Explanatory Note:  
     The research of Jerry Cornelius regarding any contact Charles
Manson may have had with the Solar (Riverside) Lodge of the OTO, as
published in Scribe (vol.1, no. 7, 1997), leads him to a wall of denial.
Cornelius, in a hotly-written rebuttal, disagrees with me and other
writers, particularly Ed Sanders and Peter Levenda, about the
relationsip: "The most common misconception about the Solar Lodge that
authors love to foster is the connection with Charlie Manson. Contrary
to what some would like readers to believe, this is a misconception. He
was not a  member, nor is there any strong evidence that he ever visited
the group. The sole source of these stories is found in Ed Sanders' book
The Family published in 1971. Here Sanders wrote that at "least five
separate individuals have claimed that they were told by a member of
Brayton's rebel O.T.O. Lodge that Manson was involved with the Lodge."
These  allegations have never been substantiated and appear to be only
second hand gossip told to a third party who then talked to Sanders,
hardly the type of evidence which would stand up in a Court of Law. The
only tenuous connection to the Manson murders is that the Solar Lodge
problems occurred two months before the Tate-LaBianco murders.... We
find authors like Alex Constantine ... along with Peter Levenda, the
author of The Unholy Alliance, promoting the same old tired
misconceptions, if not creating new outright lies."
     Odd that Cornelius should attack Sanders, et al. As recounted below,
Sander's version of events originated with Grady McMurty, then the "Outer
Head" of the OTO: "When it became known that Manson had been a visitor to
Jean Brayton's O.T.O., McMurtry informed on Brayton to the FBI in order not
to get involved in the FBI's investigations. He also fed the journalist Ed
Sanders with material who as a return favour did not mention McMurtry in his
book 'The Family.'" If Sanders is breeding "lies," they began with McMurty
the FBI informant, himself.
     The following account by P.R, Koenig clarifies the connection, and
substantiates some of the allegations that Cornelius dismisses as "lies"
and "myths." The OTO has long attempted to revise history to distance
itself from the Solar Lodge and Charles Manson, but the Order's own
research, including the following, agrees with the published accounts
denounced by Jerry Cornelius (though there is some small disagreement on
details found in my own reporting, as noted in the text):

Charles Manson and the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O.
P.R. Koenig

New O.T.O. groups in the US
Although Charles Manson never had been member of any of the many O.T.O.
groups, the tabloid press often warms up his short contact with Georgina
Brayton's "Solar Lodge of the O.T.O." of the 1960s. The "Caliphate" (the
new American O.T.O. founded in 1977) often calls this earlier O.T.O.
lodge 'irregular', but Phyllis Seckler, a protagonist of the "Caliphate"
(the wife of its founder Grady L. McMurtry) recently admitted it to be a
real O.T.O. lodge. To exaggerate, without Manson the "Caliphate" would
not exist at all. -- Let's unroll the history a bit.
During Crowley's lifetime there was only one active O.T.O.- lodge in the
US; the so-called second Agape lodge in California. Since he was never
satisfied with its members and activities (entry in Crowley's diary 9
March 1945: "I place the Californian Lodge under INTERDICT.") Crowley
gave to one member of the group which he called fans, above mentioned
McMurtry, a special instruction: in case of emergency to take care of
this lodge, submitted to the veto of his heir, the German Karl Germer.
But Germer never thought highly about McMurtry (calling him a "Minus"
and considering the US as a "spiritual desert") and closed the Agape
Lodge on September 7, 1953 in order to favour the Swiss H.J. Metzger as
heir. Around this time, McMurtry completely lost his interest in the
O.T.O. and that's maybe why others continued O.T.O. activities in the
In the mid-1950s, two ex-members of this ex-Agape Lodge (dissolved in
1953), Ray and Mildred Burlingame, worked together with Georgina R.
(Jean) Brayton (born 29 December 1921) and her husband Richard
Montgomery Brayton (born 1911, university lecturer at the University of
California) on some of Crowley's O.T.O.-rituals. After Germer's death in
1962, the Brayton group started to call itself Solar Lodge of the O.T.O.
or Riverside Lodge of the O.T.O. and was something like a motherless
satellite of a dissolved lodge. Neither Burlingame nor the later
re-appearing McMurtry possessed the permission either to initiate or to
found a new lodge of the O.T.O. It is strictly and explicitly forbidden
to initiate or install lodges without permission by a superior,
according to the O.T.O. statutes.
Members of the Solar Lodge were accused of having ransacked the homes of
Sascha Germer, Israel Regardie and Mildred Burlingame in order to
collect O.T.O. material. When Phyllis Seckler (another ex-member of the
dissolved Agape Lodge) came to hear this, she contacted another
ex-member of the same dissolved lodge, Grady L. McMurtry in January
1969. Soon they would marry and become the founding nucleus of the
"Caliphate". [see below]
Years later, Solar Lodge member Robert Duerrenstein denied that any
member of the Solar Lodge ever ransacked the houses of Sascha Germer et
alii for the simple reason that Ray Burlingame had told them that there
was no O.T.O. material worth stealing.

Report by a member of the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O.

Date: August 1999, compiled from several emails

 I am a former member of the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O., in Los Angeles,
from September 1967 to February 1968.

 I was looking for an apartment and ran across one owned by Georgina
(Jean) and Richard Brayton, as they had advertised such for rent. They
had at least three properties in the USC neighborhood. I only know about
the houses andapartment in the USC neighborhood. This was at the
beginnning of the time when they were building their empire. Jean
encouraged me to attend a meeting, gave me the manifesto of the O.T.O.,
and a privately-printed copy of the Book of the Law.

