My first attempt to install KDE on my main home PC failed miserably, partly
because it somehow failed to set up /etc/fstab properly. I wasn't able to rescue

I then managed to install KDE without graphics, but wasn't able to do much.

After exploring a bit, I discovered an update command that installed the latest
version of KDE including graphics so I am now able to do more, but still wishing
I had ctwm instead of KDE!

I have managed to open a terminal program, but without my familiar settings
(e.g. not yet swapping ctrl and Caps Lock, also ESC and ` keys).

Everything is unfamiliar, so getting ctwm going, including loading all the
required libaries, and setting the login process to take me to a ctwm start
command instead of running KDE, is likely to take a long time.

I am not really expecting any help, but if anyone has been in this situation and
has tips that could be useful, please let me know.

I can now run firefox, so can search for and download things, but I have not yet
fully taken in details of the KDE filesystem.

I am typing this in a Terminal window on the KDE machine from which I use ssh to
connect to my local old (backup) PC running fedora 29 (out of date). From there
I can ssh to the CS machine at the university. (I need to set up ssh on the KDE
machine to allow me to do that, but for now it's simpler to use the indirect 

Feel free to ignore my ramblings.


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