I added the support of multiline strings à la Python, as a POC and only with double-quotes.

It allow to embed more easily small shell scripts in f.exec or f.dynmenu action param, without to quote every encountered ".

f.dynmenu """
cat <<EOF
"$(hostname)" f.title
"*$(date)"    !"daemon xterm"
"Details..."  f.dynmenu "/usr/local/bin/another_menu.sh"
"Shutdown" ("white":"red") !"shutdown -r now"

What do you think of this?




Le 12/02/2023 à 23:34, Maxime Soulé a écrit :


I just implemented a new f.dynmenu function.

The doc says:

f.dynmenu |string|

    This function invokes a menu created dynamically by the execution
    of the argument |string| passed to |/bin/sh|. On stdout of this
    execution, the definition of one or several menu items is expected:

    |"item1" [ ("fg1":"bg1") ] function1 "item2" [ ("fg2":"bg2") ]
    function2 . . . "itemN" [ ("fgN":"bgN") ] functionN|

    Example of use:

    |f.dynmenu "/usr/local/bin/mymenu.sh"|

    with |/usr/local/bin/mymenu.sh| defined as:

    |#!/bin/sh cat <<EOF "$(hostname)" f.title "*$(date)" !"daemon
    xterm" "Details..." f.dynmenu "/usr/local/bin/another_menu.sh"
    "Shutdown" ("white":"red") !"shutdown -r now" EOF|

    Note that the script is launched every times |f.dynmenu| is
    invoked. The result is not cached. So if |mymenu.sh| content
    changes at runtime, the resulting menu entries change at the next
    |f.dynmenu| invocation.

It seems to work well, without any memory leak observed. Feel free to test it: https://github.com/maxatome/ctwm-mirror/tree/dynmenu

Any remarks are welcome!



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