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> If I iconify a window, is there a way to move the icon to a different
> workspace? If the window is not iconified I can use the mouse to do this
> by dragging it on the workspace map, but if it is iconified it is not
> visible on the workspace map.

Yes, the icon follows the same workspace occupation rules as its window.
So you can attach a menu entry or shortcut key to the icon to bring up
the Occupation Window. I have it in a menu (I think it's derived from
some default config):

Button3 = : icon : f.menu "iconmenu"

menu "iconmenu" {
    "Actions"           f.title
    ""                  f.separator
    "Restore"           f.iconify
    "Move"              f.move
    "Occupy ..."        f.occupy
    "Occupy All"        f.occupyall
    ""                  f.separator
    "Close Window" ("white":"red") f.delete
    "Kill App"     ("white":"red") f.destroy

> When windows are iconfied is there a way to arrange them automatically,
> and with no text? The text can be very long for example with Seamonkey.
> They are placed at random not very intelligently, i.e. sometimes half
> off the screen, sometimes on top of other icons.

I think the icon placement is determined the first time you iconify the
window, and then it's the mouse position or something like that. After
that they keep the same position.

You can use the IconRegion to specify where icons should go, but the
application may override that (they probably rarely do).

ShrinkIconTitles can make the icon titles at least smaller while the
mouse is away from them. Older ctwm versions used the misspelling
"SchrinkIconTitles". There are also MaxIconTitleWidth width and
NoIconTitle [{ win-list }].

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