 There were approximately 15-20 members as I recall at the time. I have
 forgotten most of their names. The house where they lived is no longer
there. They seemed very organized, and quite dedicated. Los Angeles at
that time was immersed in the same social ferment as San Francisco.
Remember the summer oflove? I had just come down from Haight-Ashbury. We
were all still using LSD and looking for utopian groups. The news was
only just beginning to sensationalize and distort what we were doing.
But we were easy targets for the more experienced, sinister people who
wanted our money, souls, etc. The O.T.O. looked like a cool group of
people, at first, because they had all the right words. They were very
welcoming, and wanted us to join in with their rituals. They practiced
all the rituals you read about in the Equinox. They began initiating
more and more people during the months I was involved, because they
wanted to increase their numbers. Jean was clearly in charge, but was
often absent. But she supervised the dismantling and reassembly of
 buildings in the desert.

 Her husband was a teacher at the University. Several of the lodge
members were students. Many kinds of drugs were available. One or two of
the members were making them. The house had a main temple on the top
floor, but members had individual temples in their rooms, some quite

 I left in order to go to Vietnam. This was before the affairs with the
 newspapers and the stories about Charles Manson. You can imagine the
chills I felt in 1969, hearing about Charles Manson's beliefs in race
wars, building retreats in the desert, hearing messages in Beatles
songs, using drugs, talking about "man is god" and "Do what thou wilt"
philosophies. Nevertheless, I did not know about the Solar Lodge scandal
until I ran across it in an obscure book in a second hand bookstore in
1988! Now of course with the Internet there is all kinds of information
and misinformation.

 The only thing I have read in the press was the book, The Family, by Ed
 Sanders. Some of his information seemed about right, but some of it was
just plain wrong, I think. There was never a lodge in San Bernardino.
They are confused with San Bernardino county, which is where Blythe is.

                                       * * *

 To my knowledge, the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. started in late 1966 -
 1967. The construction of the Ark began in summer of 1967. We used
 from quonsett huts we purchased and disassembled, then took them out
into the
 desert, near the Colorado River. The exact spot was near the small town
 Vidal, Calif.

 We were headquartered in an old house in Los Angeles, near the USC
campus. We
 were building the "Ark " in the Mojave desert, near Blythe, California.

 There were about 15 to 20 other members of the Lodge at that time; men
 women, all ages. A few were students at USC, but there were also
 professionals, house wives, and assorted others. No one as crazy as
Manson at
 that time. Where did Charles Manson come from? I guess I'm not
 though. There were some pretty far-out types circulating between Haight
 Ashbury and L.A. in those days.


Excerpt of "Ordis Templis Intelligentis" by Alex Constantine, 1996:
The O.T.O.'s Solar Lodge in San Bernardino was founded by Maury
McCauley, a mortician, on his own property. McCauley was married to
Barbara Newman, a former model and the daughter of a retired Air Force
colonel from Vandenberg. The group subscribed to a grim, apocalyptic
view of the world precipitated by race wars, and the prophecy made a
lasting impression on Charles Manson, who passed through the lodge. In
the L.A. underworld, the O.T.O. spin-off was known for indulgence in
sadomasochism, drug dealing, blood drinking, child molestation and
murder. The Riverside O.T.O., like the Manson Family, used drugs, sex,
psycho-drama and fear to tear down the mind of the initiate and rebuild
it according to the desires of the cult's inner-circle.

 Morris McColley was not the head of the group, and he did not have a
place in San Bernardino, but in Vidal, which is in the very large county of
San Bernardino. Actually I don't think it was his place, either. And part
of the reason in my opinion for the location may have been that it was close
to Parker, AZ, which was the location of one of Jean Brayton's teachers.
Morris was a barber, not a mortician, as I recall. I don't remember Barbara.
Yes, the order did have apocalyptic views when I was there. That is why the
"Ark" was  built. This was a temple in the desert, built from disassembled
quonsett huts. What is a quonsett hut? It is a temporary structure built in
wartime. Made from large pieces of corrugated steel, it's like taking a big
pipe, laying it on the side, cutting off the bottom half, putting doors on
the ends, and windows in the sides. The group believed that "it was all
going to come down" that is, a repeat of the Watts riots (remember, this was
LA in 1967) not unusual. This was a time of revolutionary fervor among the
young in many places including Germany, China, Paris, England, and of course
peace and protest marches everywhere! We were caught up in a mixture of
drugs, anti-war, and anti-establishment. The Order was powerful because it
embodied these things. Interestingly, the racist attitudes were not made
evident at first, but only hinted at. This was Jean's way ... she often
would obliquely hint at things. We would listen to the Beatles albums and
hear special messages. There were messages everywhere, if you could hear
them. Hearing them often involved drugs. All kinds of drugs.
 Jean wanted converts, while the "gates of initiation" were wide open.
She began putting on "profane parties" to bring in the masses, and people
were attracted to the idea of a special, semi secret organization with
rituals, sex and strange doings and good drugs and groovy people!

 The group did not have a single, cohesive world view. There may have
been some members who believed in hollow earth. Jean was very interested in
Mei Ling's world prophecy, which, among other things, dicussed a predicted
world deluge. There were all kinds of ideas flying around the place! People
were trying out different kinds of thoughts.

Question: Were the rituals/initiations para-masonic ?

 Indeed they were, in fact, prior to taking the first degree, we were
asked if we had ever had any contact with the masons.

Question: What ceremonies and which initiations (into which degree)?

 The only ones I know about for sure were the minerval through the
third. I believe others may have been conducted in the desert. I
suspected the sex magick, which is one of the reasons I left ... the
women weren't all that attractive!! They didn't tell you everything
right at first :) But as I hung around the house, I picked up bits and
pieces. Especially after I visited the ark. And of course, when everyone
was high.

