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Interesting old-timey tidbit.

In Robert B. Forbes's autobiography Personal Reminiscences(1882), he talks
about talking a trip to visit constituents in Europe, in 1841. His uncle,
merchant T.H. Perkins went with him. They met with Forbes, Forbes and Co,
Barings and the Rothschilds, "who were valuable constituents of Russell &
Co." Russel and Co. being the largest opium smuggler, they sometimes used
fronts so as to maintain cordial relations with Chinese officials, but the
players were the same. They also were using mother ships and many of the same
smuggling techniques used today.

Constituent meaning a business partner of some sort.  Now  A. Belmont came to
New York on his way to Havana but stayed on in New York  in 1837 and many say
he was acting as an agent for the Rothschilds. Also in 1837 G. Peabody
settled in London and brought into his sphere JS Morgan.  Now Sam Russell
started out as an agent for Rhode Island merchants and formed Russell and Co.
with a guy who had been an agent of the Browns. And the Browns had been
partners with G. Peabody in the slave, China trade and other ventures. And
those are the Browns in Brown Bros. Harriman. Peabody was one of the first to
try and actively attract European capital to the US.

In the 1830's the price of opium went down and shipments of opium to China
went up. The decade started out 4 times the shipments of 1820 and ended up
over ten times and became the highest valued commodity business in the world.
The opium clipper was introduced by the Americans and with its ability to
sail against the monsoons the trading trip instead of taking up to two years,
these ships made three round-trip  journeys within one year. Profits were
high and the silver being introduced from china into western economic flow
was high. There was a crash in the opium market in 1837 which then
reverberated around the world with financial panic in which specie became
scarce both Britain and the US.

As RB Forbes was obliged to go back to China to make another fortune having
lost his last because of problems brought about by the panic is ironic. And
as T.H. Perkins was one of the US's most succesful merchants and spent much
time in England one wonders when the partnership with the Rothschilds began?
And was it just financial or what?

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