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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

School marks Mexican Flag Day
Consul general presents pupils with banner
By Elia Gonzalez
The Californian


For the first time in Salinas, the Mexican consul general from San Jose,
Marco Antonio Alcázar, celebrated Mexican Flag Day at Bardin Elementary
School on Monday.
"This is exciting because there are many children in this city, who were born
in United States, whose parents are Mexicans," Alcázar said. "And these
children have the opportunity now to enjoy two different nationalities and be
proudly American and proudly Mexican."

Thanks to a law enacted in March 1998, all U.S.-born children of Mexican
parents have the right to automatically obtain Mexican citizenship, he said.

In front of more than 200 children from fifth and sixth grades, most of whose
parents are originally from Mexico, Alcázar presented the Mexican flag to
sixth-grader, Yesenia Hernández, and an escort of five girls.

The Mexican national anthem also was performed amid a respectful silence from
students, teachers and guests.

"I'm proud to carry the Mexican flag," said Hernández, whose parents are from
the city of Chavinda, Michoacán.

Hernández, whose parents are from the city of Chavinda, Michoacán.

Alcázar also gave the school two Mexican flags and a complete collection of
educational books from the Mexican government, intended to help students
understand Mexican history and culture.

"This is the first time a school in Salinas has celebrated this Mexican
holiday," said Principal Jorge Olveda.

Salinas Mayor Anna Caballero said the day was historic, "not only for the
gift of the Mexican flag, but for the books, because literacy is very
important -- reading and speaking Spanish."

Also present as special guests were Monterey County supervisors Fernando
Armenta and Lou Calcagno, Superior Court Judge Jose Angel Velazquez and
Salinas City Councilman Ernesto Gonzalez.

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