a US * Russian superpower confrontation with unmistakable 
thermonuclear overtones. The one missing ingredient in this pattern is a 
suitable demagogue in the White House who can make an appeal for national 
mobilization in this crisis, including quite possibly a restoration of the 
military draft, planeloads of body bags, and a dimension of economic sacrifice 
and tax increases which Bush never proposed. This is the role of Zbigniew 
Brzezinski's puppet and Manchurian candidate, Obama. The anointed one can still 
be prevented from carrying out the Brzezinski-Soros plan to seize the 
presidential nomination through the domestic equivalent of a color revolution 
people power coup.

The dynasty we need to worry about at this point is 
neither the Clintons nor the Bushes. The main concern today is an extension of 
the Brzezinski dynasty. Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the Trilateral 
Commission, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and RAND Corporation 
operative, personally selected Carter as president of the United States in the 
mid-1970s. The resulting 1977-1981 Brzezinski Trilateral administration was an 
unmitigated catastrophe, leading to two decades of severe political reaction 
from which this country has not recovered. Given the ongoing breakdown crisis 
the Anglo-American banking and currency systems, another Brzezinski 
administration would pose the threat of thermonuclear war with Russia in an 
infinitely more acute form than in the 1970s. After a few months of Zbigniew 
Brzezinski running the show, the era of Bush and the neocons might begin to 
like the good old days. It is still possible to avoid this nightmare by timely 


The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of 
Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague 
with the culture in which its germs can spread.

-Adolf Hitler (Mein 


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