 Jean often referred to Ray Burlingame, and mentioned Parker, Arizona,
which is possibly where they had lived for a time. I got the feeling
that their contact had been a few years previously, but I don't know

 They sure had a lot of old books and other artifacts. I was in Jean and
 Dick's bedroom a few times (snooping) and besides being really messy,
 was a lot of stuff. The only theft I knew about was when two members
 a house in the neighborhood that was for sale, and they took something
 it, stating that it belonged to them anyway. I was put off by this, and
 was another one of the reasons I felt distanced from the group. The only
 other illegal activity I knew of was drug use, but then, it was the
60's !

Question: Did Jean Brayton really think to be the re-incarnation of
 Crowley ?

 She never said this to me.

Question: Did she claim to be the Head of the OTO ?

 No, just that lodge. Jean never claimed to be OHO, or any grade, for
 matter. And indeed, there was one other person who I met who might have
had a
 leadership role, but I don't recall his name.

 I knew there were other groups, They were seen as rivals. But the lodge
 not consider _all other groups to be rivals, nor did it consider
 to be antithetical. I do not know the exact identity of the groups it
 considered to be enemies, I just know they existed. I do know that some
 the lodge members considered black people to be enemies. This made me


 My memory of Jean Brayton is that she was a good person. I believe her
 iron-fisted rule descended after my time, or else she hid it from me.
In my
 experience, she was authoritarian, but not tyrannical. There were no
 at the lodge when I was there, so I did not get to see how they were

                     To be continued below


In August 1969, Charles Manson's 'Familiy' committed their 'famous'
At the same time, the Solar Lodge caused scandals as well. Here's a
newspaper clip of 'The Washington Post', October 31, 1969:

            Boy Tells Of Chaining By Cultists
              INDO, Calif, Oct. 30 (UPI)
            - Anthony Saul Gibbons, 6, sitting on a pillow
            on the witness stand so he could be seen, tes-
            tified Wednesday he was burned with matches and
            imprisoned in a packing crate at a desert com-
            mune for starting a fire.
              The small boy was barely audible as he relatd
            the events that led to his being chained inside
            the sweltering box for 56 days during the sum-
            mer on the farm commune operated by a cult called
            Ordi Templar Orientialis.
              Eleven members of the commune, including the
            child's mother, are on trial for felony child
              Anthony, now a ward of the court, said his
            fingers were burned with matches after he started
            the fire which destroyed a house and injured a
            group of goats June 20.
              He testified he was placed in the packing crate
            with his legs chained and let out only to do his
              The boy was questioned repeatedly before he took
            the oath as Defence Attorney Keith Blazer attempted
            to establish if the boy knew what a lie was. The
            boy said he understood that he would be punished if
            he told a lie.
              After Anthony testified, the prosecution rested
            its case.

Candace Reos, a former member of the Lodge, was deposed by the Riverside
police in 1969. Reos said that Brayton controlled the thinking of the
members. One member, she said, was ordered to curb his sexual urges by
cutting his wrists every time he was aroused. Mrs. Reos told police that
when she became pregnant, Jean Brayton was angry and told her that she
would have to condition herself to hate her child. Reos told the police
that children of the cult's 43 adult members were secluded from their
parents and received "training" that took on "very severe tones." "There
was a lot of spanking involved," she reported, "and a lot of being
enclosed in dark rooms." The teachers, she added, "left welts." If so
ordered, adult cultists would beat their children.

The FBI files on the Solar Lodge
[Blackened parts by the FBI are marked XXX. Please note that Charles
Manson is not mentioned at all. A facsimile of this document can be
found in my Materialien zum OTO ]

 Date: 8/15/69
 TO: DIRECTOR, FBI                  ATTN: Identification Division
 FROM: SAC, LOS ANGELES (88-16511)
          UFAP - CHILD ABUSE

          OO: Los Angeles

 The following information was furnished 8/14,15/69 by XXX Riverside
 County Sheriff's Office, and XXX Riverside County District Attorney's
 Office, Blythe, California. These agencies requested Unlawful Flight to
 Avoid Prosecution (UFAP) assistance for captioned subjects:

 This case involves an organization or cult known as O.T.O., which
 letters stand for Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the
 Orient or Oriental Templars). It is also known as the "Eye of Horus"
 and has had book stores under this name. The aims of O.T.O. are the
 teaching of hermetic science or occult knowledge, the pure and holy
 magic of light, the secrets of mystic attainment and yoga of all forms.
 According to cult literature entitled "Manifesto of the O.T.O.", it
 embodies the whole of the secret knowledge of all Oriental orders and
 "has existing branches in every civilized country in the world."

 The O.T.O. maintained book stores in Blythe, California, and at 1918
 West Eight Street, Los Angeles, which later moved to 1241 West 30th
 Street, Los Angeles. These "Eye of Horus" book stores were managed by

 A group or commune of the O.T.O. based in Los Angeles, California, at
 1241 West 30th Street and 2627 Menlo Street, approximately one and one
 half to two years ago began building a retreat or commune on 20 acres
 of land located in a remote desert area, 38 miles north of Blythe,
 California, on Highway 95. According to tax records, this property is
 in the name XXX. During the period of construction, the cult members
 worked in Los Angeles and travelled to this property on weekends.

 About three to four months ago, a large part of this group moved to
 this desert commune and several obtained jobs in Blythe. The buildings
 consisted of a Quonset type building and "houses" made out of "piano
 boxes" and "A" frames. They maintained livestock such as cows, goats,
 and horses on this property. The O.T.O. also listed a run-down tavern,
 motel, store, and station at Vidal, California, approximately two miles
 from their commune.

