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Subject: Chinese Espionage & Israel!
From: Michael Collins Piper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thu, May 6, 1999 12:47 PM
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An Open Letter

Will Christopher Cox Investigate Whether Israel Has Provided Red China With
U.S. Nuclear Technology?

What follows is an open letter to Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.) from
Michael Collins Piper, a correspondent for The SPOTLIGHT who has studied
Israel's secret nuclear arms deals with Red China. Cox is chairman of the
House Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial
Concerns With the Peoples Republic of China.

Dear Congressman Cox:

Are you and other members of your committee aware that a famed international
intelligence historian reported in 1978 that America's ally, Israel, had been
engaged in joint secret nuclear bomb development programs with Red China?

This shocking revelation comes from a highly-regarded source: Donald
McCormack, the former assistant to the Director of British Naval Intelligence
and later Foreign Manager for the London Sunday Times.

Now, in light of emerging evidence that Red China has been engaged in nuclear
espionage against the United States (at the same time Red China has been the
primary recipient of Israel's conventional arms sales for the last 20 years),
McCormack's findings are quite disturbing indeed.

Writing under his pen name "Richard Deacon" in his thoroughly-researched 1978
book, The Israeli Secret Service (published by Taplinger of New York),
McCormack stated, in no uncertain terms, that there had been a long-standing
secret nuclear
weapons development liaison between Israel and Red China.

On pages 204-205 of his book, referring to the fact Israel's efforts to
obtain nuclear arms technology are quite similar to those of the Red Chinese,
McCormack revealed:

"This has been one of the spheres in which the Israelis and the Chinese have
actually helped one anothernot officially, but discreetly through Secret
Service channels. The third party' intermediaries involved in such deals have
sometimes been non-Israeli Jews working for the Chinese and occasionally even
Albanians. Whatever may be their public utternces on the subject of the
Middle East, the Chinese privately acknowledge that Israel is in effect an
ally in all matters relating to the Soviet Union."

McCormack also points out that this secret nuclear alliance between Israel
and Red China has been ignored by the mainstream media:

"This is a subject rarely touched upon by any writers on Middle East affairs,
but such closely guarded contacts as the two Secret Services maintain have
bonuses to both sides."

Further, according to McCormack:

"On balance the Chinese may have gained most from these relatively low-key
and cautious exchanges."

In other words, Red China was the primary beneficiary of the secret nuclear
weapons dealings with our ally, Israel.

The "official" story is that Israel's conventional arms dealings with Red
China began only in 1979.

Uri Dan, writing in the New York Post on March 30, 1997 reported that in 1979
then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin got U.S. approval for authorizing
Israeli arms dealer Shaul Eisenberg to undertake a $10 billion 10-year deal
to modernize the Chinese armed
forces thereby "strengthening the counterbalance to Soviet military might."
Dan describes this deal as "one of the most important in Israeli history" and
that "the Chinese insisted on absolute secrecy."

In fact, it was only well after Eisenberg's secret arrangement of the "first"
Israeli arms sales to China was set in motion in 1979 that the major media in
the West began reporting (without comment) at the revelations of Israel's
arms deals with Red China.

The first notation of an important arms relationship between China and Israel
came in Jane's Defense Weekly, in November of 1984 five years after Israel's
"official" entree into dealss with China. Jane's estimated that Israel's arms
trade with China might be as high as $3 billion and that Israel's total
annual arms exports were approximately $4 billion at that time. This means
that by 1984, fully 75% of Israel's arms exports were headed for China which
was clearly its primary customer.

It was some three months later that the general public heard mainstream media
reports about Jane's revelations of the Israeli-Red Chinese arms deals. On
January 24, 1985, for example, the Washington Times reported that "Israel is
believed to have about 200 military advisers in China and to be filling arms
orders from Peking worth more than $1 billion."

Thus, after nearly decades of covert dealings between the Mossad and the
Chinese intelligence service that had never been reported in the press, the
Western media finally began to advise its readers that Israel had been
selling billions of (conventional) arms to China since 1979.

Unfortunately, it appears that both Democratic and Republican administrations
have played a major part in promoting the Israeli build-up of Red China's
weapons stockpile.

For example, the Washington Times reported on January 25, 1985 that:
"Assistant Defense Secretary Richard Perle, the [Reagan] administration
official most responsible for trying to deny U.S. weapons technology to
[Soviet-bloc] communist countries is said to favor the Israel-China arms
link. Also said to favor the traffic is Stephen Bryen, a deputy assistant
secretary of defense, [Perle's principal deputy] who was formerly president
of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs," an influential lobby
for Israel.

