-Caveat Lector-

Poor slob..."SOMEBODY" is really doing a number on him.  I still
say it sounds like a few implant researchers AND a few RAV
techncians at Groom Lake have their way with him...that they
somehow have gotten a microphone/transmitting implant into him so
that they can hear him when he speaks (and/or those near him), as
well as tell him things...things like when and where they will be
testing their Area 51 UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehichles) so that he
can "summons" them.

At any rate, I believe that he believes what he is telling us, as
well as that something REAL [and VERY ugly] is indeed happening
to the poor schmuck.  After all, for those not aware of him and
his "summonsings," many ppl (several VERY credible) have seen and
video taped him calling QUITE REAL UFOs.  The problem is that
these UFOs are too far away to see much detail, nor can they get
a size estimate on them becuase *coincidentally* ALL of his MANY
encounters with these things HAVE ALL OCCURRED SO THAT THEY NEVER
GET NEAR ANY FAMILIAR LAND MARKS.  The sheer number of encounters
that he himself has video taped and archived (let alone all the
ppl that taped him doing this SUCCESSFULLY) sort of makes it
beyond the realm of coincidence that NEVER EVEN ONE OF THESE
THINGS (out of LITERALLY 100s) have slipped up so that they pass
in between things of known size.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!  Seems that
they always stay beyond cloud cover so that the view of them is
often obscurred by clouds, BUT NEVER has one passed IN FRONT OF A
CLOUD (not while being taped at any rate).

In other words, to date there is no video he or anyone else has
that can demonstrate that these UFOs are any larger than several
ft long.

To me it is quite obvious that "some body" [with no good intent]
is jacking him every way but loose.

The poor, poor guy.

--begin original post--

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of:

preparing the world for the great awakening!

Published By:

Prophet Yahweh
P.O.B. 271171
Las Vegas, NV 89106-1171


............Inside This Issue............



Dear list, it appearing that the monsoon
season is going away. I'm now living in
Phoenix, Arizona, and just about every day
there are nothing but clear skies!

It won't be long now before the world knows
about these Superhuman Beings I serve. They
are here in Their spaceships and are talking
to me every day and instructing me on the
details for revealing Themselves to humanity.

Also, they are increasing my confidence in
Them by calling me outside, telling me where
to look and sending "metallic" UFO probes of
different shapes and sizes, while at the
same time saying things like:

" Don't worry! We are going to show up, in a
big way, before the cameras of NBC's affiliate
KNAZ TV, Channel 2 in Flagstaff, Arizona."

"Don't doubt for one moment because this is
going to be awesome! Just trust in Us and let
go of all fear and doubt."

"Just know that from the moment you call on
Us, it will be only seconds before some one
shouts while pointing to Us in the sky. They
will certainly film Our sightings, day and
night, for all their viewers to see."

"Once they film the first sighting, they
will not want to stop. They will want to film
as often as they can, both day and night."

"So prepare yourself to summon My servant.
Hesitate not to get started. Call up your
contacts at TV station KNAZ on the 2nd of
October and let them know that you are ready
to get started. Don't start before then
because you will be out of sync with Our
time schedule."

"Just know, My servant, that from that moment
on, it will be clear to all humanity that they
are not alone in the universe, that life other
than themselves does, indeed, exist, and that
that life is here demonstrating Their presence
through you. So, fear not and go forward in
truth, power, courage, and boldness."

I'm am hearing so many messages like this
throughout every day until I can not keep
up with them. There are to many of them to
keep track of.

Dear List, one thing is for sure in my mind,
and that is that NBC station: KNAZ TV
Channel 2, in Flagstaff Arizona is the first
station chosen by These Beings I serve to
verify, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that
there is life in the univers other than us
on earth!

This is a great honor for KNAZ and they are
preparing to make history!

The reason why is because if KNAZ TV 2
allows me to come to their station, bring
their cameras outside to their grounds, and
film me make my summon, they are going to
also film the first of tens of thousands of
sightings to appear to different TV stations
throughout the earth through me.

In this matter will we see if these Beings
are loyal to Their servants and keeps Their
words to them. Also, we'll see if Prophet
Yahweh is who he says he is or not!


Prophet Yahweh


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