On Fri 01 Oct 2021 at 22:36:09 -0700, Jonathan Thornburg wrote:
> When ctwm iconifies a window, it usually (e.g., for xterm, xpdf, firefox,
> & iridium) shows an icon which has a transparent image, and vertically
> immediately below this there is an opaque textbox with the icon or
> application name.  Is there a way to make all icon images opaque other
> than my supplying new images for every application via the .ctwmrc
> /Icons/ variable?
> And/or, is there a way to get rid of the icon images entirely (so icons
> would show only the opaque textbox with the icon or application name)?
> I thought of setting the /IconSize/ variable to "1x1", but then there's
> that magic phrase in the ctwm man page, "If an icon with the exact size
> is not available, one with the nearest (area) size will be chosen.".
> I've looked through 'man ctwm' and https://www.ctwm.org/manpage.html
> (which is the same), but not found precisely what I'm looking for.
> I'm currently using ctwm 4.0.3 on OpenBSD 7.0 (snapshot from 2021-09-27),
> but I could easily compile a different version from source if need be.

Some programs set their own icon(s). You can see them with the xprop
program: _NET_WM_ICON is displayed as a sort of ascii-art.

For programs that don't specify their own icon, you can give a default
with UnknownIcon "xpm:unknown1.xpm". There is also ForceIcons, to
override client-supplied pixmaps with those given in Icons{}, but this
does not override _NET_WM_ICON icons if there is nothing in Icons{}.

But since the names in Icons{} are regular expressions, you should be
able to just always assign an empty icon with 

    Icons { ".*" "xpm:empty.xpm" }

if you make an empty icon. Or whatever other thing you want.

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