 Among persons moving to this commune were five children, two of which
 were ANTHONY SAUL GIBBONS, also known as Saul Gibbons, age 6, XXX.
 Their mother, BEVERLY JUNE GIBBONS,  a white female, age 36, and xxx
 APPROX. father, JAMES HERBERT GIBBONS, an employee of the Los Angeles
 County Probation Department at Camp David Gonzales, were members of
 O.T.O. Witnesses state that according to rules of the cult, the parents
 were not to have direct control over their children and the children
 would be in effect wards of the O.T.O.
      [Remark P.R.K.: This sounds like Reuss' concept of a social utopia,
      somehow tried out by Crowley at his Abbey of Thelema at Cefalú]

 On 7/26/69, XXX went to the commune to look at some horses which were
 for sale. At this time, they observed a child chained inside of a large
 shipping crate and thereafter notified the Riverside County Sheriff's

 Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies proceeded to the commune, where
 they found SAUL GIBBONS sitting on a mattress in a 6' by 6' box. A
 heavy metal chain was padlocked to his left leg and the other end of
 the chain was locked to a large metal plate. The box also contained a
 No. 10 can partially filled with human waste and swarming with flies.
 Also, the box contained an uncovered plastic jug with drinking water, a
 food encrusted plate, and a small washtub filled with dirty water. The
 stench was nauseating, the flies were swarming, it was hot, and the boy
 could not recall how long he had been in the box. The recorded
 temperature in Blythe since 7/1/69 reached 117 degrees with 12 days
 raching 110 degrees or more.

 Investigation determined that on 5/20/69 the Quonset hut at the
 commune, with many of the cult's belongings, burned down. This fire was
 not reported to authorities.

 Cult members determined that SAUL GIBBONS set the fire and about three
 as well as other cult members, proceeded to the commune from Los

 XXX former O.T.O. members, stated that GEORGINA BRAYTON is the leader
 of the group and ROBERT DUERRSTEIN is second in command. The group is
 strictly disciplined and JEAN BRAYTON finalizes all decisions.

 Upon arrival at the commune in May, JEAN BRAYTON is alleged to have
 held lit matches to the hand of SAUL GIBBONS as punishment for burning
 the Quonset down and for killing two goats which were destroyed by the
 fire. She allegedly made SAUL bury the goats after which he was "beaten
 all day" with bamboo sticks by the adult members of the commune while
 the BRAYTONS and DUERRSTEIN watched. SAUL was then put in an "A" frame
 building by the "cow pens" and chained to the heavy metal plate. He
 allegedly stayed in the "A" frame two weeks, during which time he was
 fed only bread and water. Thereafter, he was transferred to the 6' by
 6' wooden box in which he was found on 7/26/69.

 A week or two after SAUL's original punishment at the commune, a
 meeting was held at the O.T.O. Temple, 2627 Menlo, Los Angeles. JEAN
 BRAYTON told those present that as punishment for setting the fire she
 had burned SAULS's hands with matches, made him dig the grave and bury
 the carcasses of the two goats. and then chained him in an "A" frame,
 where he was to sit in Asana, a yogie position. She then said that when
 it was convenient, she was going to give SAUL LSD and set fire to the
 structure in which he was chained and give him just enough chain to get
 out of reach of the fire. She asked if anyone had any objections or
 better ideas. No one, including SAULS' mother, BEVERLY GIBBONS, who was
 present at the meeting, had any objections. ROBERT DUERRSTEIN suggested
 they kill the child, but JEAN BRAYTON said this would not be necessary.
 BEVERLY GIBBONS allegedly remarked during these conversations that it
 was "sacrificing one to save many".

 SAUL GIBBONS, age 6, was apparently chained in the above condition from
 about 5/23/69 to 7/26/69.

 The Riverside County Sheriff's Office arrested the following cult
 members after SAUL was found and they were subsequently booked 8/13/69
 on Riverside County Grand Jury indictments charging child abuse. They
 are currently out on bond:

 CLIFFORD ALAN REOS, white male, age 21, 5'10", 160 pounds, brown hair,
 and green eyes;
 MICHAEL JOHN FOXWORTH, white male, age 20, 6'20", 175 pounds, brown
 hair, and brown eyes;
 GARDNER HERBERT REYNOLDS, JR., white male, age 22, 5'11", 180 pounds,
 brown hair, and hazel eyes;
 JAMES EDWARD HUNGERFORD, white male, age 22, 6', 175 pounds, brown
 hair, and blue eyes;
 VIRGINIA CELESTE MICHEL, white female, age 21, 5'3", 110 pounds, brown
 hair, and blue eyes;
 PATRICIA ANN MOSHER, white female, age 26, 5'3", 105 pounds, brown
 hair, and blue eyes;
 JACK REVEL NEECE, white male, age 22, 5'8", 140 pounds, brown hair, and
 JOHN FRANCIS NICHOLSON, white male, age 21, 5'8", 148 pounds, brown
hair, and
 blue eyes;
 JUIDH LYNN OSTER, nee Angelson, also known as Julie Oster, an employee
of the
 Bank of America;
 BEVERLY JUNE GIBBONS, white female, date of birth 5/13/33, 5'4", 105
 brown hair, and brown eyes;

 As previously stated, the above listed persons have been charged with
 child abuse and are currently out on bond.

 On 7/28/69, XXX Riverside County District Attorney Investigator,
 XXX who were all together at Blythe, California. He also talked that
date by
 phone with XXX. Warrants were not outstanding for these persons at this
 and they were not arrested. All of these people disappeared thereafter
 their whereabouts are currently unknown.