In short, key supporters of Israel within the Republican Reagan
administration were major promoters of Israel's weapons deals with Communist

You see, Congressman Cox, this is not just a Democratic scandal, implicating
only President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

This is a bipartisan scandal that has been decades in the making. And it is
your responsibility to get to the bottom of it.

Although the facts about the alliance between Israel and Red China were there
for those who were interested, the press (during this period) did not advise
the American public that our closest ally was helping arm the Red Chinese war

Noting this reticence by the media, the Washington Post itself reported
candidly on May 23, 1988 that "little has been published in the United States
about Israel's flourishing arms relationship with China" but noted that a "a
rare discussion of the linkage" was published in April of 1988 by the U.S.
Arms Control and Disarmament Agencyhardly a forum read by the average
American voter who might have some questions about Israel's dealings with the
communist empire.

To my knowledge, among the American media, only the weekly SPOTLIGHT
newspaper, published by LIBERTY LOBBY, was telling American readers the
unpleasant facts about Israel and Red China. For example, as long ago as June
15, 1981 The SPOTLIGHT reported that Israel was selling duplications of
America's defense technology including highly-classified ground-command and
control (communication) systems as well as missile systems equipped with the
latest electronic counter-measures.

It took the "mainstream media" a very long time to catch up to The SPOTLIGHT.
However, by June 13, 1990 even the Los Angeles Times reported that Israel had
become the largest supplier of advanced military technology to China. And by
this time, the no-holds-barred public relationship between the two long-time
secret partners began to escalate.

Thus, on June 1991 China and Israel signed a bilateral agreement on
scientific cooperation. Then, on January 24, 1992 China and Israel
established formal diplomatic relations to much fanfare in the world press.

Surveying the long covert (and now public) Israeli-Chinese relationship,
Israeli historian Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi wrote in his 1987 book, The Israeli
Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why (published by Pantheon Books of New York)
that: "Open diplomatic relations with
China would be the greatest achievement in the history of Israeli Third World

In recent years, however, numerous reports have appeared in The Washington
Post, The Washington Times, The New York Times and other "mainstream"
newspapers citing allegations made by a wide variety of sources that Israel
has been involved in the free-wheeling sale of classified U.S. defense
technology to Red China.

Predictably, these reports have been greeted with angry denials from the
Israeli lobby and its supporters. However, repeated and continuing
allegations and evidence seem to point toward covert deals between Israel and
Red China that are harmful to U.S. National Security and military and
commercial concerns.

Do you really believe, Congressman Coxas the Israelis and their adherents in
the Israeli lobby would suggestthat all of these charges are simply lies
circulated by "anti-Semitic" propagandists at high levels in the U.S.
military and in our intelligence community?

In short, there is no question that Israel has been Red China's primary
supplier (through a variety of means) of U.S. military and defense technology.

On May 12, 1997, The SPOTLIGHT, cited a report by the Stockholm International
Peace Research Institute, a respected arms control think tank which noted
that "The Chinese government has devised an ingenius method for upgrading its
armed forces." According to the Institute, the Chinese have been stockpiling
comparatively inexpensive Russian weapons and then, the Chinese "upgrade them
with the advanced U.S. technology they have clandestinely received from the

In light of all of these more recent developments, coming in the wake of
previous secret nuclear dealings between Israel and Red China, can Americans
really be assured that Israel played no part in providing its Chinese ally
with classified U.S. nuclear weapons reseach data?

Do you, Congressman Cox, believe that Israeli is innocent in this regard?
This is a question that your committee can and must now answer.

Please, Congressman: spare nothing in your search for the truth. On behalf of
the one million weekly readers of LIBERTY LOBBY's newspaper, The SPOTLIGHT, I
urge you and your committee to launch a thorough and in-depth investigation
of Red China's nuclear espionage.

If the trail does indeed lead to Israel (as the facts of history strongly
suggest), it is your responsibility to bring this information to the
attention of Congress and the American people.

Rest assured that the readers of The SPOTLIGHT will be watching your actions
(and those of all committee members) closely.

The readers of The SPOTLIGHT (and, for that matter, millions of other
Americans) await your specific comments regarding the revelations
relating to Israel's secret nuclear dealings with Red China and the
ramifications thereof.



NOTE: Piper sent a copy of his letter to Cox to all members of the House
Select Committee, chaired by Cox. Those members are as follows:

Norm Dicks (D-Wash.)

Porter Goss (R-Fla.)

James Hansen (R-Utah)

Curt Weldon (R-Penn.)

John Spratt (D-S.C.)

Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.)

Bobby Scott (D-Va..)

To contact these House members write: House of Representatives, Washington,
DC 20515
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