It has always been my understanding that the President and any other
elected official, such as a Govenor or a Mayor,  creates the policies
under which his or her administration will operate.

An Executive Order, is not a law - it is a policy, and it cannot
conflict with Constitution or federal laws passed by legislators.

An Executive Order can be abolished by the next President, or
re-written, and it is a policy.
Government is supposed to provide services and it is the duty of
Congress to pass laws, when budget presented to them by administration,
to take care of these needs.

That law of land stuff with regard to Executive Order, is not true; for
Executive Order is not law, merely policy with about as much authority
as a proclamation.

So FEMA - it looks like all Presidents have just improved upon, etc.,
but FEMA note first on scene, when flooding, etc. with money for those
who lose homes, loans, etc.

This thing was formed when country heavy into weather modification
program....remember during Nixon's term in early 70 period - even a song
was written "Who Will Stop the Rain" and for many many days, and season
we hardly saw the sun.

So next President by stroke of pen, can change the policy.

So remember JFK's executive order and the coining of money?
Signed......ignored.....but not forgotten.

FEMA warns about flood insurance;  Greenland melts further - but in 1987
it was reported oceans were two inches higher maybe this is
what the astrologers meant, many years ago, when they said California
and Florida about to fall into drink?

But that guy recently speaking for Clinton, who said Clinton had a lot
of experience in the gutter.......Clinton has surrounded himself with
the dumbest bunch of pseudo intellectuals I have ever seen.....and he is
just as dumb.

We need to open the floodgates in this country and clean house -
government is to serve the people, and is outlined in preamble of the US
Constitution and this government We the People established, only We the
People have a right, to abolish.

Build an ARK - damn the torpedos - and full speed ahead for someone just
called HAVOC.

A. Saba
Dare To Call It Conspiracy

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