 XXX Vidal, California, advised the Riverside County Sheriff's Office
 that XXX disappeared after the above arrests and that she had seen a
 from RICHARD BRAYTON to XXX , which was postmarked in Arizona, city
 While JULIE OSTER was in the Blythe jail, conversation was overheard
 JULIE and O.T.O. friend in which JULIE said that if "she (JEAN BRAYTON)
 couldn't come back in the stat, someone else would have to administer
 business enterprises at Vidal". Also, that the BRAYTONS "weren't safe
in the
 United States".

 On 8/13/69, the Riverside County Grand Jury returned a true bill
charging 19
 members of the O.T.O., including all five captioned subjects, with
 Section 273(a), California Penal Code, Child Abuse, a felony.

 This case was discussed with Assistant U.S. Attorney DAVID P. CURNOW,
 Angeles, by SA XXX on 8/14/69. He authorized prosecution of all five
 subjects for violation Title 18, Section 1073, U.S. Code, UFAP - Child
 He recommended $25,000 bond for each subject.

 On 8/15/69, complaints were filed by SA XXX before U.S. Commissioner
 MORGAN, Riverside, California, and warrants were issued. Fugitive Form

 GEORGINA R. BRAYTON is a white female; born 12/29/21, possibly in
 5'5", 135 pounds; brown hair dyed red; green eyes; California driver's
 F553407; and Social Security Number XXXX. She allegedly has claimed to
be the
 reincarnation of Sir ALEISTER CROWLEY, who wrote "Book of Lies"
published in
 London in 1913. CROWLEY, since deceased, was an alleged leader of O.T.O.

 RICHARD MONTGOMERY BRAYTON is a white male; born 1911 in Ohio; 5'10";
 pounds; black hair, graying; brown eyes; Social Security Number XXX,
 driver's licence B240125, and Criminal Identification and Investigation
 Number XXX. He was arrested for burglary by the Los Angeles Police
 9/28/68, their number XXX. BRAYTON is alleged to have become addicted to

 ROBERT ALLEN DUERRSTEIN is a white male; born 9/23/39; 6'3"; 160
pounds; brown
 hair; blue eyes; California driver's license F819421; and with address
 West 30th Street, Los Angeles.

 EDSON FRANK DUNLAP is a white male; born 10/10/30; 6'2", 180 pounds;
 hair; hazel eyes; address 1241 West 30th Street, Los Angeles; and
 driver's license F324970. DUNLAP, a dentist and graduist of University
 Southern California (USC) Dental School, is reportedly a high cult
member and
 has worked for XXX has a bank account at the Bank of America, 1255
 Avenue, Torrance.

 JAMES HERBERT GIBBONS is a white male; born 8/22/32 in California:
6'1"; 160
 pounds; brown hair; Social Security Number XXX and was employed by the
 Angeles County Probation Department. He also has degrees in theology
and made
 application to teach at the Palos Verdes Junior College, Blythe,

 The Riverside County Sheriff's Office also has felony warrants for
 child abuse in connection with this matter for DENNIS CASTINEREZ, also
known as
 Paul Masters, Steve Quilly, a white male, 25 years of age, 5'7",
 build, dark hair, and tan complexion. CASTINEREZ allegedly may be
avoiding the
 draft. They also have felony warrants to B. APPORX. Lorna FLYNN, a white
 female, and GEORGE CHRISTIAN SCOTT, a white male. The Riverside County
 Sheriff's Office to date has not located these persons. UFAP process is
 outstanding for CASTINEREZ, LORNA FLYNN, or GEORGE SCOTT at this time.


 The O.T.O. leases and operates the Richfield Service Station at 3401
 Flower, Los Angeles, which is run by cult member XXX. Other cult
 members work at the station.




    Comment by a former member of the Solar Lodge --  see above

 Robert Allen Duerrstein, "Bob" as I knew him, was in the dentistry
 at USC, and got us all kinds of drugs. Edson dunlap, aka "Big Ed", I
 little about, except that I think he had a lot of power in the
 He was a former race car driver. James Gibbons "Spud" as we knew him,
was a
 friendly man, a good soul, so I thought. I cannot imagine that he would
 subject his child to this thing.

 It troubles me to learn the identity of the parents whose child was the
 in the box". Of all the people I knew in the group, I would have
guessed them
 to be least likely to do such a thing. But I also understand how such a
 could happen.

 The "Order" promised a "short cut across the spirals of evolution to
 enlightenment." Many of the people involved at that time had
 with mind-altering drugs. Remember, this was in the time of Haight
 and Timothy Leary and a rediscovery of Asian philosophy. I myself had
 come from Haight Ashbury to Los Angeles in the summer of 1967, when I
 introduced to the Solar Lodge. Many of us had tried LSD, and after a
 realized that it only took us a little way. We wanted to know if there
 more, and the Solar Lodge promised us that there was. They used
 drugs to help the process, but they were not the first. Certain
branches of
 yoga use "arshti", which is a practice of giving drugs to acolytes to
 them open up their perception.

 In addition, they were a kind of communal group, also very attractive
at that
 time. I saw this when I first met them. They were renting apartments in
 Central Los Angeles, and I rented from them, and eventually took the
oath of
 the Minerval Degree from them. There appeared to be about 15-20 members
 Many lived in the same house with Jean and Dick. Some were students at
 nearby University of Southern California. The core group members
appeared to
 be a bit older, from mid 20's to 40's. Most new members were younger.

 The atmosphere at that time was enthusiastic, mystical, and a bit
 because of the feeling that many things were not being revealed to
 But this also attracted people to become more involved, in order to
find out
 more. Jean began the practice of putting on "profane parties" in order
 attract newcomers, because she said that it would only be possible for a
 limited time to gain new members.

