-Caveat Lector-

Oh yeah this is a big time thing...NWO damage control,
supposed minimization of death through staged mass teaching
media dramas, heavy mind control and all that...finally
tobacco treated as the drug it is, maximizing profits, with
the government supplying "Authority" to kill maim and
destroy...As the government learned to be the mob during the
warren commission so they learned ad tactics at the elbow of
cig drug dealers who have practiced a century or
more...heh...activists targeted with bad tobacco
products...races targeted...its time to target that little
minority of mobsters in politics and their owners...they are
human garbage.
Bill Gallagher

Bill Kingsbury wrote:
>  -Caveat Lector-
>  Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 1999
>  Subj: The most DEADLY Tobacco Facts (beyond Nicotine)
>                          feds refuse to tell the public
>  Dear Citizens, Patriots, Veterans, Smokers,
>  their families, and side-stream Smokers:
>  Please read this incredible post about the most deadly facts about
>  tobacco smoke. Even after the $238 billion states' governments and
>  tobacco industry scam supposedly settled the issue, our government
>  an

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