Rhialto wrote:
> On Sun 25 Sep 2022 at 21:53:51 +0100, Richmond wrote:
>> If I iconify a window, is there a way to move the icon to a different
>> workspace? If the window is not iconified I can use the mouse to do this
>> by dragging it on the workspace map, but if it is iconified it is not
>> visible on the workspace map.
> Yes, the icon follows the same workspace occupation rules as its window.
> So you can attach a menu entry or shortcut key to the icon to bring up
> the Occupation Window. I have it in a menu (I think it's derived from
> some default config):
> Button3 = : icon : f.menu "iconmenu"
> menu "iconmenu" {
>     "Actions"         f.title
>     ""                        f.separator
>     "Restore"         f.iconify
>     "Move"            f.move
>     "Occupy ..."      f.occupy
>     "Occupy All"      f.occupyall
>     ""                        f.separator
>     "Close Window" ("white":"red") f.delete
>     "Kill App"     ("white":"red") f.destroy
> }
Thanks for your reply. I have implemented the above. I can see what I
was doing wrong now, I need to use the "occupy ..." function. I was
trying to use move and drag it off the edge of the workspace onto another.
>> When windows are iconfied is there a way to arrange them automatically,
>> and with no text? The text can be very long for example with Seamonkey.
>> They are placed at random not very intelligently, i.e. sometimes half
>> off the screen, sometimes on top of other icons.
> I think the icon placement is determined the first time you iconify the
> window, and then it's the mouse position or something like that. After
> that they keep the same position.
> You can use the IconRegion to specify where icons should go, but the
> application may override that (they probably rarely do).
> ShrinkIconTitles can make the icon titles at least smaller while the
> mouse is away from them. Older ctwm versions used the misspelling
> "SchrinkIconTitles". There are also MaxIconTitleWidth width and
> NoIconTitle [{ win-list }].

This is a vast improvement! thanks.

> -Olaf.

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