When ctwm iconifies a window, it usually (e.g., for xterm, xpdf, firefox,
& iridium) shows an icon which has a transparent image, and vertically
immediately below this there is an opaque textbox with the icon or
application name.  Is there a way to make all icon images opaque other
than my supplying new images for every application via the .ctwmrc
/Icons/ variable?

And/or, is there a way to get rid of the icon images entirely (so icons
would show only the opaque textbox with the icon or application name)?
I thought of setting the /IconSize/ variable to "1x1", but then there's
that magic phrase in the ctwm man page, "If an icon with the exact size
is not available, one with the nearest (area) size will be chosen.".

I've looked through 'man ctwm' and https://www.ctwm.org/manpage.html
(which is the same), but not found precisely what I'm looking for.
I'm currently using ctwm 4.0.3 on OpenBSD 7.0 (snapshot from 2021-09-27),
but I could easily compile a different version from source if need be.

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