 They held ceremonies, including initiations in the third floor of one
of the
 houses they owned. They taught yoga, Kabbala, and various forms of
 divination, such as Tarot reading. They also had an extensive
collection of
 books, some of which appeared to be very old.

 They were also building a retreat in the Mojave Desert. They called it
 "ark", because it was where we would all go when rioting began again in
 Angeles. (Remember, the Watts riots had happened two years before.) They
 built this desert temple near Blythe, CA from Quonset huts dismantled
 old warehouses in southeast Los Angeles. The temple was in the shape of
 pyramid, because of the power in that shape, because the location was
 at the same latitude as Cairo, and for various other reasons. This
 apparently was the building that was burned, although I am only

 As one spent more time with the group, and advanced in the grades, more
 revealed, and more demands were made. To paraphrase a passage from the
 "on the tongue, it was sweet, but in the belly it became bitter." But
we were
 also instructed from the very beginning that part of the test of our
 worthiness would be our willingness to follow instructions that seemed
 unusual. Because we had to subdue the ego, which was very tricky, and
 find any way it could to preserve itself.

 At the time I was involved, there was no illegal activity that I was
 of, other than the use of drugs and some petty theft of statues from
 neighbors' property. Most of people's energy was devoted to the
practices we
 were assigned.

 Sometimes a few of us would spend long hours into the night talking
 philosophy, but we were discouraged from talking about our practices or
 what we knew about the organization. This was a time when we questioned
 values: our president had been assassinated a few years previously, our
 religions had become irrelevant, we were against the war in Vietnam, an
 of the terrible things we had been told about drugs we felt were
untrue. So
 we were throwing out the old ideas and reinventing ourselves. The Solar
 beliefs appeared to have answers to our dissatisfaction with traditional
 values, and they made us feel special, superior.

 But after a few months, I began to find the group a bit boring and
 narrow-minded, particularly in their views about Black people. Their
 was one area where they were out of touch with the mood of the times.
But the
 racism was very subtle, and there was not preaching about white
supremacy or

 Most of what I have read about the group varies from sounding fairly
true to
 being wildly inaccurate. I doubt very much that Jean Brayton was a CIA
 operative, as was Cinque and other members of the SLA. She certainly
was not
 a daughter of an Air Force Officer, as some say! She actually had a
 English accent and enjoyed making marmalade and tea. Maybe she was
 Crowley! She never in my presence claimed to be Crowley's reincarnation,
 however. She did have many opinions about world events, but on close
 examination, her understanding of those events was shallow, incomplete.
 chose to pay attention to what reinforced her somewhat apocalyptic
 This became tiresome to me eventually. She would, from time to time, say
 things that had a curious ring of truth. I remember in particular her
 that in order to truly change, one had to cut ties from old
 She once pronounced the family "public enemy number one", because it
 individuals from cutting the bonds of conformity. She loved to find
 truths in everyday observations, and many of the members extended this
 looking for hidden meanings, notably in song lyrics, especially Beatles

 All of what I have read about the group completely ignores the aspect of
 human aspiration that the group harnessed. The group members were not
 They were ordinary people who were seeking. Since that time, we have
 many other examples of what can happen when ordinary seekers fall under
 spell of a charismatic leader. Some can do much good, and some, such as
 followers of Jim Jones, can do much ill. We would do well to spend some
 not simply vilifying these people, but trying to understand what in
 nature is attracted like the moth to the flame.

 The Solar Lodge followed the OTO motto that "Man is God". But I would
 that to add that it is true insofar as any human can understand a
 being. Therefore, the "men" of the OTO are gods. And not all gods are
 or benign. It was this hubrid, I think, that led to the unfortunate
 to put a child in a box. This is what happened to the Braytons and their
 Solar Lodge.

 What happened to me? I was forced to leave because of Vietnam. I joined
 much more powerful and deadly cult, the U.S. Army.

                                    * * *

 I am fearful of having my name associated with the group, and being
contacted by any of the old members of the group. I'll tell you a story:

 In 1972 I revisted the meeting house to see if any of the people I had
known were still there. the windows of the house were papered over so
that no one could see in. Finally, a person who I recognized answered
the door. He was extremely guarded, and looked as though he had aged
considerably in the 4 years since I had seen him (he couldn't have been
over 25) He asked me if I had heard the news about the group (I hadn't.
I knew nothing of the associations with Manson) Then, fixing me with a
very sinister scowl, he told me never to return unless I was rejoining
the group. "This is not a bullshit organization", he said.

 The more I am finding out about this group, the more I realize I did
not know
 very much about them. and I would imagine that some of the former
members are
 still around. And right now here in the States is a bit of fear about
 crazy person might be loose with a gun!

It seems that the accused individuals faced a Judge in December 1971.
In January 1972, Jean Brayton's Midnight Press published a "Special
'COMICS' Issue". Obviously the Solar Lodge was now called Velle
Transcendental Research Association, Inc. In this magazine Vol.1;4 it
was spoken of the first "farce" trial and that a higher court than the
Indio Superior Court had to accept their proofs, e.g. "the existence of
the psychological report which confirms that [the boy in the box]
Anthony [Saul Gibbons] was not harmed emotionally or physically." It was
spoken of the several delays coming from attorneys; perjuries, witheld
'confidential' material, not provided transcripts and the 'fact' that
Anthony Saul Gibbons, a six-year old boy, emerged on July 26, 1969, "in
good health as confirmed by a doctor's examination" from the box.
Jean Brayton took following stance towards the Judge: "The Riverside
Railroad Injustice System supports judges and prosecutors who are
neighbours, who belong to an in-group clique of socialites, who golf
together, who evaluate trial action according to political pressure, who
exchange functions of the judicial system indiscriminately, who ignore
welfare and probation recommendations to inflict jail terms in their
warehouses of perversion, who have professional witnesses and
intimidated witnesses perjure themselves in order to unjustly malign
those who endeavor to bring true freedom and love into the hearts of all
Members of Velle Transcendental Research Association, Inc. called
themselves "Vellens" and the group considered itself to be a "True,
Universal Brotherhood" paying homage to masonry. After all, the egyptian
god Tahuti was magically invoked to call forth a tribunal before "Horus!
Lord of the Aeon!!" where "The Grand Inquisitor [ie the Judge] and
Prosecutor" were forced to "Swear that we will never again hinder our
[illegible] man in his search for true freedom and understanding. We
also swear to strive ever stronger in our search for truth and knowledge
of our true selves!"  Rumour goes as that Jean Brayton escaped being
arrested when she fled to Ensenada, Argentine.

