On Sat 17 Jul 2021 at 12:04:06 -0400, JOHN URBAN wrote:
> Hopefully, you are not talking about workspaces, which almost everyone
> I know uses

No, fortunately we're not :-)
Your question shows that Virtual Screens are a very obscure feature.
In the manpage they are probably only mentioned under the VirtualScreens

"Virtual screens are designed to be used when you have several physical
screens bound together with the Xinerama X extension."

which practically nobody has (any more) in the first place.

Each screen can then show a different workspace. This only works in a
useful way if your screens are the same size. Which, I think, is less
common today than it used to be (for instance laptops with an external
screen attached would have different sizes).

Also, a window that is supposed to be visible in both those workspaces
can't be, because of X "limitations". So there is lots of tricky code to
catch that sort of cases and prevent them.

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