After further investigation, although I can invoke a terminal window while
running the standard(?) Ubuntu window manager, none of my attempts to replace
that window manager with ctwm have worked. I've been able to launch various
configurations of ctwm using examples found online, but none of them allow me to
open xterm or similar windows in any of the workspaces, which I have been doing
for many years using ctwm running on fedora.

The xterm-like programs exist and I can run them in standard ubuntu 'desktops'
which I wish to replace with ctwm.

I hope there's something simple that I've missed that will allow me to launch
terminal windows while running ctwm. as window manager, with a 3x4 array of
virtual desktops.

Any ideas?

Later, I also hope to be able to run zoom on ubuntu, which I have not yet


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