Only a year or two later than vaguely planned, let's test out a
release beta.  With a little luck, we can promote it by New Years...

SHA256 (ctwm-4.1.0-beta.20221214.tar.xz) =

If you've been following along with the dev branches, there won't be
many surprises.  But a snapshot is a nice fixed point to test out,
the pre-built tarballs can be a bit easier to build from than raw
checkouts, and hey, it's a good "plz test" callout point!

What's changed since the last release?

  - There's the XRANDR support and the smarter multi-monitor handling.
    This lets you full-screen things on a single monitor instead of
    across them, specify geometries for things relative to a given
    monitor, etc.

  - VirtualScreens, WindowBox, and captive mode have been disabled
    (reversibly, with the expectation that future releases will
    dereversibilify them).  These were all of questionable utility and
    didn't work very well at what they tried to do, the most
    seemingly useful is obsoleted by the above, and all them them had
    mildly terrifying side effects deep down in bits of the code that
    we can now hopefully start unwinding.

  - The usual handful of minor bugfixes and improvements.

  - 100% passing of our test suite.  What do you mean, how much does
    it actually test?  Look, it's fine, you don't need to worry about

As usual, see the CHANGES file for more details.

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