The birth of the "Caliphate" as a consequence of Charles Manson's
involvement with the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. ?

In January 1969 Phyllis Seckler informed Grady McMurtry about the
events. On 29 April 1969 McMurtry moved from Washington to California
and started to make vain attempts to involve ex-members of the ex-Agape
Lodge on his side. On 9 June 1969, in response to these efforts, the
ex-member Jean Shivonen, for one, wrote back to McMurtry: "I'm not
Nevertheless, McMurtry and his wife, Phyllis Seckler founded a group
called "Continuum" and started to publish Crowley material. It was this
group "Continuum" which was the nucleus of five members that soon was to
become the "Caliphate", a new O.T.O. that was founded in 1977 in order
to receive the tax-free status and to benefit from alleged Crowley
copyrights all over the world. Spicy remark: Crowley's Last Will and
Testament does not mention McMurtry at all but named the Englishman John
Symonds as "Literary Executor".
While the Solar Lodge did not think that Sascha Germer had any O.T.O.
materials of interest, McMurtry discussed the idea of filing suit
against Sascha Germer in order to force her giving her archive over to
McMurtry. The local police advised McMurtry not to do so.
On 20 March 1973, McMurtry and Seckler decided to "copyright" Crowley
material for the first time.
The subsequent list provides evidence of the 'involvement' of the
"Caliphate" with the Solar Lodge, that is: some letters that are in the
archive of the "Caliphate". When it became known that Manson had been a
visitor to Jean Brayton's O.T.O., McMurtry informed on Brayton to the
FBI in order not to get involved in the FBI's investigations. He also
fed the journalist Ed Sanders with material who as a return favour did
not mention McMurtry in his book "The Family". Newer editions of
Sanders' book do not mention any O.T.O. at all.

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Grady L.       towards the    investigation of the
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               the Crowley    acceptance of the Caliphate.
               Library        (3/8/70)

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                              and the role of the Braytons
                              in both.

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McMurtry,      Brayton,       Letter to Jean Brayton et       02/02/1971
Grady L.       Jean           al., informing them of his
                              awareness of their actions,
                              charging them to come and see
                              him at their earliest

Brayton,       McMurtry,      Letter responding to GLM to     05/01/1971
Richard        Grady L.       JB 2/2/1971, suggesting
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McMurtry,      Letter to      Draft of a letter to the        05/--/1971
Grady L.       Jean Brayton   Brayton group, prob. not
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               Lodge -

McMurtry,      Seckler,       list of items sent re.          07/25/1971
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McMurtry,      The Brayton    List of members of the          n.d.
Grady L.       Group          Brayton Group culled from
                              newspapers and personal
                              knowledge by GLM.

Velle          Midnight       Partisan rag of the Brayton     10/--/1971
Trancendental  Press          group, immediately following
Research       Vol. I, No.    the "boy in the box" case.
Assn.          3              Excellent examples of occult

McMurtry,      Notes on the   Notes on the investigation of   06/13/1973
Grady L.       Brayton Case   the Braytons and relevant
                              dates and certain events

Brayton's Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. existed before the "Caliphate" did.
Now McMurtry somehow had to get rid of the unwanted rival and, despite
any historical facts, as self- styled Head of the O.T.O. claimed
worldwide supremacy. He founded a new Agape Lodge, called it a Grand
Lodge and started to silence or activate other O.T.O. lodges or members
according to their willingness to accept his claimed supremacy.
Therefore, he called Brayton's Lodge "irregular" saying that
Burlingame's initiatic powers had been invalid but at the same time
accepted those other ex-members of the ex-Agape Lodge's (dissolved in
1953) 'powers' who supported his claims (e.g. Phyllis Seckler, H.P.
Smith, etc.). Not only Burlingame's powers got ignored, also Kenneth
Grant's, Marcelo Ramos Motta's, H.J. Metzger's. -- Pertinent
"propaganda" did the rest to uphold this fairy tale.
Either both groups, Brayton's Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. and the
"Caliphate" are regular O.T.O. off-shoots (that is: motherless
satellites of an ex-O.T.O. body dissolved in 1953) or both aren't.
Meanwhile, some of the "Caliphate" authorities notice this dilemma and
agree that Burlingame "performed limited O.T.O. activities" without
specifying them. 


K = Koenig
S = Scriven, Xth of the "Caliphate", email correspondence in late 1996

K: I also would like to see any such paper [= charter to initiate] for
  individuals like Seckler, H.P. Smith and the Burlingames (who,
according to
  Heidrick, did initiations in the late 1960s) (Heidrick to
  If you can't show such paper I would like to hear your explanation why
  initiations done by above mentioned individuals should be "real"
  initiations? (the "emergency" argument does not count because it does
  mention/assert "initiations"!)---
    S: By McMurtry's recognition of them.
    K: Therefore, the Solar Lodge is a "real" OTO lodge or is McMurtry's
      recognition haphazard or selective?
K:---Heidrick told that some members of the Solar Lodge now are members
of the
  "Caliphate". (Heidrick to [EMAIL PROTECTED], 9 Oct 1994) Is that true?
  yes: Since when? And why? I thought that members with a criminal
history are
  excluded ...
S: I am aware of the initiation of the son of a former Solar Lodge
member. We
  also have members who were once members of the "Order of Thelema," a
  successor organization to the Solar Lodge. I do not believe we have any
  members who were members of the original Solar Lodge who would have
  involved in the Germer/Regardie/Burlingame thefts or the "boy in the
  scandal. People with criminal histories are not _necessarily_ excluded
  membership. The nature of the crime, the age of the individual when the
  crime was committed, and the individual's behavior during and after
  punishment are taken into consideration. Brayton's initiation occurred
  before McMurtry's implementation of the Caliphate, which was,
according to
  my current reckoning, in 1969; or according to your reckoning, in 1977.
K: In other words: there is uncertainty as to why Mildred B's initiation
  the Brayton woman should have been not valid because Mildred had no
  to do initiations - while McMurtry's initiations should have been valid
  although he never had such charter.
S: This is a good point, but I believe I have answered it above.
K: But M.Burlingame's initiation of Brayton is not denied!
S: She did perform the initiation, but we do not recognize its validity,
  because it was performed in 1963 or 1964; both after Karl Germer's
death and
  before McMurtry's activation of the Caliphate. McMurtry could have
  recognized it retroactively, but he did not do so.
[ Nevertheless, Phyllis Seckler openly admitted: They were an O.T.O.
Lodge. ]
[ AFTERWORD, 1997: Not after the "boy in the box" scandal,
understandably - he
  tried to put as much distance between himself and the Solar Lodge as
  possible in the FBI's eyes! It begs the question: does "Caliphate"
  recognition of an initiation rest upon moral grounds, i.e., can it be
  "retracted" later if the "Caliphate" doesn't like/ approve the
  Another double standard is operating here: according to S's own
  Burlingame was actually entitled to be "performing limited OTO
  alongside McMurtry, Seckler and Smith. Otherwise the "Caliphate" would
  simply have been McMurtry by himself "holding it in trust", just as
  could have been said to have done with Motta's SOTO. ]


Manson and the O.T.O. ?
Before Charles Manson (born 1935) was a visitor to the open 'parties' at
the Solar Lodge meetings, he already had a sort of history of occultism
Allegedly Manson first got interested in Scientology while he was
incarcerated in the McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington
(Scientology has recruiting programs for prisons). It is said that
Manson received about 150 hours of Scientology counselling in prison.
After his release from prison, he went to Los Angeles where he was said
to have met local Scientologists and attended several parties for movie
stars, possibly the July 18 initial dedication of the first Celebrity
Center. Manson was eager to meet celebrities in order to find producers
for his guitar music (e.g. he contacted a member of the Beach Boys or
Doris Day's son).
There are hints that it was only shortly afterwords that he got involved
with the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. and may also have had met the
Process, a Satan-orientated group which originally broke away from
Scientology which itself had its own history with Crowley's O.T.O.).
What had Manson to do with the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. ? As witnesses
reported (see above) Jean Brayton began putting on "profane parties" to
bring in the masses, and people were attracted to the idea of a special,
semi secret organization with rituals, "sex and strange doings and good
drugs and groovy people."
About 50 non-members had been attracted, among them Hollywood stars like
Jerry Kay, art director of the movie "Easy Rider" who left around August
1967. He hadn't done much more than take the oath of probationer
[A\A\?], then he left and took the Book of the Law, illustrated and sold
The most famous guest was Charles Manson who considered himself to be
the re-incarnation of Aleister Crowley: like Jean Brayton.
The scandals around the Solar Lodge happened at the same time as those
of Manson's 'Family' who murdered Sharon Tate and her friends (at least
seven people) in August 1969; and it was in the same geographical
location. This and the occult background of Manson and Jean Brayton made
the yellow press assume a direct connection between the assassinations
done by Manson's 'Family' and that "Boy in the Box" event of the O.T.O.
But the cult character of the 'Family' and of the Solar Lodge of the
O.T.O. produced one peculiar line to other O.T.O. groups: One member of
Manson's 'Family', Robert Beausoleil lived together with the movie maker
Kenneth Anger. Before he participated in murdering celebrities of
Hollywood, Beausoleil was acting as the Lucifer in Anger's movie
'Lucifer Rising'. While sitting in prison, he composed the music for the
same movie. Kenneth Anger also was instrumental in founding Anton
LaVey's Church of Satan -- LaVey playing the role of the Satan in Roman
Polanski's movie "Rosemary's Baby". The murdered Sharon Tate was
Polanski's wife.
Today, Kenneth Anger is a close friend of William Breeze, the Caliph of
the "Caliphate", the new O.T.O. group that was founded as a consequence
of the Solar Lodge and Manson events.

Books on Charles Manson and the Solar Lodge:
Ed Sanders: "The Family", New York 1971
Phyllis Seckler's magazine "In the Continuum", Oregon
Court transcript Marcelo Ramos Motta vs. Samuel Weiser Inc. 1985
Marcelo Ramos Motta: "Oriflamme" VI;5 Rio de Janeiro 1987
Sandy Robertson: "Aleister Crowley Scrapbook", London 1988
Vincent Bugliosi: "Helter Skelter", New York 1988

This is an outline from the German "Das OTO-Phaenomen" (1994) and from
the English "O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick" (1999). See also Jerry
Cornelius: Myths of the Solar Lodge Revisited

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